Almost Empty

After much carrying, sorting and moving, the room is almost empty. Now the question is to put carpet down or not. The floor is very cold in the winter and the dogs would really appreciate the carpeting. I’ve been told not to carpet because of the threads but we have had carpeting in our classroom since Day 1 and it’s been really quite easy to maintain. Maybe it depends on the type of carpeting. I think I can do this myself – off to Menard’s to shop.
I think “lady cave” sounds too pretentious – maybe “quilter’s cave” would be more accurate?
Answers to previous questions:
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The quilt info is at Please contact Mandy, who lives in the country by Garner. She goes to my church and her mom, Karen, won the red and white quilt on Sunday night at the cantata. They’re planning to hang it in their new office. Congratulations, Karen! Why didn’t I take a picture? Duh.
More tomorrow.

19 thoughts on “Almost Empty

  1. Diana

    I don’t like “cave” Sounds too dark and dreary, and we have anough of that in Iowa during the winter. I garee about the carpeting. Make sure you have a nice thick pad. Our family room and my quilt studio is on concrete and without the thick pad, it would be pretty cold.

  2. Diane

    Mary–I put a tight Burber(sp) in my sewing room. It is warm, but not fluffy enough to absorb the threads, needles, etc. It is 10 years old and looks new. It’s white with flecks and really does not show the dirt. I did get a piece about 3′ by 10′ bound and I put it in front of my counter where I cut, pin, etc. Good luck.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Country Threads closed permanently on October 31 after 32 years of great fun but retirement is better!

  3. Dee W

    You will enjoy the rug underfoot also. And I’d do an area rug, less money, you can take it out to clean, if it gets too bad you can dump it and get another. Not nearly the expense. And you can call it anything you want – it’s Yours!

  4. Julie Burkhardt

    I vote for carpet. Our family room and kitchen are on cement floors. I have tile in the kitchen..and believe me that is cold..but love having the squishy carpet in the family room.

    The store looks so empty, but I know you will enjoy having your own haven to sit and ponder about projects..or other things!

  5. Launa

    Morning Mary,
    We had some rain during the night, but the sun is shining here now and the sky is blue. More showers are predicted for this evening; any rain will help ease the horrible drought here in the valley. Snow in Yosemite and the falls are all running!

    My sewing room is carpeted and your dogs would “SEW” enjoy carpeting so that’s my vote! Quilter’s Cave sounds good, Mary.

    I visited Mandy’s site last week and wished her well with her online business.


  6. Rhoda Ebersolr

    Yes to easy to maintain carpeting for warmth and sound control too. I like quilt cave or quilt retreat.
    You sound very happy Mary and I am happy for you and Connie.

  7. Karen

    Have an off-topic question — Have all the sampler blocks been posted and did I miss the last 3? Any clue where I can find them?

    Room Name — “Mary’s Space” …..


  8. Karen

    I found the sampler blocks information I was looking for by going to the site.
    Thank you for posting that link — I’d not saved it from before. And thank you for ALL you’ve done over the years!


  9. Nikki Mahaffey

    Low loop commercial grade carpet is great in a “Quilting cave” or “Quilters Hideaway”.
    Even carpet squares that can be replaced one on one if an animal has a mishap and leaves a stain would be good.

  10. Janet

    Is there room in the budget for radiant heating?!

    We have carpet squares in our basement & would use them again.

  11. Cathy

    Wow! Do I envy you all that room! Just my two cents worth. My husband was in the floor covering business for over 40 years. When it came time to put flooring in my basement studio (also concrete) he put down carpet squares & boy, am I glad he did! If I spill something, if the dogs or cats make a mess of something I can pick up the squares, hose them off, hang to dry & back on the floor. You’d never know anything happened. I also have had my studio flood & still after hosing off those squares look great!

  12. Gloria

    I have carpet in both of my sewing rooms (Iowa and Wisconsin) and love it! The little bit of time it takes to vacuum the carpet is well worth the benefits of being able to sew in bare feet or just socks. I like to be comfortable when I sew.

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