Carpeting or not?

As you can see in the photo, I took the easiest road to floor covering – I bought 2 pieces at Menards and used a scrap from Connie in the corner where a chair will sit. I had help glueing the seam together and it’s not perfect but when it gets dirty, I want to be able to throw it in the burn pile and buy another piece. The carpet squares would have been a good idea but much more work than I was interested in. I was in a hurry to get things in place and I have made progress but am not finished yet even though I am able to sew there anyway.
I have a space heater by my sewing chair when it really gets cold otherwise I keep it heated at all times. I even have a Christmas tree! I am thinking of putting a TV and satellite dish out there, too.
Did you see on Facebook that both Connie and I posted what we’ve been working on? Today I’ve been to the chiropractor and now will finish washing all the screens – a job I have been putting off. We will perform the cantata tonight for a local senior citizen apartment complex. Life is sweet!

11 thoughts on “Carpeting or not?

  1. Karen

    What a difference carpeting makes to the room, Mary! I like it and find it really makes the place cozy and inviting. You did good!

  2. Nancy Broers

    Your new sewing cave looks wonderful! So glad to be hearing what is happening down on the farm, but sure will miss your store!

  3. Launa

    Congratulations….Way to go Mary,
    Great carpeting color…….it’s going to be comfy for the dogs’ naps when they are keeping you company as you sew.
    I have Direct TV in my sewing room as I love NASCAR races, football and have TiVo so I can record favorite programs (GMA, Castle, Hallmark movies, NCIS and Blue Bloods to name a few), watch and semi listen as I piece and quilt. Presently there is a narrowing path to ‘Bernina’ as I need to do major fabric tidying and put some new away.
    Wish I did Facebook.
    We had a rain shower very early morning so “the golfer” is home today. We welcome the gentle showers as the valley has been in a serious drought. Sad to see groves of orange and nut trees pushed over due to lack of water.
    Looking forward to seeing your “sewing cave” Christmas tree.

  4. Rose Mikulski

    I agree with everyone, carpeting is good, I have it in my studio in the basement and maintaining it is not hard, I use a Bissell Floor sweeper for the quick touch up and every once in awhile will give it a good vacuuming. I wish I had a TV but if there is a movie I want to watch I just bring down my laptop, I always have a Kindle for the music. It’s so nice to have a sewing getaway/cave.

  5. Paula S.

    The carpet looks great! I’m all for doing things the easiest way while keeping comfort in mind. You’ve got a great start on both. Can’t wait to see the finished “cave”!

  6. Anita Fetzer

    carpet looks great and when your “retired” easy is the answer….Your “cave” sounds wonderful and I am a little envious….Love the Christmas tree.

  7. Kathy Bahn

    I’d go with the carpet, especially since you have it heated.
    If not, painting that concrete might be fun!

  8. Becky Rose

    So happy for you in your new life, Mary!! Never met anyone yet who doesn’t like retirement! b

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