An Update

The biggest news around the farm is the flock of orioles in my yard. I had only one small feeder that held grape jelly

but I had to get creative and add two more feeding spots. Of course it was raining when I took these pictures – it’s been raining for days.

Remember the egg apron that my friend Linda crocheted for me as a Christmas gift? Reed gathered the eggs – he loved the apron!

Rick has started home physical and occupational therapy and he has made real progress this week – he can now get himself in and out of bed which is a huge help to me. This picture is a familiar sight throughout the day.

I cannot concentrate on starting a new quilt project – I’m not sure why because I really want to be able to sit down and sew just to rest. Today I spent the afternoon straightening up in the quilt shop and trying to gather fabric for a specific project. For those of you who visited the shop before we closed, here’s Jackie – still keeping me company. Maybe you remember our shop cat, Jackie. She is still a loud meower! Ha!

Yesterday I helped Reed and Myra finish their twined rugs – here is Reed weaving the ends back through the twining to secure them while Vera looks on.

Reed presented me with these gorgeous flowers and a sweet card for Mothers Day. As someone who wanted only to be a mother but was saddled with primary infertility, Mothers Day is painful even at 70 years old.

No field work has been started in North Iowa and all the farmers are nervous and anxious to get started. We’ve had over 6″ of rain in the past couple weeks and more is predicted for the coming week. If it’s not raining tomorrow, I’ll be mowing!

36 thoughts on “An Update

  1. Ann Barlament

    Orioles are the only birds I never saw in my background, glad you have some to brighten the day! I see that Rick’s faithful babysitter is by his side!

    How fun that Reed is making use to the egg-apron. And what a gorgeous rug he has made, possibly for his own mother?? Reed is such a thoughtful lad!!

  2. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, it is good to know that your hubby is getting better. Therapy helps and following the doctor’s orders does too. It is sweet to see Hazel being the nurse, ha, ha. That egg apron holds a lot of eggs. Jacqui is cute and it is evident that she loves to quilt.

    Mary, having a child doesn’t always makes a woman a mother, it takes empathy, love, nurturing, to be a mom and you are all of those things. Also children sometimes can be such ingrates, I could tell you stories. I am glad that those children love you so much, hugs.

  3. Sharon

    I sure do remember Jackie! I came to your closing business sale. I was in the room selecting some free patterns. I was taking on of each on a lower shelf when “something” reached out and tapped my hand–scared me to death! Turned out that Jackie was hiding behind the row of pattern boxes!

  4. Diane

    I echo all of the wise women above who have said what a great mothering influence you have been to sooo many two and four legged beings. Bless you for being an earth mother.

    We had one oriole, but we’d love to have more. I did not know about the grape jelly. Reid is such a joy. HIs rug is beautiful and it looks like he did a perfect job on it. I loved seeing Myra’s little bare feet sticking out:) Good for Hazel watching over Rick. I hope he continues to recover well.

  5. Meta O’Connell

    Grape jelly for orioles? Never heard of this, please tell. Reed is such a sweet boy, love the egg apron. Glad your hubby is on the “mend.”

  6. Katie in Gilbert, Az.

    How very nice that Reed brought you a Mother’s Day Card, you r very Special and sharing person..
    Nice to see your hubby doing better..
    Have a nice week..

  7. Sneed

    Love the orioles! They were here in West KY for several days and I thought they were here to spend the summer. They, however, have moved on to you. Enjoy their bright beauty while you have them!! So glad that therapy is helping with Rick.

  8. Paula S.

    I love seeing your pictures Mary. Maybe you could “adopt” Reed as your grandson!? It’s so nice to have a helpful neighbor and I think it’s great that he’s interested in all the rug-making, etc. I’m glad Rick is doing better too.

  9. Becky from IA

    Love the egg apron that Reed is wearing…that is just so clever. Nursie Hazel on duty I see… it! Glad that Rick is doing better. How is the baby owl doing?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Becky – the owl has disappeared or maybe I just can’t see him because the trees are leafing out.


    The orioles are lovely; saw some at our son’s house recently, too!

    Did you mean to share a photo of the flowers Reed brought you? I’d love to see them!


    You have nurtured so many quilters and continue to do so. You have used your “mothering” gift well caring for animals and teaching Reed and Myra. I know that is not the same as having a child but instead of being bitter you have become better and shared yourself in so many ways.

  12. Kathy

    When my son was Reeds age he would get up early and ride his bike about a mile to a corner where a man was selling flowers and use his allowance to buy me flowers for Mother’s Day and many Sunday’s even after that when the man was there. It is my cherished memory. To see Reed bring you flowers with his gratitude for you being in his life reminds me of the loving and generous man my son grew up to be. You are Mother Nature with your plants, pets and love of this world.

  13. Dee C.

    Mary,it is so wonderful for you to share with Reed and Myra. He did a great job on his rug. These are forever memories for them. What pattern is on the wall with the dog and flower with 2005 on it? I really like it!

  14. Cindy K.

    Oh Mary, Reed’s picture in the egg apron is precious, what are the odds his outfit is red to match the egg apron? It reminds me of my GaGa, she was my maternal grandmother,I have 5 brothers and no sisters I never knew what outfit one of my brothers and later my nephews would come out wearing, it made me smile remembering on this Mother’s Day!

  15. Sherrill

    I think it is wonderful that Reid spends so much time with you and you with him. I know he’s learning so much during his time spent with you. LOVE the egg apron and he’s a great model. Those orioles are beautiful! Hope Rick makes great progress everyday so that he can get back to helping you around the place.

  16. Kathy Hanson

    Mary, AMEN is all I can say to the notes from all the others. I am sorry that you weren’t able to have a child of your own but you have that wonderful Reed and his siblings, it is so wonderful for you and for them, you are certainly a motherly woman for them. You have so much love to share with your friends, your family and all of the animals that you love – Happy Mother’s Day to you, you are certainly a mother!
    Reed did an amazing job on his rug – what a darling he is. I do remember the “shop cat” on the one visit I made to your quilt shop – thanks for sharing so much of yourself and your world.

  17. Jo

    Mary, life is a puzzle. Eventually all pieces come together. Bless you for sharing.

  18. Louise

    Mary you are the best! I agree with all of the above. Reed is a real cutie and brings so much joy into your life. I am so glad to hear that Rick is on the mend..God bless you..

  19. ada montessoro

    I’ve never seen an oriole before and I live in Baltimore! Love that egg apron.

  20. Penny Ericksen

    Do you realize what a blessing you are to all of us!

    And an inspiration!!!!

  21. Helen G

    What a treasure for you to have Reed….even at 70! He is an amazing child and you deserve credit for part of that! you have “mothered” so many of God’s creatures and He will bless you for that! God bless you sweet lady!

  22. Carolyn Boutilier

    Hi Mary, Reed did a great job on his rug. He is such a sweet boy. We had a quiet Mother’s Day. the temperature yesterday & today 93, unusual for this time of the year. No rain. Getting the plants in pots for the deck. Plant garden some time this week.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah valley VA.

  23. Linda

    Thank you for being so open and honest regarding your infertility issues. People don’t often realize how many people are affected by infertility. A restaurant hostess often offers a flower to every women that comes in on Mother’s Day……which can be heartbreaking when a woman with infertility problems is asked if she is a Mother…………. Hugs.

  24. Katie Hayse

    I agree with all the above comments. Obviously, Reed and his sisters love you just like a grandma.

    Grand parenting is so much more fun that raising your own kids. No real responsibility but you can
    Give them the time and learning that their mothers don’t have time to do. That is what you are giving Reed and that’s important. Happy Mother’s and Grandma’s Day!

  25. Virginia

    I agree with Colleen regarding being a mother. You are a mother with the love and nurturing you have shown to everyone you come in contact..whether they are two legged, four legged, fur or feather babies! These are your children and babies. You have shown so much compassion to those around you! Thank you for sharing your life with us. Hugs and love!

  26. Angie

    In Ireland they celebrate “Mothering Day” because there are so many women that have mothered children not born to them but deserved recognition. So to you Mary, Happy Mothering Day.

  27. Darla Marion Hunt

    Mary, you are the very essence of “Mother Earth”…a caregiver to all living things. A life filled with creativity, music, love of creatures and beings, and appreciation of nature.
    This must be the role chosen for you in this world.

    Blessed Mother’s Day to you.


  28. Colleen

    Yes Mother’s Day can be painful even if it’s a hallmark day. The love you give to the children who come and learn from you is “mothers love” the love they return you know is priceless.
    And the mothering you give to all the plants, animals, the land and your husband.
    All of it counts the only thing you missed out on was the pain of birth but you have suffered plenty of pain in your life so that’s a wash.
    So enjoy the joy in each day
    I am so glad to hear the man of the house is able to do a few things for himself it must be so wonderful for him

  29. Nancy Pleimann

    Mary – You are so wonderful with Reed and Myra. I don’t know if they have a grandmother near by but you are the best grandmother. I can tell how much they like you. They wouldn’t come over so much if they didn’t love being with you. Nancy P.

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