I hate it when a picture doesn’t post and I miss it! Here are the flowers Reed brought me.

Our book club met last Wednesday – Connie listened to the Great Alone by Kristin Hannah and loved it. I passed my copy on. And … I’m watching the Handmaid’s Tale in the shop. Whoa – now there’s a captivating story line!

I took a picture of yesterday’s eggs because they looked so pretty.

And Hazel has claimed my red chair as her own.

Does anyone get the magazine Quiltmania? Our friend, Scott Hansen, was featured and we were so excited for him!

Sorry – can’t get it to turn!

13 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. Martha Engstler

    You take such great pictures, are they with a camera or your phone? Reed really is a sweetheart, the flowers are beautiful. More and more people around here are raising chickens to have their own eggs.

  2. Diane M

    The pictures from May 13 and 14 are great. Reed is such a sweet kid. You should be proud of all the wonderful things you have taught him and the experiences he has had a chance to do. Hazel has the cutest face. Our orioles have been busy too. I keep going out to get the sparrows away from the wren house. Talk about bullies! We’ve also had too much rain here in southern Wisconsin. It’s really putting us behind. Take care.

  3. Lee

    Check on PBS there’s a series starting soon called The Great American Read.
    There’s a website listing 100 books in the running for best book. The books cross
    All different types of books. No think you and your book club would find it interesting.
    Blessings. Lee

  4. Dee t

    We had so much rain and hail. We now need a roof, windows, siding and anew deck. This was my mom’s day present. I did get flowers. But, I really, like Reeds best.

  5. Kathy Hanson

    What beautiful flowers Reed gave you – what a special relationship you both have! Fresh eggs are the best, those really are beautiful! That Hazel is such a sweet looking little gal, she probably gets anything she wants!! My husband keeps track of some bluebird houses too and those darn sparrows keep him checking and getting rid of their nests so that the bluebirds have a chance! When is yours and Connie’s new quilting book coming out?

  6. Felicia Hamlin

    That is a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Very thoughtful of Reed and his family. I am getting tired of this weather, gray days, weepy days and cold on top of that. Of course. I don’t want them to be overly hot either. You see, I am easy to please. Ha, ha.
    That little Hazel is a little diva, just like my Zena. I am envious of all your orioles. Last year we had a lot of different birds eating the jelly, we were surprised!
    Keep the stories coming, hugs.

  7. Nancy Holy

    Mary, I just love reading your posts about all the
    Farm animals and your cute dogs. Your friend Reed
    Is really special. Keep up the fun posts.


    What lovely flowers and what a sweet boy Reed is!

    We had an oriole on our feeder last night! They are so brilliantly colored! Saw a pair at my son’s house recently! Maybe they will nest nearby!

    Waiting for the chicks!

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