Another Sign of Spring and More about the Sheets

Four fresh eggs in one day – a sure sign of spring from my chickens.  Baby Moo wanted to have a look at them.  And believe it or not, the dogs knocked me down on the ice and I didn’t break a single egg!

The sheets are called Dog Parade and came from The Company Store online.    The fitted sheet is much too big as I said yesterday and I’m not sure I understand the “straps”.  Do they go under the mattress and hook on both edges of the sheets underneath?  So many of you mentioned the same solution and I just don’t quite understand.  In the survey from The Company Store, I did complain that the fitted sheet is huge.

11 thoughts on “Another Sign of Spring and More about the Sheets

  1. Ann Barlament

    Check out the “Hold Up Suspender Company” …they are also called bedding suspenders.

  2. Donna S

    Garters are a “must” when dealing with new generation sheets & regular size mattress. I love them… just have to remember you have them on before you attempt to ‘take off the sheets’ to wash! 🙂 Some hold really well. I remember “garters” in my early years of hose wearing. Then entered the service and don’t ya know, they used them to hold your shirt tails down, pinning the other end to your socks… no more “ballooning effect” around the middle when your shirt would slide up when you sat or moved! They are awesome… still have several sets from many moons ago! Love the sheets you have in the picture!! Hope you find some garters to make it fit “tight” for a good nite’s sleep!

  3. Michele

    Love those dog sheets. Mary, do you think I could get those in California King and Stan would appreciate them as much as we would? 🙂

  4. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,

    I used flat sheets, not fitted ones (which never fit and because they are SO hard to fold neatly for in the closet), except on my daybed: for that I made my own mattress straps, using a piece of elastic with a man’s trouser suspender gripper at each end: that way the length of the elastic can be adjusted for your own individual mattress. One near the head and one near the foot hold the sheet neatly in place.

  5. Mary Jo

    I bought sheets last year some time from Target for my king sized bed. They have really deep pockets making them really big for my standard mattress, but because the have a piece of elastic on each corner about 1/2 way up the pocket they fit great. The sheet has elastic around all edges with the addition of the 1 inch wide elastic about 12 inches long around each corner about 1/2 way between the elastic edge and the flat part of the sheet, I am able to tuck them in far enough that the extra piece of elastic holds the sheet in place beautifully! Hope you are able to understand my description!

  6. Sue Davis

    Haha! Not a single broken egg! Amazing! That is a sure sign how bad y’all want spring to come. But let’s hope you stay upright from now on.

  7. Donna O

    Because of my age I know about garters that used to hold up our hosiery. These straps are like garters and you can hook one on each corner (it should have two snap type things although they are not snaps , they are like garters) so after hooking all four corners ( all in all you will clip 8 times stretching each garter to keep the sheet as snug as possible. ). Not sure I explsined very well but hope it helps. Taeget may carry them.

  8. Launa

    Love those colorful Scotty Dog sheets! I’ve used the sheet garter type straps before, but don’t need them any longer.
    Both small granddogs are visiting today.

  9. Anita Fetzer

    Life has become so complicated hasn’t it? Sheets are a pain in the butt for sure….the straps go under the mattress on either side of the corner…..good luck….Anita

  10. brenda A in sunny AZ

    MILES KIMBALL Adjustable Sheet Straps – Set Of 4 ($8.99) I just GOOGLED adjustable sheet straps.

  11. brenda A in sunny AZ

    The sheet “garters” I purchased some years ago are a piece of elastic, about 1″ wide and 12″ long, with a sliding clip to adjust shorter, if needed. There is a “garter” clip on each end and they go under the mattress, at the corner, and hook onto the top and side edges of the sheet, or bottom and side of sheet, and can be snugged up nice and tight. The ones I have are printed with Sleep-Tite (registered TM). I imagine Googling Sleep Tite or bed linens would give you the answer.

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