The Great Sheet Debate

Did you realize there are no standard sizes for sheets?  Especially fitted sheets and with the newer mattresses, sheets are being constructed with deep corners to accomodate the high mattress.  We have memory foam mattresses on all our beds and they are not as thick as the newer mattresses thus making the sheet corners sloppy.  I’m not a very good sleeper and just about anything disrupts my sleep and that includes a big wad of bottom sheet in the middle of my bed.  Ugh!  Today I put new sheets on both beds upstairs and hope they will  be OK.  They have elastic all the way around the fitted sheet but I can still see that they are loose.  I also bought  100% cotton sheets so that maybe I could wash them in hot water to shrink them a bit.  These doggie sheets are pretty cute, aren’t they?  I move from one bed to the other on many nights when I don’t sleep well so I’ll be trying these out soon.

And now about the geraniums – I learned from Connie this year.  I have never been very successful keeping my geraniums over the winter but Connie says the secret is in cutting them back a couple of times which I always hate to do because about the time they should be trimmed, they’re just beginning to look good again.  But I followed Connie’s lead this winter and it’s the answer to nice geraniums in March.   They like the south exposure in the piano room and Connie also said to start feeding them about the middle of February which I did and you can see how I’ve been rewarded!   I have never been successful in pulling the plant up in the fall and hanging it in the basement.  No luck at all.

Marty has found my chair.  Isn’t he just about the cutest dog you’ve ever seen?  I think so but that curly hair won’t be so fun when he runs through the grove and gets burrs in it.  I took all 4 dogs in the van this morning to run a couple errands and everybody behaved well.  They were all bored and it was just easier to open the van door and tell them all to jump in rather than sort everybody out in a kennel.

Connie, Roy and Hope made it to Sanibel Island where it is sunny and 80 degrees.  We have a blizzard forecast for tomorrow.  Message for Launa:  I love your newsy comments and even though I don’t reply to you in “person”, please know that I love hearing about your granddogs and would like a “starter info pack” for NASCAR.  I just don’t know anything about it and after basketball, I’ll need something to watch.  Email me at

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35 thoughts on “The Great Sheet Debate

  1. Moe Baly

    Hi Mary, Love all your posts! Doggy sheets are the best arent they but yes, all are made too big! Constantly retucking. Great tip about the geraniums ! Im going to try it next year. I’m so excited to see your quiilt photos and excited about your new book! Love all your nrews. Will miss you guys at Rosemont, it’s this next weekend. Love all the dogs too, Marty is adorable! We really miss PD, had 6″ of snow today, I didnt even build a snowman when I got home from work, without PD it’s not as much fun. Hope you see springtime in Iowa soon, Love Moe

  2. Nancy Bunt

    Please could you share where you got your dog sheets!! I must have those!!

  3. Ruth

    My husband is talking about getting a new mattress, and wants to visit every showroom. I’m looking at Tuft and Needle, a company that sends the mattress to you, 60 days trial, if you don’t like it you get your money back and donate the mattress. i love our heated mattress pad!

  4. Linda

    I love the sheets too—too cute…At what point do you cut the geraniums back—Once when you bring them in the house and then in Dec or so????? I cut back once in the fall but I would not have thought of cutting them back twice–what a difference—yours are beautiful…Isn’t it fun to have them blooming like that when it is snowing outside?????

  5. Leslie

    Thx for tip on geraniums. Yours are beautiful and I am going to try it next winter. Love seeing how much you are getting to quilt.

  6. Barbara Russell

    I agree, I think Marty is the cutest dog I have ever seen, and how lucky he is to board with you.

  7. Carol

    Love the dog sheets! Even more, I Le that I am not the nay night “roamer” going from room to room. It makes me feel like Lady Macbeth!

  8. Cindy L

    I love your sheets , how cute! And I have the same problem with my sheets too. Even though I have a pillow topped mattress as well as a foam topper my sheets are still to large.

  9. Holly

    Cute doggie sheets, cute dog, beautiful geraniums! I have scented geraniums under lights in my basement, but I’m going to try Connie’s tips next winter and see how it goes. I’m glad I’m not the only one who resorts to bed-hopping (in a singular, non-scandalous way) when I can’t sleep. I”m also glad to see someone else buy a chair and then cover it up to avoid getting it covered in pet hair! I’m NOT looking forward to the blizzard tomorrow (I’m about an hour and a half north of you). We plan to move this year, hopefully in the next four months, so I’ve begun to pack up my fabric and I begin to see just a glimmer of what you and Connie have been dealing with in your sorting and cleaning process. It’s a revelation to see eight big boxes sitting there and know that’s not nearly the end of it. I think my husband is in shock. He must have never looked in those two walk-in closets.

    1. Launa

      Fourteen years ago just before moving a male realtor was showing our previous home to a couple and I overheard him comment, “I wonder why she needs all that fabric?” I got quite a chuckle out of it as I’d already packed most of my stash in plastic bags and into large boxes because our new home wasn’t quite finished and some things were going into a storage unit.

  10. Nikki Mahaffey

    Try the corner holders (not sure of true name ) a piece of elastic with clips on each end (usually about 4 to 6 inches long) at ech corner of bed to keep sheets tight..last time I saw them @ Walmart or Bed Bath and Beyond….or could make yourself………….

  11. helen

    Please, please tell us where you got those “doggie sheets”. We used to have a scottie, which my dear husband misses terribly–I’d love to get him a set. I’ve made him a scottie quilt, but he still needs something more to cuddle with. Thanks. Helen

  12. Rose Mikulski

    Am I the only one wondering why it took so long for Mary to find out Connie’s secret about the geraniums seeing that they’ve known each other for at least twenty years? Ha Ha, just trying to start a little controversy, probably because I haven’t slept well since my husband left my pillow at a hotel several months ago and I can’t find a pillow like it. BTW, my Sophie and Marty would make a cute couple.

    1. Ruth

      Rose, call the hotel!! When my husband left his fancy pillow, I called and they had it, all wrapped in plastic. I just drove the 2 hours down and back to get it. You never know, if they still have it you could arrange to have them mail it to you!

  13. Diane

    Jumping beds might come from the memory foam mattress. We had one and my husband with the bad back loved it. I did not, too cold and not comfortable. It was a little better with a heated mattress pad. Now we have a Beauty Rest with some gel parts. We both sleep well:). Sheets are like wrestling alligators!

    Love all of your dog and kitty stories. Freezing rain here tomorrow in Central Ohio. Speaking of. Ohio, will you come to Country Living Fair this year?

  14. brenda A in sunny AZ

    The sheet garters are made by Sleep-Tite and they really do hold the sheets tight. With my new mattress and memory foam on top of it, I don’t need them anymore but hesitate to part with them.
    Your geraniums are just beautiful. Sure wish I had your green thumb and your quilting smarts too!

  15. Carol

    Girdles…a blast from the past! Never again! I think I was in high school when they went out of style, and as I think of it …why would a five foot one inch 97 pound fifteen year old need one for??? We must have been crazy.

    Re: sheet sets. Macys sells Martha Stewart sheets and pillowcases NOT in sets, so I like to get a king top sheet for my queen mattress for lots of tuck-ability! Must watch for super bargain sales though!

  16. Julie Burkhardt

    Ahhhh…Sanibel Island….I will be there in 7 weeks on our “no men or children” trip..

  17. Betty Klosterman

    Fitted Sheets! They can be a problem. I have one set with the elastic all around the bottom edge. They really don’t fold up worth a darn. Another set has the elastic on the sides…. I still like the elastic on the top and the bottom best. Since I had flat sheets when we got the new 11″ mattress, I made the bottom sheet into a custom fitted bottom sheet. You can bounce a quarter on it and the corners will not come loose. I just tuck the excess under the mattress and don’t trim it. After watching the kids with the air mattress, I made fitted sheets for it including the bottom of the top sheet. They are really a dream.

  18. Jan B

    I LOVE the pix of dogs, quilts, flowers, etc. so I think you need a “love” not a “like” button. You certainly seem to be loving your retirement! Love reading all your “chicken scratch” comments & pix!! Keep up the good work!!

  19. revacoash

    i overwinter geraniums by pulling them gently up and shaking off what dirt wants to come off. Then stick all into a brown paper bag and put in dark, cold room or basement In the spring, after danger of froswt, bring them out, cut them down to about three to four inches, and replant them. y ou will be able to tell if any of them died, the others which lived will be green stemmed. They will bloom like crazy because they have had a nice winteer’s rest.
    About sheets: I am trying to wear out some with polyester in thjem. I HATE THEM! Buy only cotton – you can wowrk with cotton. rc

  20. Bernadette Jackson

    That is a darned cute dog. Did you say it was a golden doodle? We found a cute little stray a year ago. She is definitely poodle and probably Schnauzer — so that makes her a Schnoodle. She is such a little love. Happy to see others with the love of animals enriching their lives — even though there is some sadness, at times, associated with having them in your lives.

  21. Sue Dietz

    I want to try your geranium idea. How far back do you cut them. I’ve found my quilt room window is a good overwinter place. We put a bird feeder outside that window too. It is such a great place to work or should I say play?

  22. Sally Dunn

    Mary: thanks so much for the info on the geraniums– going to try it this year!

  23. Ann Barlament

    I have problems with sheets as well, just can’t stand having a corner slip off during a restful sleep. So I bought garters for my corners and haven’t had any problems since! Your doggy sheets are adorable!!

    My mom used to save geraniums over the winter. She dug them up and put them in pots, we would carry them through the house and upstairs to the bedroom on the north-side of the house (my old bedroom). It was the coldest room in the house and it would get a bit of sunlight, but not direct light. I was willing to buy new plants every year, but she was too frugal for that! But hers never looked as great as yours do, but then she never fed them during the doormat season.

  24. Paula S.

    Mary, I know what you’re saying about sheets. The manufacturers must think we all have 18″ deep mattresses. Crazy!

    I’m also glad you are enjoying the dogs who board with you. And yes, that Marty is a sweet looking guy. I love how all dogs have their own expressions and personalities.

  25. Winnie Lau

    I love all your news! Where did you get those doggie sheets? ADORABLE!!!!!!

  26. Patty DeHeer

    I’ve never had much luck overwintering geraniums, either, so I gave up……Thanks for the tips. I may try it again using your suggestions.

  27. Phyllis

    I so love all your stories about your farm, especially the stories n pictures of all your animals, such a joy to see n always makes my day, better!!! So thanks for sharing, n keep them coming!!!! Thanks again…PJ

  28. Donna Sproston

    Regarding sheets:

    I dislike the sateen finish on so many of sheets these days. It clings to my pjs. Every time I turn over, I take all the covers with me which drives hubby crazy.

    I wish they would stop selling them in sets–I have queen size and king size, but we have regular size pillows.

  29. Ginny

    I have the same “restless sheet” problem so I use elastic band’s with ends like old fashioned stocking hooks. Look in the aisle in Walmart by the mattress pads. Remember the rubber thingies we had hanging from our girdles? They work I use a set on the pad and the sheets

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