Answers to Your Questions

This is the quilt on the table behind the dogs that several of you inquired about. Itis a split 4 patch and directions can be found on many sites online.
Freezing eggs: grease the muffin tin and crack a raw egg into each cup. Bake 10-15 minutes in a 400 degree oven. Cool and tip out cooked eggs. Freeze.
Sue Davis — my sympathy
Bernadette – quilt you asked about is not log cabin but lady of the lake.
Yes, our new Civil War book will be available in April/May.

Just when I had learned to insert photos, they have changed my blog software!!  I just can’t win.  We are sorting and marking again today.  Connie leaves on Friday for a month in Florida.

6 thoughts on “Answers to Your Questions

  1. Diane

    HI Mary–We were in Florida for a week and I went to a quilt show in Panama City. The vendors had your patterns and books:) Sooo, even though you have retired, all of your books and patterns haven’t:)

  2. Mozzie's Grandma

    We went to visit our son and Mozzie (of course) this past weekend.
    It was the first time since you closed the store that we have been to
    Garner. I am struggling with quilt shop withdrawal! Enjoyed spending
    many hours at your shop the last few years. I will have to look for a
    new place to hide out at . I hope you are enjoying retirement.

  3. Carol

    I am so happy to read your blogs and to see how well you are powering through the pain of loss. You are a gift in our lives:) Nathan’s you!

  4. Noeleen Taylor

    Have just been looking at the’ hot buttered rum’ quilt in Christmas edition of Quilt Mania. it made me go look for my favourite Country Threads book bought way back when I started quilting in earnest. I’m sorry the shop is closing but the memories and the lovely quilts live on. And I guess you, Mary and Connie, should be able to enjoy the world out there too. Thank you for so much pleasure and delight. P.S I live in New Zealand.

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