Signs of Spring


Have a look at Charlene – see how her coat is beginning to shed? This is surely a sign of spring. And I’m getting an occasional egg from my few old hens – it’s always a good day to find a blue egg and look at the white egg. Strange, huh?

15 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. Holly

    Thanks for sharing! I sure enjoyed having chickens and I miss them, but it was a long cold, and sometimes difficult trip back to the chicken coop at our place. We were never able to keep a path cleared and it just got too hard to get back there. It’s about 125 yards from our house to the coop–not a short trip when the weather was bad. Falling through the top of a crusted four-foot drift was no joke and it was a real chore to try to get back on my feet. Now that I don’t miss!

  2. Angie Rowland

    Here in the East they are starting to put the buckets up to the Maple trees. That is a sign for us. Forget we got 9 inches of snow today. Buckets are going up. Yep, I am concentrating on the buckets. What is with the white egg? Did she hiccup?
    Warm thoughts are always going your way.

  3. Launa

    Certainly hope Charlene is the bearer of good weather news Mary!
    We didn’t see much sunshine here at all due to high haze (fog), but the sunset is looking colorful with a rosy glow. More blooms on the geraniums.
    A most unusual attachment on the white egg. I’m wondering if it is open inside the shell into the larger egg or not? I’ll not lose any sleep over it, tho. Are you still baking the eggs for the dogs?

  4. Carol

    That is a mighty strange protuberance on that egg! I hope Charlene is right and we get double digit temps soon! Buffalo NY is not the Miami of the north, contrary to popular opinion!!!

  5. Claire

    thank you for the farm news!!! keep warm!! bere in nh it’s terribley snowy and cold . snowing here now grrrrr

  6. Mary Hawk

    The white egg has a bunny tail! Glad you are seeing signs of spring. I went to a gardening fair all day and that was inspiring also.

  7. Becky Rose

    Hey, Mary, that is a very hopeful blog today! You should add “Like” to your blogs, kind of like FB! Have fun tomorrow with the Church Ladies in MPLS.!!!

  8. Sue Davis

    Nice to hear uplifting news. My sister in law will soon be with our Lord. Please pray for her journey and that her sons and their families stay strong with her loss. She is and will always be our angel.

  9. Linda Hanley

    Mary – could you please tell me again how you freeze eggs for your dogs? My dog loves eggs and I’d like to do it when I have a lot of eggs. Thanks, Linda

  10. Patricia Pierce

    Love the blue one -surely a beautiful pastel Easter egg. Do you ever blow them and save the shells?

  11. Ann Barlament

    Yippy! Spring is coming…..

    As for your unique egg….do you have rabbits on the farm? Looks like a cotton-tail egg. lol

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