Flowers in the bitter cold

Wind chill was about 30 below this morning but I was encouraged by the geraniums blooming in my sunroom. What a treat! I know it’s cold everywhere but soon it will be March and then we’ll be really close to spring.

Gipper and Lexie have been with me for over 2 weeks – almost 3 weeks actually and they have been model boarders. Because it’s so cold and they are my only boarders this week, I moved their beds into the house so it was easier for me to let them in and out. They don’t want to use the dog door so it’s a constant journey to the door and back. Their parents are in Florida but coming home this weekend.



Connie, Claudia and I worked in the classroom again yesterday and this is the mess we left it in because we just couldn’t get it all done. We are very disappointed to find all these extra old books in a box. Many have asked to buy copies in the past but we thought they were all gone only to find quite a few upstairs. So they will be on the sale along with all the original artwork from years past. It was a day full of memories as we emptied box after box. I sorted old newsletters and found Susannah’s picture on the front page of many issues. Can she really not be in the barn? I am still in disbelief that she’s been gone over a week now.
Connie and I are also working on the “save the date” postcards marking the dates of June 4-5-6 for our huge yard sale. Connie is leaving next weekend for the month of March and we are hoping to mail the postcards soon after that.
Rick had to travel in the Southeast US this week in the awful weather – the ice near Nashville, heavy snow in West Virginia and now truck engine trouble in Kentucky. Oh, but he will be glad to get home.
Answers to some past questions: Janet at Buggy Barn can be reached at
The man who lost his wife in the blizzard has now lost his hands and likely his eyes. I hate to report that but someone asked and I did say I would update you. Poor man!
My email is if you need a personal answer in a hurry about anything or just want to chat. I won’t be going many places until it warms up. My pumpkin seeds arrived in the mail this week – can’t wait to plant them!

14 thoughts on “Flowers in the bitter cold

  1. Sara R.

    I own each of the books you are holding in the picture, plus many more Country Threads books and patterns. Do you still have the new book coming out this spring? I hope so, because I am looking forward to it. I was so sorry to hear about Susannah.

  2. Marilyn H

    So sorry Rick had to be out in all this bad weather. Yesterday and today most ice and snow are gone from middle Tennessee area. I did get out yesterday (Thurs) and will again this morning before the next awful wave comes…….Friday afternoon through Saturday evening might be really bad with rain, sleet, snow?, ice. We in middle Tennessee are not equipped for anything more than really cold temperatures and a little snow – quarter inch – , so people have been working overtime to restore our conveniences. When snow and ice are one the road, I do everyone a favor by staying home because I do not drive well in snow and ice!

  3. Carol

    I am very sorry to hear the terrible news of the man who lost his wife, his hands, his eyes. This is truly tragic. I cannot imagine what his spirit is like at this time.

    On another, more upbeat note, I purchased your Free Quilt pattern, the one made with jeans. I started it today…so much fun! I had ordered watercolor quilt squares, the two inch squares you use with the fusible for a watercolor effect, but decided to do something else. I didn’t want to throw the two inch squares in a drawer and never see them again, so I have surrounded my jeans squares with the two inch squares. Super cute! Using my scrap box to keep a dark/light/dark/light pattern going with the scraps. It will be very pretty when done. Thanks for the pattern!

    If you write your Susannah story, my son is an illustrator! You can hire him! If it’s a hit, you’ll both be rich, and so will I because I will be able to cut back on financial support…and buy more fabric!

  4. Marilyn Morley

    What a special life Susanah had from being loved into life by you to becoming a quilting celebrity! I do hope you find the time to write her book one day – put me on the list for a copy OK. Thougjts and prayers for your heart to heal and leave only the lovely memories.

  5. Launa

    Afternoon Mary,
    We were socked in with fog this early morning, but the sun is shining on my volunteer geranium blooms out front now. This week I’ve been busily cutting squares for the American Patchwork magazine Go Four It project and sewing some of the two style of blocks. Was happy I’d saved the leftover tails from bindings as they’ve come in handy for this project along with many scraps.

    It’s the Lunar New Year and the animal symbol is anything that bleats…..there’s a controversy this year as some Chinese think sheep while others favor goat or ram. My vote is year of the goat and I’m certain all your blog readers will concur as Susannah gave us all so many smiles with her antics thru the years.

    I bet there were a lot of ooooh’s and aaaah’s as you sorted thru the wallhangings and quilts; like seeing good old friends. I have some of the books pictured and have noticed some of CT’s smaller projects in the 101 Favorite Small Quilts book.

    Gipper and Lexie certainly seem to be enjoying the last week of their vacation with you. We don’t have a dog door and the two local granddogs will be here this weekend with their teenage owners.

    I’m so glad NASCAR has started and I can watch in my sewing room.


  6. Kim

    I love the quilt that is on the table in the pictures with the dog. What is the name of that pattern? Thanks Kim

  7. Parish a

    Hi Mary,
    Lovely flowers and at such a cold time. Thanks for sharing.
    Yes, Ky is a mess right now. I haven’t been able to get out to work the past 3 days. DH has tried twice to clean off the drive but this stuff is so slick his snow plow couldn’t get any traction. Thankfully the road crews have worked hard to keep the interstate and main roads passable as much as possible. Hope Rick has a safe trip home. Where would we be with out the otr truckers?

  8. Bernadette Jackson

    I would also like to know the name of the quilt above the two Goldens. And is that a log cabin quilt wall hanging to the right of the huge star quilt and to the left of the snowman wall hanging?

  9. Carol Berry

    Especially love the pic of Gipper and Lexie. They look so comfortable on their beds. And what is the name of that wonderful quilt next to them? I want!

  10. Nancy G.

    Thank you for info, Mary!
    You have so many wonderful memories of Susannah! I hope they help you through this time.

    I love quilt above Gipper and Lexie… Pattern still available?

  11. Ann Barlament

    I too got pumpkin seeds in the mail – but mine are Pepitas and a delicious snack!!!

    Gipper and Lexie look so comfy, curled up on their beds!

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