Today I am thankful for many reasons and many of them are you readers. You sent your hugs, your condolences, your thoughts and your encouragement to me last week when I was heartbroken and I thank you. You know how the day went – disbelief, crying, sobbing, wailing, kicking the floor in denial and the ugly cry continued through the day. By evening the quiet settled into my soul and I was just sad. The next day I went to the clinic to view her body. I kissed her goodbye and knew I was saying goodbye to someone who loved me dearly.
For those of you who do not know Susannah’s story, here it is briefly. She was born here on October 26, 2001, unexpectedly and outside in the 17 degree cold. She weighed about the same as a can of Diet Coke and was about that size. I brought her to the house and bottle fed her and raised her in the house for the next 18 months. She was paper trained and went outside with the dogs.
I am also thankful that she died at the clinic and not here after I brought her home. The vet performed the surgery and she passed away an hour into recovery with the vet performing CPR. I am thankful he was in attendance and I am thankful she is happy at the Rainbow Bridge. I will see her again one day.
Thank you, everybody, for getting me through this life-changing event. My “life without Susannah” begins today.

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  1. Carol Reents

    Grief is hard work, take good care of yourself too. How blessed you were to have had her in your life.

  2. Judy Brennan

    Tears rolled down my face as I read your post today. I know how painful it is losing a 4-legged friend. We lost our puppy of 11.5 years on 12/26/14. May the memories of Susannah help you through this difficult time and help you laugh at the silly things she did (like have her own chair).

  3. Paula Buzzell


    So very sorry for your loss. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I know the anguish you feel and have felt it when we lost our sweet Harley after 14 wonderful years with him. He wasn’t a dog, he was our special family member. Years and years ago, I talked with you on the phone because people wanted us to put him down. He had been teased by some kids, and then later on became a little aggressive towards children. Over the years we never let him be around children without us, and we knew that was our responsibility. He got along fine for the rest of his life, and I knew I could have never let him go because of what others did to him. You are a wonderful pet advocate. Thanks and I will be thinking of you. Always loved to hear about your sweet Susannah. Know she was welcomed by many as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

  4. Terry Johnson

    Crying tears for your loss. She was your special girl. It doesn’t matter how many other pets we have, when we loose that “special one” it is heartbreaking. I lost my sewing buddy, Rascal, in October. Although, I have three other dogs at home, its not the same without Rascal laying my sewing chair with me. Many hugs to you to get you through this.

  5. mary rhodes

    Your Welcome Mary. Hugs. Been there too mant times. Still hurt for each one of my 4 legged babies. I told my Aunt what happen to you she felt sorry for you too, for she knows what going through too. Found out my dad had a pet goat too! Don’t know what happen to it. Dad always had different pets. 14years of wonderful memories Mary! You do very speical picture of Savanna! She is now being friend with Jesus now. I’m here for you need to talk or sound off. God bless you. Mary Margaret

  6. Mareen

    Mary – You brought her into this world and I so remember that little girl living with you and how blessed she was to have you. I know you will get through this but another piece of your life was taken and you are strong and know that you will see her again someday. Take care! I am so glad I got to see you the other day and we will get together soon.

  7. melinda

    I am so sorry. I loved her, also. Thank you for sharing her with us over the years. My kitties will LOVE playing with her in heaven!

  8. Patsy Weber

    Sorry for your loss Mary! You have some wonderful memories to hold on too! The wall hanging is beautiful!

  9. Jeanie

    Over the last few days, I tearfully read through the other comments sent by your kind and thoughtful readers. Knowing the pain of losing a pet-child, I have been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. You were a wonderful mom to Susannah and did everything you possibly could to keep her safe and healthy. Take care and pamper yourself during these early days of your loss. So sorry.

  10. Lynn

    So sorry Mary. She will be forever in your heart. I hold our dear kitties, Emma and Ashley, in my heart now as they have been gone for many years. My husband and I talk about them often, and the funny things they did. Happy memories are such a comfort. Love your Suzanna quilt. So special.

  11. Carol

    Well, I’m just crying all over again but I am glad to see you are able to resume blogging. I have been praying for you each day and sharing Susannah’s story with family and friends here. In a world that often seems so ugly, your story of love lifts me up.

  12. Diane

    Yes, Mary, Susannah has joined so many of our friends across the Rainbow Bridge. It is with tears in my eyes that I write this. You were her special Mom and so good to her. Hugs and thoughts are with you. Diane

  13. helen

    You said “your life without Susana begins today” and that is not true. She will always be with you in memories. I went to stay with my mom and dad during dad’s last three months when he was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was a moving experience. Now, whenever my husband and I are faced with a repairing problem, we think on it before we begin. Then, when one comes up with a solution, we remark “John (my dad) told me to do it this way.” My dad was able to fix anything! He loved challenges! So he lives on. At 74 I have many loved ones (family, pets, memories) that are with me daily.

  14. Patrisha

    Hi Mary,
    So sorry for your loss. Also so thankful you are able to share with us all your life happenings and experiences regarding animals we all love so much . They make our lives so much fuller with their undying love and gratitude. Love the little quilt. It’s so special.
    Quilty Huggs and prayers.
    Patrisha b

  15. Launa

    Morning Mary,
    So wonderful to see Susannah’s wall hanging is finished and what a lovely border fabric! A few years ago I received a wall rubbing for my sewing room that says, “Sewing mends the soul”.
    So good to hear from you this morning.

  16. Julie

    Hugs to you today. I know exactly how you feel after losing several animals in my lifetime. I guarantee there will be an animal that steps right in to fill the void. That has always happened to my family. You will never forget Susannah, yet another animal is in need of love too. Just wait—it WILL happen. I’m so glad that you have the quilt hanging to remind you daily of what a wonderful companion she was in your life.

  17. Jeanice Domino

    You have been on my mind. I know the anguish that you are feeling. Those of us that love so deeply, grieve deeply, especially for our animal children. I think this is because of their innocence and their pure love for us. I am thinking of you and wish you solace in your grief. God bless you and know that she had the best life that a little girl goat could have had.

  18. Barbara

    I am interested in purchasing the wild turkey pattern for a class we are wanting to do.

    Can you please provide phone number that I can call or call me at 586 221 1954.


    Barbara Ann Fiantaco
    Time Remembered Quilting

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I am sorry – the business is closed and this pattern is no longer available.

  19. Patricia Pierce

    Your description of the grief is so spot on – exactly the way I felt when I lost my cat buddies. I cried again with you after reading your post and I continue to send you good thoughts of comfort.

  20. Angie Rowland

    Mary, I can’t read this without tears in my eyes. She was SOOOO loved she knew it. Just because they have four feet doesn’t mean they aren’t like children. My heart goes out to you.

  21. Ann from NC

    Such a fitting memorial for your lovely Susannah. I remember her from the start. Thanks for
    going back to her beginning and helping us remember how she arrived. You gave her a wonderfully
    happy and fulfilling life!!!

  22. Carolyn Worthington

    Trust me …you will forever hold that baby in your heart. She will never be far away. I, too, am looking forward to a grand meeting at Rainbow Bridge with my Pooh who has been there for the last nine years, but always in my heart. Always!

  23. Mary R.

    So sorry Mary on the loss of Susannah. She was so special and I loved reading about her. Sending prayers that your grief will heal as the days go by.

  24. MartyCae

    I always say there is nothing like that special bond between man/woman and their special friend/animal.
    I am thinking about you.

  25. Crystal Daniels

    Your quilt is such a beautiful remembrance of your sweet Susannah. Hugs and prayers to you!!!

  26. Pat Moore

    Yes the crying will continue for a while every time you think of her. I still cry whenever I read Rainbow Bridge story. I didn’t know the beginning of her wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Shirley

    The quilt is beautiful, and I’m so glad you finished it. It’s a wonderful tribute to the love you shared.

  28. connee

    I know what a hard week it was for you. There are no words for us when our pet family passes. It is all the good memories we have that bring us joy. She loved life with you and you did so much for her. Your heart is sad but at the same time full of all the happy moments you had together. We miss you at Market and all the shows. I know you are enjoying retirement.

    Connee from Bits’n Pieces

  29. Cindie Gapinskk

    What an amazing story. So sorry for your loss. What a good life you gave to a good friend .

  30. Barbara Russell

    The healing will now begin. Such a loss for you, but she was so loved, hopefully that brings you some peace, knowing what a wonderful life you gave her.
    Take care of you.

  31. Mary Reinacher

    Mary: my heart still breaks every time I think of all the wonderful photos you posted of your beloved Savannah! Please know that we all loved her too and will miss her almost as much as you.

  32. Ann

    You loved her Mary with your whole heart. She knew that. And so do you. Keep loving. You have a loving heart. ❤️

  33. Angie

    Mary I am so sorry for your loss. I know this feeling too to lose a beloved pet. I really enjoy reading your post and seeing the animals. Take care.

  34. Anna, Michigan

    I’m so sorry. I too know how it feels. I so loved my Sugar for 14 years. Just know we all are thinking of you Mary. And sending our prayers and love.

  35. Terry

    Thanks for sharing the beginning of Susannah’s story with us. She was blessed to be loved by you. I’m so sorry for the loss of your precious four-legged friend. God bless you, Mary.

  36. SusanNielsen

    I am Barbara Russell’s sister. I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a beloved pet is so difficult. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and that Susannah is now in a beautiful place.

  37. Cathie Braman

    Our hearts go out to you in your loss, but you are right when you say you will meet again
    at the Rainbow Bridge. Her spirit will stay with you forever and if you go out to the barn,
    be still and she will be there for you to talk with. Sending hugs and thoughts your way.

  38. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Mary, you have all my sympathy for your loss. Susannah’s quilt is fabulous though: what a fitting memorial to a life full of love. As if you were ‘meant’ to find it and be able to finish it in tribute at this time.

  39. Polly Perkins

    So sad. Somehow we make connections with certain pets that cannot be explained. I dread the day when Lucky passes and now I have a kitten that shadows my every step.

  40. Jackie Baumhauer

    You have been on my mind. So glad you are feeling OK.
    God bless your little baby and lead her safely home.
    Take care.

  41. Sue Davis

    I must ask about Susannah’s goat friend “Emma” we were there at the time you brought Emma to live at your farm. No other goat liked her but Susannah took her under her wing. Is she adjusting to her friend not being there?

  42. Ann Barlament

    I love that wall hanging of beloved goat – more a family member than we all realize. She will be forever in your heart and be just a whisper away.

    Keeping you tucked safely in my thoughts and prayers!

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