Hundreds of Quilts

We finished putting tags on all the quilts in the classroom.  We still have quilts in the haymow to mark in the spring as well as all the show props and tubs in the trailer but we made great progress today.  Our sale is June 4-5-6, 2015.  We are hoping for a big crowd!

14 thoughts on “Hundreds of Quilts

  1. Connie Field

    Please send me info of where your sale is, what times those days, and location! Hope to make my first trip to see you! Will you have twin size and queen size quilts for sale?

  2. zeta

    Enjoying your blog. I was just recently told about such a wonderful shop you have. But, Wasn’t. Aware you were closing. But i will bring some other ladies on a Road trip from illinois only about 3 hours away.
    Wishing you all the best in whatever comes your way. See you in June

  3. Claudia

    Oh my…. !!! so many quilts !!! Oh how I wish I could make it for the sale. But….I am thinking that is not going to be possible this time.
    I really enjoy your blog….and hearing about the dogs that get to come stay with you…..and all the other farm things going on…. Hugs to you !!

  4. Launa

    A sunny day here in CA…but I’m hoping for another rainy weekend Mary,
    The golfer layered up this early AM and I see a neighbor is out doing yard work in a tank top and shorts…..I surmise ‘hot flash’ as it isn’t hot enough to sit out on my west facing front porch yet.
    It just amazes me with the years of quilts, wallhangings, etc. you two are going through for the BIG SALE. Hard to part with some and it’s quite a comparison now to the price of good cotton fabric since you first opened the shop.
    Wish I could be at the sale.

  5. Bernadette Jackson

    Too bad there isn’t a way you could post them and allow people to bid on them. I live in Tucson so probably won’t be there, and there is sure to be a hoard of locals lining up to get in first and get first crack at your beautiful quilts — kind of like at an estate sale.

  6. Jan Behm

    Oh my! I can’t believe you are going to SELL all those quilts!! Don’t you or Connie or your former employees want any of them? I would certainly love to be there for your sale but since I now live in TN, sadly I don’t think I’ll be able to make it. I wish you lots of luck at your “final” sale. I hope you will consider donating to nursing homes, hospitals, womens’ shelters, Habitat for Humanity groups, etc., any quilts you may have left after your “final” sale — just a thought…………….

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Hi, Jan — we will certainly keep some of our favorite quilts but there are just too many to keep them all and yes, we will be be donating many.

  7. Betty Klosterman

    I’d love to be at your sale, too, but it is a bit far from Rapid City. How do you keep the mice out of the quilts in the haymow?

  8. Louise

    Love seeing the stacks of folded quilts. I only wish I could be there for your sale, a wee bit too far from Blaine, WA. I will always have fond memories of our visit there 20 years ago I think it was…what a treat!

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