Meet Sam and Marty Hansen

Here are my current boarders, Sam and Marty.  Sam is a blue heeler mix, I think, and Marty is a miniature golden doodle puppy who has lots of energy.  Their parents went on a cruise but I think maybe the dogs are having a better time than Mom and Dad – ha!  They both use the dog doors which makes my life easy and even though their Mom wanted them to sleep in the kennel at night, last night as I was quickly opening the shop door to leave, Sam snuck out fast as can be and headed for the house.  Marty vocalized his disappointment being locked in the kennel so maybe this plan isn’t going to work.  Mom thought neither would get any rest if not separated in a kennel but I can assure her, that is not the case.  They all play so hard and then simply collapse for a rest period like an agreed -on naptime.

I finally got the king size log cabin quilt bound – I cheated and sewed it on the machine – I just could not do all that hand binding!  I am looking at new carpet for our upstairs and then I’ll start using the quilt, too.  Ina did a nice job on it – Connie and I pleaded with her to come back and do some quilting for us and she agreed.  Someday we’ll both learn to run that machine.

Wind chill this morning was minus 34 and it isn’t going to improve much for a couple days.  Brrrr!  Someone asked how we keep the mice out of the quilts in the haymow.  Rick built us a box measuring 4’x8’x4′ and lined it with tin.  Nothing gets in that box but us so we know the quilts are safe.  Next spring we’ll begin marking them, too.  Connie left for Florida this cold morning – lucky girl to escape this cold.

13 thoughts on “Meet Sam and Marty Hansen

  1. Beryl

    I was so surprised to see the title of your email this morning! Sam and Marty Hansen. My sister is Marty Samuelson, her husband is known as Sam!! So Sam and Marty have a special place in my heart!! They don’t look too much like the Sam and Marty you told us about! You certainly have a special heart for animals. I have 2 little dogs…they are a handful. I wouldn’t be able to do what you do…glad there are folks like you!!
    You Log Cabin quilt is beautiful! So wish I was closer to Iowa…I would be at your sale in June. I will have to be happy to read about it. I was in your store probably 10 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed my visit. I continue to enjoy your emails! Thanks so much!

  2. Launa

    A warm hello to Sam and Marty Hansen! Always nice to have two dogs to keep each other company. Marty looks like the smallest grand-dog who was here Tuesday after school. Have only seen pictures of our most recent great-grand-dog…..a Great Dane puppy… quite a big fellow for his young age.
    Your log cabin quilt is so gorgeous Mary……..scrappy quilts are my favorites. I noticed Marty getting his photo op sitting on one corner.
    Sunshine this 40 degree morning and some rain sprinkles are predicted for the weekend with snow in the Sierras. Not enough to ease the drought tho.

  3. Dixie

    I am not going to complain about our zero weather here in Pennsylvania after reading about yours. I got a haircut yesterday and the gal said she had garlic coming up, so spring just cannot be that far away. Your quilt is beautiful. Have fun with your boarders.

  4. Rose Mikulski

    Congratulations on finally making a king size quilt for your bed! That was my only dirt that I had on you was that you said never made one in response to my idea of making a different king size bed quilt for each month of the year. I soon gave up on this idea. I only have four. Your quilt is lovely and there is no shame in machine binding. I’m in love with your new boarders and they seem well suited to being quilt dogs. Stay warm!

  5. Carol

    These new boarders are so cute! The log cabin with a dog photo should be in a calendar! Stay warm…wish I could send you some of our SoCal heat. And I wish they would build a pipeline to bring us some of that northeast snow. We need water!

  6. Sue Davis

    Should have called me mary, that’s what I do for my quilt store here in Carrollton. I hand bind quilts. For some reason that is mindless evening work and I love doing it. Today I am enjoying a beautiful snow day. Would be better if my husband wasn’t so sick with a bad cold. Having him home all week is “different”.

  7. Jane

    Mary, your quilt is wonderful! Log cabin is one of my favorites. It is 19 deg and snowing in NE Ok where I am. A heat wave compared to your IA weather. Can’t imagine -34. I just took corn down in the woods and left it for the deer and the snow is beautiful, but I’m ready for Spring. My three dogs love to play in the snow, but were ready to come inside. It is supposed to be 60 here on Tuesday. One thing about OK weather. If you don’t like it, just wait a minute!
    Enjoy your sweet visitors.

  8. Kim Odonnell

    Love the log cabin. After I saw your red and white log cabin on the blog, my quilt partners and I all did one. What size are the blocks on the one? I love your blog! I have saved all of them for quilt ideas! Stay warm.

  9. Bernadette Jackson

    That’s the Civil War Log Cabin on page 18 of your book, The Blue and the Gray, which I purchased just a month or so ago. Love all the Civil War fabrics and hope to make this one some day. Quilting is so addicting — I have two other quilts lined up and ready to go — and I am constantly running into others I want to put on the list! Thx for your posts. I enjoy the glumpses into your world of farm life, dogs, kitties, goats, and of course, quilting!
    Tucson, AZ

  10. Ann Barlament

    With Rick gone so much….I used to worry about you. But with all your dogs around, they must keep you going and provide you with lots of antics, love and company.

    I received a note from a friend in France – she is surrounded by “Snowdrop” flowers everywhere! Nice to hear that Spring will soon be here…but probably after a few more snow-storms for us in the Midwest.

  11. Laura F.

    Thank you so much for sharing. I love seeing the pictures of your beautiful quilts and the lovely animals. Hope you have a great day.

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