April 3?

I had to check my calendar to make sure of the date because this is looking out my front door. THIS time I have the tractor in position and ready but I’m low on fuel. Ugh. It’s always something.

And the race is on! Yesterday Reed and I started his rug and he was so tickled with the process that he took the frame and fabric home with him. Good thing he did because school was cancelled today and he can keep working.

First comes warping the frame.

Twining the first row and turning the corner is the hardest part. After that it’s all easy until the very last center row which is a tight squeeze. His work is excellent, isn’t it?

Remember I said “the race is on”? Here is Connie’s rug that needed some time and inspiration so she’s is going to work on her rug, too. I am going to get my frame out and warped so I can work with them.

Anybody else interested in making a rug, runner or placemat? We can send you the book and DVD for $20 which includes postage. Just send your check to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave, Garner, IA 50438.

I watched Villlanova crush Michigan last night – what an overwhelming win/loss for each team. The three weeks of March Madness are my favorite 3 weeks of the year and now it’s over once again. I couldn’t go to bed until I had watched One Shining Moment – I can still hear it!

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  1. Synthia Noble

    Reed is certainly one talented young boy and he is so lucky to have you to teach him so much about animals, plants and crafts. I know you are lucky to have him to help YOU! …. a match made in heaven! Blessings to your both.

  2. Diane

    I have my warp all ready to put on the frame and many pieces of flannel to make the rug. Guess I better get busy, but I think Reed is way ahead of me already:) He is doing a very good job. What a great friendship for both of you. This is my second one and I highly recommend your book and DVD. It helped me so much!! Your picture looks like our house yesterday–2 inches of snow which melted by noon. It poured rain all last night and has stopped only once or twice all day. We even have thunder and lightning. Central Ohio weather–wait five minutes and it will change.

  3. Betty Klosterman

    I sure agree about your friendship with Reed. Just think what he is learning from a very good friend every day. He will be so much farther ahead than a lot of kids in his life education. And he will be your very best friend for a lifetime. Paying attention to a kid goes a very long way in life.
    Your yard looks like ours and it is VERY slippery on the streets. More is coming on Thursday. The very best thing is it is out here instead of Iowa. All this snow will be gone by tomorrow with the sunshine and warm ground. In the meantime, we’ll have sloppy stuff but that is called moisture and we really need it.
    Even more interesting is they are rebuilding our 2 blocks. This last piece will complete the whole street. Right now we have mud and snow. Except they aren’t working today, they are putting the water line which is about 8-10 feet below the road surface. Very interesting to watch. They work so well together it is almost like a dance. And we’ve got a great view with the living room window.
    Don’t get discouraged. This is spring! Even if it is snowing, the birds are just singing their hearts out all day.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty – you’re right about the birds singing – my yard is full of them!

  4. Teresa

    Wow, I’ve never seen a braided rug being made. Thanks for sharing, Mary. And I loved seeing the Country Threads shop again. ❤️ What is the quilt on the front of the cashiers counter, the one with the tiny blocks?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Teresa – this is a twined rug not a braided rug. Twined rugs have straight edges because they are made on a frame. The quilt is Windy Sister from our book The Blue and the Gray.

      1. Teresa

        Mary, I appreciate the correction, thanks. The twined rug is gorgeous on the frame. Thank you for naming the quilt too.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Teresa – a little more info – braided rugs are oval or round but twined rugs look very similar to braiding because three strips of fabric are used, one of which is actually the warp. Just FYI.

  5. Deb

    Love your blog about your farm life in the mid-west especially your quilts & rugs! I’ve made 1 rug and have plans to make another. My question——when you turn the corner should the strips be pulled tight around the rod? The side edges of my rug seemed to pull toward the center…….is that because the strips were pulled too tight? Would love to know some of your tips. Thank you

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Deb – each strip must be placed AROUND the last warp strip and rod together. Never separate the rod and warp! That might be the issue?

      1. Deb

        Mary, I wrap each strip around the last warp and rod together but I think I pull the strip too tight because the middle of the rug seems to pull in to the center. Should the strip be wrapped around the rod taught but not pulled?

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Deb – so hard to judge what is too tight. Tension should be the same for all the rug but that comes with practice. If you want to send me a picture I can give you a better opinion.

  6. K. Gerber

    Mary, I know you’ve posted before about the rug making, but I’m wondering if the video will include the making of the frame or is it just about the making of the rug, from beginning to end? My Two grands live really close now, and I’m thinking this could be great fun to do with them! I already have a book, but getting the video and book would give them one to have at home, too!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      K. Berber. There are no building instructions on the video but all dimensions and instructions are in the book.

      1. Diane

        K. Ferber –My husband used the instructions in Mary’s book to make my frame and it came out great. He said the directions are very good.

  7. Sarah

    Years ago I tore fabric to make a hooked (I think that’s what it’s called) rag rug. It required a tooth brush or a simple metal tool which I bought. No rack was used. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make heads nor tails of the directions once I got to the end of the row to make a turn. Does your book show how to make/get a frame? I don’t recall seeing them in the area where I live. I looked on Amazon but couldn’t find one, but maybe I’m not using the right words in my search.

    Easter morning cinnamon rolls are the best. You are lucky to live where one can find them frozen ready to be placed in a pan! I make my favorite sweet dough in the bread machine and once it is finished kneading, we roll the dough, place in a pan and do a second rise. The grandchildren love the rolling of the dough and watching the air bubbles being pushed to the edges, but I think the sprinkling of cinnamon sugar and getting to lick their fingers after is right up there with bubbles.

    Love your quick blogs and tales of real life on a farm.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sarah – my guess is that you were going to make a toothbrush rug OR locker hooking, both much harder than twining. The book is called Rugs From Rags by Country Threads and yes, it gives complete directions with diagrams to make the simple frame using just ordinary lumber and nails. The only thing out of the ordinary would be the pencil rods on each side. This pencil rod can be found at a hardware store or lumberyard. Book is available on Amazon – choose the book with the red, yellow, blue rug on the cover – its the newest edition all in color.

  8. lois palmisano

    Hi Mary, your friend Reed is so enthusiastic about his life with you and Rick and the farm and crafts .
    He will never forget it. L.p. omaha

  9. Carol

    I always enjoy your blog posts, but must admit this one made me a little sad to see the pictures of the shop in the background and the cashier counter…really, really miss your quilt shop!!!!!!!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol – maybe I should take pictures of the shop and post them – full of all my stuff!

      1. Carol

        I think that is a great idea! I would love to see the old shop again. I miss walking through all the buildings and especially the visiting with the great people that worked at your shop! It was always a fun experience!

  10. Eydie

    What fun for you, Connie and Reed to make rugs together. Let Reed know I love his fancy new haircut!

  11. Paula

    Mary, don’t know if you have heard this but I learned from a friend:
    If you have SNOW in April catch the first April snow and put in a jar and keep, It is supposed to be excellent for burns, We never have an April snow so I have not tried. Have any of the other readers heard or tried this? Let me know Mary. Paula in KY

      1. Paula

        You have plenty of snow so why not give it a try! Do a couple jars, it will melt so you want to have plenty. Paula in KY

  12. Paula

    I have the Rug book from Mary and I bought a frame like she uses at a quilt show. The book is wonderful and tells everything you need to know. Weaving is very easy, I think. Paula in KY

  13. Sue

    I am very intrigued with this weaving plus the frame. I am wondering if you need to use flannel, wool, or cotton? I really don’t need another project, but this is looking interesting.
    Mary, you and Reed have a great companionship. Makes me wish my great grandchildren were closer than they are. Way to many miles between us but they still seem to be interested in their great gg.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue – I have made rugs from flannel, wool, cotton, t-shirt knits – anything will work. Denim rugs are great but it’s hard on my hands – so heavy and stiff. This technique is called twining and our book is called Rugs From Rags .
      Yes, isn’t Reed just the best kid! I am so lucky!

  14. Jo's Country Junction

    It made me a little sad to see the shop counter in the back ground of Reed’s picture. I miss the shop. No one does it like you and Connie did!!! From my own experience with my Neighbor Girl, I know that Reed is giving just as much to you as your are to him. You’re both lucky to have each other.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo – someone else mentioned the counter, too. Guess Ive gotten used to it now. Yes, I am very lucky to have Reed as a friend!

  15. Pat

    I have your book and video. My husband made my frame. I just completed my first rug after putting it off for several years. I love the process but still have some trouble with the turning. My question, though, is – the frame Reed is working on looks narrower than the frame mentioned in the book. If it is narrower, could you tell me the dimensions, please. Also, I believe, I’ve read, perhaps somewhere on your blog, that you’ve also used t-shirts to make these rugs. Do you have suggestions for working with t-shirts. Thank you.

    I enjoy watching you with Reed. You are truly an angel to him and definitely shaping his life. And yes, it will be a lifetime relationship and a blessing to both of you. What a blessing!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat – I will answer in a blog post because others may want the same info.

  16. Rosemary

    I finished my rag rug about 10 days ago, but I decided to start another one since I have plenty of strips and there is still snow on the ground. I started my last one a couple days before the Olympics ended, wished I would have started on the first day of the Olympics. I could have got a couple done then! Love the rugs! I washed two of them yesterday and put one back down by the kitchen sink today. Thanks

    1. Rosemary

      Thanks for sharing pictures. The solids must be t-shirt knits?? Might have to try that, too.

  17. Felicia Hamlin

    Boy! Reed is such a hard working boy! You two are lucky to have each other in your lives. We are supposed to be gettin snow today, thank goodnes Tuesday’s snow melted in no time. Hope your husband is progressing in his recovery.

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