April’s Dirty Dozen Number

Two – two -two – two!!!

April’s Dirty Dozen is Number 2

Honestly, I forgot to post this when Connie and I finished filling orders today! Rick and I along with the dogs went after groceries – $360 later we are now home and trying to find a place to put it all. Beer was on sale, too, so…..

More later.

20 thoughts on “April’s Dirty Dozen Number

  1. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Two it is! I hope to get back on track, I’ve missed a few but that’s okay, this really has been a good incentive to move out some projects and get them finished; some is better than none! You’re provid8ng a valuable service to those of us who stash our UFOs. 😉

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mrs. Goodneedle – loved your little Red Cross block this morning but do I really need to start another project? Haha! I’ll see how bored I get today – have several tops waiting to be quilted!

  2. Dorothy

    What a happy picture of Hazel and Connie. Thank you for posting the smile we all need

  3. Diane Bauer

    Looks like Hazel missed Connie! What a wonderful welcome!! My #2 is an extra Uncle Sam for my Mom. I sent her a Harvey along with a couple of face masks for her and Dad and she was so tickled to have something new to cheer them during the COVID confinement.

    We had 70 degrees this afternoon so I got the dogs out for walks. We are set to drop 50 degrees overnight and are to expect snow tomorrow. Maybe with the COVID confinement I will be able to avoid the requisite carwash after the storm!!

    I’m still sewing “comfort masks”–cut another 20 yesterday. Got a call from the local Assisted Living place this afternoon. They want 200. Oiy. I’m having nightmares back to my days of making radio harnesses and never feeling like I could get ahead of the orders. They want a custom style as well which would require a pattern redraft. I will continue to sew, but can’t take that on on my own.

  4. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Yesterday we did curbside pickup of wine at our local wine shop. I opened the trunk, got back in the car, they came out and loaded the trunk and when they went into the shop I closed the trunk. Then I wiped my hands with a Lysol wipe just in case. Sheesh, what a routine.
    We stopped a case off at our neighbor’s house, they go for the beer run, we do the wine run! For now.
    We are over 500 cases and FEMA is in town debating the use of our convention center for a covid hospital,This is getting scarier every day. I already order my groceries online.

    On a brighter note, we are using our containment to wash windows and clean closets. Lots of seeing going on, too.
    I’m really looking forward to gardening, Friday is supposed to be a great day for that!

    1. Marilyn Magelitz

      oh my gosh when I got to “500 cases”, thought you meant wine! You go girl!
      18 cases in El Dorado County, CA

  5. Kathy in western NY

    Gosh Mary I will sleep better tonight knowing you got enough beer for the next couple weeks cause I sure enjoy later in the evening sitting down and resting with my beverage of choice, little bowl of chips or pretzels and my iPad or a book! Some nights I just feel like an Italian soda with vanilla flavoring and then other nights, it’s wine or beer or a gin and tonic. It’s my happy hour to rest.
    I am absolutely no good at night any more to do any sewing or knitting cause I just have to rip it out from a mistake as I am too tired. I go all day long like you.
    We took a nice walk this afternoon even though we thought of taking a ride cause gas is so cheap here, below $2 a gallon now, but it’s wiser to stay home if we don’t need to be out there on the roads.

  6. Sandy

    My cousin Graeme in Australia is off oxygen and not happy they shaved his beard off! So l guess that means he is starting to improve, l am so happy, thank you everyone for your prayers, best wishes ,sandy

  7. Connie R.

    After seeing your barn quilts in your last blog post and reading the comments, I Googled Country Threads Barn Quilts and the Chicken Scratch post from July 13, 2016 came up. In the post you had given a lot of details on the metal Barn Quilts you used to sell. Very interesting article. They are beautiful and held up so well.

  8. Jo in Wyoming

    Wowzers! Beer on sale. Can’t beat that with a stick.
    Out gas is still close to $3/gallon.
    Forecasted to snow again tonight, but I’m grilling anyway. I have a jumbo umbrella.
    Stay safe and be still.

    1. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

      Wow, Jo. Our gas today at Walmart was $1.63. It is supposed to be down right now.

    2. Linda H in SE MN

      I paid 99 cents per gallon on Tuesday…and it dropped to 94 cents on Wednesday… I’m always a day late (or early in this case) and a dollar short!! This is the only positive thing I’ve seen for weeks… Hang in there everyone!

  9. Rosalie

    My grocery store has stopped having sales. Guess they figure they don’t have to encourage you to buy stuff!
    Worked on fertilizing the roses and my lemon tree today and watered a little- rainnpredfor next few days but they are only right about 50%. Beautiful sunny day in Texas. Trying to find chicks to raise as we only have 4 older hens. We built a new chicken house last year and hope to get it painted this month. I made a list of those chores I’ve been putting off snd trying to get them done. I did get the bathroom floors scrubbed last week- I used to get up and down easily to do that but now usually mop but they are so much cleaner if scrubbed. Roses blooming here and my peach and plum trees and blackberries are blooming.
    Mary inspired me to trim some bushes and the goats loved doing the cleanup.

  10. Diana in Des Moines

    Looks like Hazel missed Connie!

    I went to Fareway last Weds and spent over $200! I bought had a heart attack till I remembered some of that was my mom’s groceries. No stocking up, but did buy a bit more meat than usual. I make a meal or 2 for my son and his wife as she is an accountant and he works out of town most days. They don’t have much time for making dinner after picking up Elliott (my 7 month grandson) and I can always make just a little bit extra. My way of helping them out in these stressful times.

    Take Care, and I love how you sign off. Be Still.

  11. marcia

    What was March? I am doing things out of order & didn’t write it down. I am doing 2 of these, getting things done but trying to stay organized.

  12. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Awww. Hazel loves Connie, too:) I’ve read that Ohio is doing a booming business in wine sales! I am doing my part trying to help the wine and beer businesses. No sense in discriminating.

    I will check out my #2. I have been doing lots of things in the sewing room. I am so happy I have a hobby.

    The sun is out and telling me to get walking. Thanks, Mary, for keeping us connected with your blog:)

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