Battle for Glory

Battle for Glory measures 51″ x 59″ and is at the top of my list to make.  Because of my cats and dogs, many of my quilts have to be enjoyed as chair covers and this quilt is perfect on this dark red chair in my piano room.

My team won again last night – at the buzzer just like the night before!  The championship game is at 5 pm today but until that time, I think I’ll work outside in this beautiful weather!  Retirement is the best – there was already a car here today who evidently did not realize we closed last fall.  In all these years I have never gotten to enjoy all the Saturday basketball games like I have this year.  I am “livin’ the dream” !

24 thoughts on “Battle for Glory

  1. Beverly Ferro

    Hi Mary
    Is there a way I can contact you? I need to talk to you about where I can obtain of your booklets.
    Congratulations on your retirement! Very cool! We have spoken many times over the years on the
    phone when you had the shop. Sorry to see it go but so very happy for your new life.
    Beverly Ferro

  2. Carolyn

    I love the quilts that you have previewd thus far, thank you for much for sharing! I am going to order the book NOW!
    So glad Iowa State beat ku–I am a K-State Grad–you are my team now! Continued success in the NCAA!

  3. Ann Barlament

    Ain’t retirement grand?!?!?!?!?!

    As for someone showing up on your doorstep….it reminds me of a worn out quilt sign my honey found. He decided that we had driven by it too many times, this time we would stop. It was someone with a long-arm service and bolts of fabric and when we were back in our vehicle, Wayne said – “You have more fabric that she does, only you don’t sell yours!” lol

  4. Anita Fetzer

    another beauty…..these have all been outstanding patterns and fabrics….I want one of everything…

    1. Mary Etherington

      Bernadette – the quilts I’m showing are all in our new book, Civil War Remembered.

  5. Noeleen Taylor

    Battle for glory is a beautiful quilt .Enjoy your garden. We are just waiting for a storm to arrive and it is the last day of our quilt show . Autumn will arrive with a cloudburst down under this year.

  6. Launa

    Mary you deserve to be living the dream for sure. There is nothing like retirement so keep enjoying it! Last time I checked the temperature outside was 83.
    OOOH LA LA your Peonies are beautiful.
    I’m going to check my old Devil’s Claw blocks; another UFO that got put aside just before we moved here…..14 yrs. ago!!
    Enjoy the game today. I’ll be watching.

  7. Emily

    Mary, so glad you are “living the dream” ! That quilt is gorgeous and the peonies next to it set it off.

    You take care and enjoy your game today.

  8. Gwen Herbert

    I KNOW which team you are talking about 😉 😉 .. those are exciting games & hope & pray they can do it again tonight!!! GO CYCLONES!!! This quilt is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

  9. Pat O'Neill

    So Happy you are enjoying Retirement!!! It is a Dream & we Love Living it!! You certainly Deserve It!!!

  10. Connie Martin

    Mary, I have to have that book just from the two quilts so far! Are you signing the books that Mandy will be selling? If I lived closer, I would be watching the games with you! My Buckeyes lost last night, but there is still hope for the Big Games coming up. I can’t wait to see all of the quilts in your house. Your house makes a wonderful setting for the quilts. I love your renovations.
    Enjoy the warm weather.
    Connie in Columbus, Ohio

  11. Diane

    Hi Mary–Love this one, too. It does look great on your chair. Buckeyes lost so I’ll cheer for you:)
    55 in Central Ohio today–rained this AM, but nice now. Ahhh–“living the dream” good for you:)

  12. Linda Hanley

    I’m glad “your’re living the dream”. Thank you also for answering my question yesterday about the plant on your table. Linda

  13. Louise

    So happy for you to be enjoying that sweet dream Mary. Love the first quilt you are sharing with us!

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