Mystery Plant

A reader inquired about this plant on my table with the Puddle Duck table mat.  It is a succulent called a pencil tree.  This one is a recent purchase – last fall – and they grow fast.  Here is another pencil tree that I’ve had for years which also started out as a 3″ baby plant.  Connie saw one in Florida recently and recognized it.  I put them outside in the summer and they thrive in the fresh air and sunshine.

Just a quick note about ordering our new book, Civil War Remembered.  You can preorder with a discount from Mandy at Farm Chick Quilts.  Remember that I’m going to photograph each quilt some place in my home during the next 2 weeks.

It is 65 degrees here this afternoon.  Tomorrow I’m going to start raking my yard.

9 thoughts on “Mystery Plant

  1. Ramona Tankersley

    We had several of these that grew outside while living in Texas. They can turn into tree like down there.

  2. Peggy

    In regard to the pencil tree . . I’ve always known it as a “pencil cactus!” I’ve been told by a few residents of CA that they grow all over CA & are considered a weed. Getting on in years here, I no longer put up a Christmas tree. However, my pencil cactus & a couple of my other large cacti make great plants to hang ornaments & Christmas lights on. Just sayin”, right here in marvelous Minnesota!!

  3. eydie

    Mary, it’s such a pleasure to feel how much you are enjoying yourself in retirement!
    So happy to read your emails full of this and that from your daily life.

  4. mary

    Your “pencil” plant is a toxic succulent or “euphorbia”. Much like the Poinsettia, the milky sap is latex-based and does not always come off with soap and water. To get the sap in your eyes can cause blindness. All Euphorbias are dangerous because of the latex based sap. Keep this plant away from animals. An accidentally broken branch could mean disaster.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Thank you for this info, Mary – are all euphorbia toxic or just this one? The Hoya plant has that same milky sap and I have lots of those plants, too. Is it considered a euphorbia?

      1. mary

        Hoya plants are not toxic to cats or dogs, but their digestive systems cannot break down the leaf , so eating a large amount of the leaves could cause animal to throw up.
        Plants that exude a “milky white sap that dries like latex” are dangerous in varying degrees. Stems, leaves, flowers, even air-borne “scent” can cause harm. ** I removed several pencil plants from our yard when I noticed our cat rubbing through them. I realized that petting that cat if it had sap on his fur would be transferred to human hands, and could be rubbed into the eyes without even knowing it. Broke my heart — I loved those plants, but…..better safe than sorry.

  5. Connie Olson

    Love your “Country Threads Chicken Scratch” and it is like visiting a friend every day. Thank you SO much!! Love your plants and house and especially that baby grand piano!! Beautiful!!

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