It’s cold in North Iowa – below zero this morning.  The snowstorm landed on top of us before we even knew we were under a warning and we got about 8 – 10″ of new snow.  Here’s the view out my window.

I saw this idea on Pinterest to entertain the chickens and today there was a bin of fresh cabbages at the store.  I bought one, told Rick what I wanted and he just shook his head….but he did it for me and I hung up the head of cabbage.  Here’s Daddio checking it out.

And a naked neck gal was very interested.

And here’s Rick’s latest bird feeder.

When you lift the top you’ll see 2 bottles that get filled with black oil sunflower seed.

The birds eat the seed from a shelf under the bottles.   Clever, huh?

If I comment back to a reader, I expect an answer just as you expect an answer from me.  Martha – I’ve tried to contact you twice about a cat – I don’t know where you live.  And Ginny J. — I answered you about a rescue group in Clear Lake and offered my help.  Did you read my comment?

We need to see green grass again but in the meantime, it’s March Madness!

22 thoughts on “Brrrrr!

  1. Claudia Voorhees

    I am also still working on my Cat of the Month that I got many moons ago…. LOL….. When we get them done Diane – we should have a show and tell !

  2. Martha Engstler

    St. Patrick’s day is a special time for cabbage, hope the chickens enjoy. Wonder if they actually will eat it. We have an Irish restaurant near by and just came back from mid day dinner of Corn beef and cabbage. We aren’t Irish but even Norwegians (me) and Italians (My husband) are a little Irish around St.Patrick’s day. The wind is blowing the foot of snow we had yesterday all around. The kitty visitor was here again last night at 10pm for dinner. The snow didn’t keep it away.

  3. Polly Perkins

    Love the bird feeder but we have a big problem with squirrels, opposum and raccoons getting into the bird seed. We have a big cylinder around a post that goes up to the metal squirrel proof (ha ha) bird feeders.

    Beefy is doing better BUT I was giving him hamburger and rice and it turns out he is allergic to not only chicken but beef also!!! Down to just fish that he eats reluctantly. A friend is bringing me deer sausage to try. All the canned and dry products out there add chicken to everything they make. Rachel Ray Wild Salmon and rice is the only dry food I have found that does not add chicken. What a problem child I have!!!!

  4. Ginney Camden

    What a great idea for a bird feeder. They can stay warm and dry while they eat.

  5. Karen L Chaudoin

    I love the cabbage tether ball for chickens! What fun! And your husband shaking his head! And then he builds a monstrosity of a bird feeder although I do like the idea of them having a porch to eat on! Ha! Have fun with your furry friends from No Snow, NC.

    Karen in Grimesland NC

  6. Sue Davis

    Thank you for your help and suggestion about the orchid. I will get busy with it this weekend. I told my lambs to love their fur one more day then it will be gone! Do you know of anyone who would like to invest in their wool? I seen that cabbage thing on Pinterest also, they say chickens get bored and these things help. But since I don’t have chickens, I don’t think my neighbors would like me hanging cabbages from their trees! I love reading about chickens. Pretty interesting.
    Sue Davis

  7. Marilyn Cook

    Agree about March Madness. At least I can hand quilt or hand embroidery while watching.

    It is 22 degrees in Columbus, OH and we missed most of the snow, maybe an inch and most melted.

  8. VA Mann

    Don’t envy you with the snow! Love the cabbage idea…plan on passing it to my sister in Montana. Have you heard of the swinging chickens? Try you tube…my brother in law did it..the chickens are having a blast. Of course it takes a while for them to get use to it. Tell Rick that bird feeder is awesome! Hope you have warmer weather soon.

  9. Donna McCormack

    I sent the idea about hanging the cabbage for chickens to my daughter in north Wyoming.She is going to do this for her chickens. They are a happy group and will love this. When I visit her I spend time watching them and her goats.
    I enjoy your sight so much. Look forward to it . We have three dogs here and a cat. One is a rescue dog. They are so entertaining and we love them just like family members.

  10. Kathy Hanson

    Hooray for March Madness! Our high school team plays for the regional championship this coming Friday – we are hopeful!

  11. Ginny

    Love Rick’s feeder and the cabbage tether ball. He is so talented! I may have to copy his feeder.
    We got some snow, I tried out my new snow blower and decided I would rather shovel.

  12. Susan Sundermeyer

    I love Rick’s bird feeder. I have two feeders which contain oiled sunflower seed and one thistle ball feeder. I have a pair of Cardinals that feed early every morning and every dusk at the sunflower feeders. Yes, it’s March Madness! I live right up the hill from the University of Dayton Arena where the first four and often ignored round is played. Teams practiced today and it’s always open to the public. UD plays Wichita State on Friday at Indianapolis. Go Flyers!

  13. Kathy

    I love the fact that your hubby is taking care of the wild birds with his feeder. Very good that all God’s creatures are cared for during these freak weather conditions. I’m sure it will melt before long and you’ll be able to have a “normal” spring with balmy conditions. The tether ball cabbage is unique and I’m sure the chickens and rooster will profit from the exercise and cabbage. Here in CA, it’s warm, in the 80’s and with clear skies after the deluge of rain earlier. It’s hard to stay inside to clean and do my writing when the yard beckons me. Hope you have lots of projects lined up so you can keep occupied during your snow-in.

    1. Brenda archambault

      And so often roosters become roasters!

      Mary, I owe you some pictures, once technical problems, along with health problems are solved. Sorry it’s taking so long. It’s 89 here, but you probably didn’t want to know that either. Will try to speed up the process so you can cross me off the “naughty” list.

      My kids in CT are buried in the white stuff but looking forward to UConn women later this week.

  14. Cindie

    Just saw a video with roasters and broccoli. They seemed to enjoy it!
    We also got the snow and cold here in New Berlin, WI. I am done with
    winter and now we look out and all we see is snow.
    I love your neighbor’s puppy. Love seeing the pictures.
    Take care-

  15. Marsha V.

    Mary, I saw the cabbage which reminded me of “chicken tether ball” on Facebook. I thought of you at the time and wished I could have tagged you. There was also a post of the cutest baby goat playing with the chickens. Yeah, March Madness. All three major Kansas colleges are in the tournament. Kansas State plays tonight and we have guild, so I will record it and try not to hear from anybody with electronic gadgets at guild how the game is going. I love reading your posts and your pictures of the happenings around your farm, especially the animals and quilts. First time I have commented though except when you asked us to so you would know how many “follow” you. Couldn’t resist this time around.

      1. Marsha V.

        Yipee – They played tonight. I got home from guild after hearing an entertaining lecture from Susan Cleveland just in time to watch the second half of the game, and it was nip and tuck until near the end KSU was pulling away and Wake Forest (with our KU Danny Manning coaching) was fouling trying to get the ball back. KSU held on to win. Great day – dinner with my friend, quilt guild with friends, and basketball! Plus this morning/afternoon I made progress on one of my Kim Diehl club projects. Good luck to your Iowa teams unless they are playing a Kansas team! 🙂

  16. Diane

    Wow–you did get a lot of snow. Don’t you love having a “Handy Rick” around? I love the bird feeder and the cabbage. Will the chickens eat it or just play with it? I found my Country Threads Cat of the month stitchery today:) I’m cleaning and re-organizing. I’ll continue it; maybe it’ll be finished by 2020!! I’d check the date, but I’m too embarrassed by how long it’s been:( I do love it.

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