BUSY! 12-2-21

When I say busy, all I have to add is – cantata! Oh my, it takes hours of practice until I can play this music flawlessly. I’m almost there and the cantata will be performed on December 12 at 7 pm. After that I’ll be able to enjoy the season.

Tonight was the Christmas parade in Garner – I put strings of white lights in Little Red and was intending to advertise the cantata with big signs on the door but due to a miscommunication, the signs didn’t happen. A paper sign was taped on the door but it was lacking. Margaret rode with me – here we are waiting for the parade to begin.

Yesterday Becky and I took Telly and Hazel to Pilot Knob and hiked to the amphitheater.

This is the project I’ve been working on – I visited Crafty Corner in Worthington last week to pick up two of my machines and found this pattern. More info coming.

Every minute I spent working on this was also spent with the kitties. By the way, the mama cat and two of the kittens got adopted today!!!!!

Here are reader quilts:

Colton wanted to say “hey”!!

17 thoughts on “BUSY! 12-2-21

  1. Jo in Wyoming

    I bet you were a hit in the parade…all decked out in “Red”!
    The quilters had a lot of help with their projects this time. It’s fun to see the fur balls enjoy the quilts.
    So glad the kitties are finding permanent homes. Just in time for the holidays.
    You have been playing in that church for 50 years, I have no idea how to read music, much less play something. I learned, just this week, what the purpose of the conductor is.

  2. Sandy

    Hi Mary, pets on quilts are the best! Met my friend Sue’s rescue snauzer today,Dexter has the best walrus mustache going! Love your Bernina quilt, best wishes from Sandy

  3. Gloria from CC

    Love the picture of Little Red. I hope to see it on Thursday. Telly and Hazel look so cute on the trail. I’ll bet they slept good that night. I wish the Worthington shop wasn’t three hours from me – it looks interesting and a plus being a Bernina dealer. The reader quilts are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Gloria from CC – ok! We’ll drive Little Red to your house next week – can’t wait to see your quilting lodge!!

  4. Kathy Hanson

    You have such an interesting, busy life!! Would love to see/hear the cantata, it would be wonderful!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy Hanson – I’m going to find out if it will be live streamed.

  5. Carolyn Boutilier

    Thank you for sharing pics. Love all the quilts.
    we are having some nice fall weather for winter. In the mid 60’s the past couple of days.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley Va

  6. Kathy in western NY

    Oh what happy happy pictures of gorgeous quilts and I see a new grandchild for Julie with fun blankets to wrap in love. How I would love to attend your cantata! There is nothing like that them to put you in a holiday spirit. I need to find a church locally that is doing one as ours does not and the one several friends use to participate in has dissolved probably due to covid cases rising here so it’s difficult to be inside practicing with elderly. I think your new quilt should be hung proudly on your walls and not in your pile for your funeral. What a great work of art. Glad you got the dogs out for a walk before snow covers the trails so good for you and Becky. And yeah for Margaret doing so well after surgery. Good news blog post!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy in western ny – I THINK the cantata will be live streamed – I will post all the details when I can confirm. There is a candlelight service which follows – it gives me goosebumps, I love it so much!

  7. Ruth K Bridges

    Great picture of Colton ! I thought about getting one of the kittens but decided now is not the right time as my older cat is going downhill, and she needs all my attention right now. Enjoyed looking at the quilts !

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Ruth – you probably made the right decision – your older cat needs you right now.

  8. Susy Boyer

    It’s so much fun to see what everyone is sewing! Thanks Mary for the sharing. I love seeing what Hazel is up to too! Congrats on the kitten adoptions.

  9. Susan K in Texas

    Thanks for pulling my quilt off of Instagram. I meant to send it to you and got distracted. Lots going on. I can’t wait to show you my grandsons new quilt – he and my son and DIL have to see it first.
    I’m happy some of the kitties have new homes. What a gift your fostering is to them.
    The cantata sounds like just the thing to put you in the Christmas spirit. Your time practicing will make it so special for others – a musical gift.
    Little Red is just perfect for the Christmas parade.
    A fun post!

  10. Amy

    Red looks so cute, I’d be tempted to leave the lights in it all the time during December.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Amy – actually I did leave the lights and the artificial greenery but I never go anywhere after dark so……maybe Christmas Eve?

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