Busy Sunday


Sometimes I get such a nice combination of dogs and today was one of those times.  Telly and Faye loved going to the garden with Bentley and Ezra, the 2 golden retrievers.  Everybody got along and played nicely while I worked.

See all those little green “weeds” coming up before my pumpkins which are planted by each stake?  This is actually oats coming up because Rick spread the manure from the barn on the pumpkin patch.  The oats have sprouted creating a carpet of green.  I got my Roundup mixed up in my sprayer and sprayed all these sprouts before the pumpkin seeds come up.  Hopefully I have killed all the “weeds”  and when the pumpkin seeds do germinate, I’ll be able to till around them before the weeds take over.  I have no excuse this year – I do have time to weed!

I mowed the goat pasture and our friend, Dean, cut the hay.  Because it has been so wet, we are not expecting to bale this hay before the sale which is a dirty shame but we have to park in that field and everybody will have to drive over the cut hay.  Maybe, if conditions are perfect, Dean can get it baled before Thursday.  If you’re coming to the sale, please park in the hayground south of the barn.


My oriole was singing his little heart out today while I worked in the yard.  The garage is all scrubbed and ready to set up the checkout tomorrow.  

Emma says “hi”! 


Sale starts June 4 at 9 am – see you at the farm!

11 thoughts on “Busy Sunday

  1. Carol

    My goodness, for a retired lady , you sure do work hard. LuluBelle and I did very little as we have had torrential rains all day, and after 84 degrees and high humidity yesterday, we are in the mid 40s today! The fireplace has been on all day ! We have had two electrical outages today, thanking The Lord they were both brief. I moved my sewing machines out of the basement, though …it’s my sewing room and has always been high and dry …but you never know!

    Good luck with the sale, I hope you have nothing left at the end of the weekend. Sure wish I could be there. Ay e if I start driving now….

  2. Cindie Gapinskk

    What a joy it is to read your blogs. Wish I lived closer so I could come to the sale.
    Thanks for sharing.

    New Berlin, WI

  3. Becky Rose

    Looks like a fun day at the farm, and the green grass is so beautiful!!

  4. Diane

    Great dogs:) IF you have time, please take pictures before and during the sale for those of us who just can’t be there. So sad that I never made it to Country Threads:( Good luck with the sale. Diane PS It was cool and rainy today in Central Ohio.

  5. Sherry Whalen

    You might be surprised – today wasn’t much of a hay drying day, but maybe with a little sunshine and low humidity for the next 2 days it might dry out – did you get lots of rain? We got about 2.5 inches. I think it finally knocked all of the maple seeds out of the trees….. I think I will see you on Thursday!

  6. Launa

    Mary, It is looking so good and green there at your Happy Dog Farm……a big hello to Emma, too. Sounds like your Oriole is happy singing and enjoying spring as well. The two wee Hummingbirds were making use of red flowering shrubs off the front porch today. Dust is blowing around here this early evening as winds have picked up to 18 MPH and gusts predicted even stronger.

  7. Martha

    Mary ~~ it is so kind of you to continue to share your farm life with us! Living in Maine, I never made it to Country Threads, however have stitched up many of your quilt designs and use your books for frequent inspiration.
    All the best with the sale!! Hi to Connie, as well.

    Keep the photos coming ~~ I love them!

  8. Louise

    In my 40 years of quilting my visit to Country Threads from California was without a doubt the highlight of my quilting journey. It was on a family vacation road trip. I was so excited I had to go
    Outside and sit on your little bench three times to settle down then go back in. My husband kept encouraging me to ngo back in and take my time, to make sure I viewed everything. I really don’t think he had a clue how how much each visit inside cost. $$$ LOL Mary, it was worth every penny.
    Wish I could be there for the sale.

  9. Ann Barlament

    Have a fun sale….wish I could be there!! I sent you a picture of a “goat tower” on FB….I can just see your babies enjoying it!! LOL

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