Buzz Saw Quilt Pattern

This red and white quilt that I called Buzz Saw

is actually titled Feathered Circles by the designers Barbara Schaffeld and Bev Vickery of Oregon Treasures. This is the quilt shown in their book “Round Two”.

Here is the book cover.

I attempted to contact the designers because I simply cannot copy these instructions and send them out. I looked up the book on Amazon and it says there are 16 copies available.

When I hear from the designers, they will instruct me on what to tell those of you hoping to purchase this pattern.

It’s my favorite red and white quilt and the only time I hang it is at Christmas which makes it all that more special.

I will keep you posted.

16 thoughts on “Buzz Saw Quilt Pattern

  1. Sharlyn Dixon

    What an interesting quilt..hope you are successful in being able to help me purchase the instructions.
    Thank you

  2. Janice

    Such a pretty quilt done in the red and white. Will look forward to what the designers have to say. Thank you for researching this information!


  3. Karen

    Looks like a “curved log cabin” set with HST sashes. Use 2.5” strips for one side and 1.5” strips for the other. Just a thought…

  4. Patty McDonald

    Thank you so much for the info on Round Two. I went to amazon and there were only 2 listed as used. Three were listed new…one at $18 something and the other two at over $100! I purchased one of the used books. Love this pattern and you are so right….cannot post it without checking with designer/author of book. It will be Feb. before I can start on it but will do it in red. Love your version. Also, thank you for taking the time to respond to all us ‘quilt fanatics’. If you have the time, how are your roosters getting along in the barn?

  5. Terry

    Thanks, kind Mary, for tracking down the pattern for your great quilt! I didn’t read your post until about four hours after you’d sent it, and when I immediately went to Amazon to buy a copy, there were only two books left, one for more than $800. and another for $1800. My goodness!!! I think I’m going to just keep my fingers crossed that you hear from the designer that there’s another way we can get the pattern! Thank you for doing the detective work for us!

  6. Mylo

    Your quilt is quite beautiful Mary
    Thank you for finding the designers and book it came from,
    l went straight to Amazon here in the UK and was able to purchase a nearly new book ,This quilt has shot to the top of my to do list

    Happy Christmas to you and Connie and all your lovely followers,not forgetting all the animals :)))

  7. Sue H

    Way to track down the pattern & designers! Looking forward to hearing what you get from them. Love this pattern too!

  8. Angie

    Thanks for checking on this for us. It is a beautiful quilt! It would be so wonderful to have the pattern – both for us to work on now and for future quilters. I would hate to think that this beautiful and unique pattern would disappear forever. Hoping for good news from the designers!

  9. Kathy Bahn

    So glad you were able to locate the pattern for the “Buzz Saw” quilt. It is truly a beauty and
    so perfect for Christmas in the red & white! I think I would also do it in the R&W.
    I so enjoy reading your posts – you certainly never have a dull day!!
    Have a Blessed Christmas & thanks for all you share with us.

  10. Sue

    Beautiful Buzz Saw or Feathered Circles quilt, Mary. Just Love your red and white combo. I think the books are now all gone or I just wasn’t at the right spot.
    I don’t think I made a comment on how really lovely all you Christmas quilts are…in fact, all your decorations and your ability to make everything so pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Kaye Kingsbury

    I saw an obit for “Barbara Schaffeld, Oregon” dated April 2017. Hope you are successful in locating the pattern for those of us who missed out on a book. Thanks for continuing to inspire us.

  12. Beth

    Thank you so much for tracking down this pattern. I saved the picture for another day in hopes of trying to figure it out at some point.

    I will happily await your update on this pattern.

    Happy Holidays

  13. Ann Barlament

    I remember their first book, I must not have known they had a book two, back then. All the books are gone, guess I’ll check to see if the library has it.

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