More Christmas

You didn’t really think that was all of it, did you? Haha! Here’s some more – lots of pictures, not many words.

This white Cinderella pumpkin was Connie’s and she gave it to Reed and me for seed next year – it’s still too perfect to cut up.

I forgot to show you the two dogs I added to Millie’s nativity.

I bought this green wooden box yesterday to put greens in – years ago we would have slapped a punchneedle project on it.

Small kitchen tree with ornaments!

One tall spruce top in an olive bucket.

This pillow used to be my Christmas sweater.

A tiny tabletop tree.

A few more Christmas wall quilts.

And a few more red and white quilts still on top of the cupboard.

Emma made this Christmas ball for me about 40 years ago – I love it!

Another red and white runner.

Close ups.

Still looking for the buzz saw quilt directions.

Even the Christmas cactus is ready.

And of course, Hazel closes the program for today.

48 thoughts on “More Christmas

  1. Dianne H.

    Hi Mary,
    Your Christmas decorations are so pretty. I especially like all of the beautiful red and white quilts and the Nativity scenes. I’m curious about your Christmas sweater pillow. It’s so cute. I have two Christmas sweaters that I want to make into pillows, but I’m afraid to start on the project. Are there any tricks or hints to know about before I start? I would appreciate any information that you could pass along. Thank you. I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  2. Cynthia Arneson

    Mary, I love how you decorate your house…wish we were neighbors, I’d have you help me! 🙂 Your home is sooooo beautiful and cozy! I love, love, love that red and white circle looking quilt! Hopefully, you will find the pattern and will sell us all a copy! Merry Christmas!

  3. Cheryl Moroz

    Mary, thank you so much for sharing your lovely Christmas decorating & home. I love it all … the animals, plants, decorations & quilts. The star of wonder quilt is lovely in it’s simplicity. I’ve not seen it before. Thank you for the emails, a gift all year long. Merry Christmas!

  4. Wendy

    What a treat to see all of your beautiful and lovingly made decorations. It makes me feel so peaceful to look at them. Thank you for sharing your home and all your furry friends with all of us!

  5. Linda

    What a lovely home…..When I was little my parents always told me that at midnight on Christmas Eve the animals could talk….Thanks for sharing your decorating…..

  6. Paula

    Love love love all your trees and decorations and all the QUILTS!!!! I am waiting too for the buzz saw pattern. Thanks for all you do for us. Paula in KY

  7. Diane M

    I really like all your pictures. I need to find a small dog figurine to add to my Nativity. I hope my Christmas cactus bloom as well as yours. I bought kitten chow today and noticed the Purina label on the bag. Do you still collect the labels for your humane society? If so, I’ll start saving them fore you.

  8. maxine lesline

    What an interesting blog today… your quilts have always appealed to me… and the red/ white quilts seem properly festive.

  9. Dorothy

    Your decorating is so inviting. Do you have guests over for a special time? Love seeing Hazel. She looks like a figurine. Merry Christmas to you Mary.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Dorothy – I don’t invite guests because I have too many animals and they all ADORE new people! They are pests and gravitate towards my guests! I do everyone a favor by not inviting them to my home. Believe me, I know of what I speak – ha!

  10. Sara Reynolds

    I just love all your Christmas decorating! It makes me feel good just looking at all the pictures! Spectacular!

  11. mary hawk

    ooh, I have a whole stack of red and white fabrics stashed, maybe that would be a good pattern for them. The quilt from a distance is so much more striking than the block up close, in my opinion. merry Christmas, Mary.

  12. Felicia Hamlin

    You really have an eye for decorating, Mary. It is great to see it all, but maybe you still have some more for tomorrow? I wouldn’t be surprised.

  13. Colleen

    Thank you for sharing your home with me and everyone else. From the buzz saw close up it looks like it was made with a log cabin technique with the red and white logs placed just so.

    Like everyone I’d like to see the pattern

    Hazel is so darn cute she looks like she is sneaking up on the cat.

    We have had small dogs and cats at the same time and I can say it is an interesting balance they work out each animal has his/her own way and place in your heart ❤️

    Now we have only one cat she made it very clear that she wanted to be an only so my husband and I decided we would not add any new animals to our home while she was still with us
    Well she is the last animal standing having out lived 2 small dogs and another cat.
    We think she is 12-15 years old and is 95% indoor cat she lays out in the yard on the days she chooses for an hour or so. She has us trained to let her in and out and when to brush her and when she is ready for her canned food. Being the only pet with 2 adults she does get what she wants when she wants it
    Lucky for her we are real home bodies and are reasonably smart so she was able to train us rather quickly

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Colleen – I think you sound like a perfect cat owner – willing to be trained – ha!

  14. Becky from IA

    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your great items and I just love the way you display everything!!!! Love the dogs in the Nativity scene nice touch.

  15. Sandy Pierson

    Beautiful Mary. Is the star of wonder quilt a Country Threads Pattern? I love it.

  16. Carol Berry

    Thank you for sharing your Christmas house! I’ve enjoyed the tour. I, too, add extra figures to the Nativity scene: so far, an alpaca, corgi, bunny rabbit, horse, kitten, elephant and giraffe have come to see the baby Jesus. Merriest of Christmases!

  17. Nikki Mahaffey

    Photos put me in the Christmas spirit, Thank You for sharing. One question when you get the time, the Nativity it one of your patterns and if not by chance do you remember whose pattern it is?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki – made so many years ago I don’t remember. Not a Country Threads pattern – maybe a reader will recognize it.

  18. Ann Barlament

    Thankyou for the close-up of the buzz saw, got my mind in a sewing mood. Already have it figured out.

    Your Christmas cactus is gorgeous! We had one that was Wayne’s grandmother’s and over 70 years old.

  19. Sue Davis

    Hi Mary,
    I want to come live at your house!!❤️
    And I didn’t realize how tiny Miss Hazel was until she was next to your kitty. She is to precious.
    No snow at our house😪, but can you believe it went all the way to Houston and Corpus?
    I have to text about my sheep, this will be their first experience with snow. They are in Wooster OH .
    Enjoy your quiet time in your manger, the stillness is our Lords love.
    Sue Davis, Argyle ,Tx

  20. Diane Cannon

    Oh yes–I remember the ‘tin punch’ days and classes–that was a fun craft–you could ‘pound’ out your frustration on the tin!!! and stenciling was big about that time!! thanks for the memories!
    love all your decorations–your home looks so peace–
    enjoy the moments. di

  21. Bobbie Woodruff

    Mary, I just love your home. And Hazel is such a cute bugger. Lots of mischief but a sweetheart.. I love all the red and white quilts. I’m going to get busy on the things I have working and then do some red and white. They are gorgeous. Have a Very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

  22. Diane

    Yippee!! I knew you had more:) All of the red and white quilts are beautiful. I have the O Holy Night kit just waiting for me to start it. I know, I’ve had it a while–oops. My favorite part is the you added dogs to the nativity. Of course, they should be there. Love it. I think my Christmas cactus is almost 100 years old. It blooms now and then. Blessings to you for all of the joy you bring to your blog group:)

  23. Gail Lockington

    Love it all. Christmas sweater/pillow and dogs in the manger are good ideas too!

  24. Marilyn

    I feel like a child…. looking a lot like Christmas. All the wonderful decorations, trees , wall hangings, quilts……So very lovely. Thank you for sharing. Splendid! Merry Christmas

  25. Carolyn Boutilier

    Mary, thanks for sharing. Love all the pictures. we have 2 inches of snow here in the Shenandoah Valley VA. Carolyn B

  26. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Wow! That is what I call Christmas decorating! It looks fabulous, Mary!

  27. mary jane

    thanks once again Mary for putting us all in the Christmas mood. I want to come to your comfy abode and just look and sit and relax…..So many of us have gotten to a place in our lives where we don’t have our own homes anymore, an apt. now or smaller quarters and/or live alone. But it is still important to add the twinkle lights, the red plants, candles and items that brings us along to the holiday.
    How fun it was to bring out all the old decorations and add a few new items more every year. But now I get to go to my childrens homes and see a lot of them in a different surrounding and love it.
    I so look forward to seeing your home and others decorated up in their finery …. MJ from WI

  28. Patty McDonald

    Thank you for the close up of the Buzz Saw quilt. Also, I didn’t realize how small Hazel is until the picture of her next to the cat. She is so cute!

  29. Susan

    Just beautiful, Mary! It’s beginning to feel like Christmas. A little snow is falling today here in Ohio. My small Christmas cactus has also begun to bloom. I am baking Communion for my church today and my dogs are snoozing on their quilts. Peace to you, your husband and all the critters on this quiet Saturday.

  30. Lori

    Just lovely. I need to make more Christmas quilts. Would you be willing to trade some pumpkin seeds with me. That is a lovely white pumpkin. I have some that are red/orange, but the same shape as your white one.

  31. Donna

    Love them all but especially the pillow made from your sweater. You are so talented with a great heart. Wish you were my neighbor. Our love for people really overflows at this time of year. I wish you and all the creatures you care for a very merry and blessed CHRISTMAS. When I was a little farm girl back in the 30s, my parents on Christmas Eve would tell us the Christmas story and take us out at night to see all the animals laying down awaiting the birth of the Child. This was in Kansas and they would show us the Christmas star. To this day it is one of my favorite Christmas memories. Hope you aren’t to bored with my story but had to tell you how much I look forward to reading your adventures each day.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Donna – every Christmas Eve – late, after everyone has gone home, I go to the barn where the radio is playing Christmas carols and all my animals are comfy . It feels like my very own personal nativity!

  32. diane matthews

    LOVE seeing how you have Christmas’d your whole house. And of course, the animals are the best. I have been baking, which is what I do at holiday time. Since my kids have moved away, no one comes to Grandma’s house, I go to theirs. One person traveling is way better than four and five and six. So I don’t have a tree but do have lots of candles and Santas and reindeer. And Christmas quilts on the beds and a runner or two. That’s about it. Thanks for the photos.

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