Cat Nap


I loved this fabric called Cat Nap, $10.98 per yard and I like to make small quilts for my cats to lay on in an easy chair. This one measures 30″ x 40″ and would also be a cute toddler quilt. What do you think? Kit is $39.95.
Thanks to everyone who has or will sign the petition against the woman who starved a puppy in her basement. It was sent out as an email newsletter this morning. Thanks to all of you! Together we can put her out of the “rescue” business.

8 thoughts on “Cat Nap

  1. MartyCae

    What a cute quilt! Do you have to pay royalties to the model on the quilt? 🙂

  2. Robin Rauk

    I would sign the petition but I did not recieve anything
    I certainly hope this did not happen in Iowa..
    Love love the cat fabric

  3. Diane Meyer

    A lady here in Wisconsin had her house foreclosed . She left the house, abandoning her dog inside to freeze and die of starvation. I just don’t understand people!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Was she charged with any animal cruelty? I can’t stand to think about that poor, poor dog!

  4. Jane Dumler

    Having rescue a starved dog in November I can tell you they are so great flu and wonderful pets. Minnie is soooo happy now.

  5. Linda Lutz

    I’d love to sign the petition! How do I get it? I didn’t receive an e-mail.

  6. Carmen

    I love that you make small quilts for your cats to lay on! They like to be cozy, just like us. My husband was working outside and got warm. He put his fleece jacket on the back porch, and cat was so happy to have a soft place to lounge!!

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