Cold Days = Sewing Days! 1-20-24

More sewing today while watching all the ballgames. Got this simple little baby quilt done – more of those 1-1/2” squares!

I’m not sure it got above zero today – my frequent trips to the barn have been reduced mainly because I get so worried about Hazel who insists on going along yet can’t make it back to the house on her own.

When I come across boxes of scraps like these, I just want to see what I can make with them! I’ve been working on Bitcoin – slowly. Here is the first one I made.

Notice Greta peeking out from the cat tree

FluffyBun is happily living in the quilt shop – by herself. I try to work out there for part of the day to keep her company.

Reader photos – Points of Interest included:

Diane’s new place

This is how my day went –

Hope this goes thru – 22 photos is pushing my luck!

60 thoughts on “Cold Days = Sewing Days! 1-20-24

  1. Pat in Michigan

    Thanks for the information on your chairs in your new home. Very interesting. Our son lived in Evergreen for 14 years, so the chairs definitely have the mountain vibe.
    Very nice. Enjoy your new space and have fun decorating.

  2. Judy - Michigan

    All was good with the pictures. ! loved the baby quilt and think I will do one too.

  3. Jackie in NY

    Awesome photos today!! I love the J wall of course! So many neat points of interest!! The roosters, be still my heart!

  4. Deb E

    Love the way you end your posts with a mini quilt and decorative show – it’s all a feast for the eyes! Thank you for such a lovely blog! It’s not too cold outside (just outside Sacramento, CA), but we had the biggest downpour yesterday afternoon that my hubby & I have ever seen. Went out in the middle of it to check the end of the french drain (out front, to the street) we finished installation on last summer. The pipe was FULL and gushing out a river of water from the backyard. Everything working perfectly! What a relief and we are so thankful we put all that work in — we would have had a flooded house several times over with all the rains the last year or so. SO looking forward the total knee replacement that happens the end of next month. After recovery I will be doing short trips and walking like crazy again.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Deb E – I remember the pain prior to my knee replacements – you’ll be so happy when you’ve completed therapy and all. My legs definitely changed however – my very strong calf muscles disappeared – my leg just doesn’t operate like it used to. But I suppose that’s to be expected. Thanks for being a blog reader!

  5. Pat in AZ

    This has been so great peaking in others special places. So many talented people!
    The wee cowboy is adorable and the roosters are so pretty. Always fun to see the cats. Wish I lived closer because I would take Fluffybun in a heartbeat.
    All of the quilts shared today are so pretty. Mary, you are a quilting machine!
    The red feathered star is stunning! I would never attempt one so have to live vicariously by admiring other people’s.
    Pat in drizzling dripping Arizona

  6. Betty Klosterman

    It is almost noon on Sunday and the outdoor thermometer says 52 degrees – above zero!!!!! The snow and ice is melting like mad. No, spring hasn’t sprung yet, but there is hope. Supposed to be like this all week. Nice as the Stock Show starts on Thursday.

    Diane, your new home looks so neat. No dust, no piles of fabric….. There is hope for your new home.
    Fluffy Bun is such a beautiful cat. And the roosters. Do they have names?

    My queen size bed is the largest, uncluttered space in the house and it is easier to use than crawling on the floor my knees. I always lay the quilt and binding out to check where the seams will land. It is a pain, but not as bad as seams in the corners. It would be my luck to end with a seam on every corner.

    And thank you, everybody, for sharing your homes and your treasures. And how come other peoples scraps look better than ours? Take care. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Diane In Colorado

      Haha. Betty! I just didn’t send photos of the messes and piles of fabric! Believe me, they are there!! With 2 Goldens, I have to vacuum daily, but there is always Golden Glitter around, too!!

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – what? 52 degrees???? I cannot wait! The roosters belong to a reader – I hope she answers. I’ll bet your scraps are pretty fun, Betty! Maybe we should do a scrap swap – hmmmm – ooh, this could be an idea!

  7. Marie C

    Lovely pictures today. I love looking at all of them. Especially like the sampler wall. All the pictures have inspired me to get some unframed pictures framed and onto the walls.

  8. Cindy K

    As usual, loving the blog and photos of all the talent out there. Granddaughter is coming today to make fabric baskets for storing her doll clothes in. Should be a fun day. Cindy K-Ks

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Please Cindy send Mary a picture of your baskets. I’d love to see an idea for storing doll clothes. This sounds like such an adorable project to do together. Remember I didn’t grow up and still have my Barbies so love my dolls.
      Thank you!

  9. Viv in Idaho

    I have enjoyed seeing the photos of all the things your readers love!!! The quilts and animals are all beautiful. I think I am coming out of my sewing slump- have a quilt on the long arm and am actually making progress on it🙂.

  10. Sherry Whalen

    Great photos! And the binding corner? Just one? I’ve managed to have 3 corners in one quilt….that was an extra special day. With the bathroom remodel being mostly done, we bought flooring for our entry way so I think that is on the agenda for today, moving the stuff that is in the space, my plants, the treadmill, boots etc. Yesterday, I finished putting together Indigo Way – Bonnie Hunter’s mystery. Now to get the time to put it on the long arm. I hope to have it ready to take on our road trip south to bind while the passenger navigator.

    I am looking forward to a bit of warmer temps – we walk 2 miles every morning and even though it was 9 degrees above zero today – the 25mph south wind really sucked the nice out of the day. I think it felt colder than yesterday morning when it was still below zero when we walked. At least the sun is shining!

    Sherry from Kasson MN

  11. Pat in Michigan

    So interesting to see all the wonderful sketches of the lives of your readers. The baby quilt is great, so upbeat and colorful. I too was wondering about FluffyBun. Glad to see she is attached to you and stays inside.

    Diane, your new home looks lovely. I especially am interested in your cane chairs, the rocker with the snowshoe weave is very interesting. Tell us about it, please. Cold here in Michigan, but the sun is coming out

    1. Diane in Colorado

      Pat, the chairs (one is a rocker and one is stationary) are unmarked, but as my memory serves me, I believe were made by the Sherpa Snowshoe Co that made the old wooden style of snowshoes. I used to manage a backpacking shop in Fort Collins (Adventure Outfitters), and these chairs were on display there and were used by customers being fitted for hiking boots. One of the other employees bought the store sometime in the 90’s and I eventually ended up with the furniture when he liquidated as we had a mountain cabin in those days. I haven’t used them in years, but they are kind of fun, aren’t they?

    2. Diane in Colorado

      My mistake! Vermont Tubbs is who made the chairs. I just did a search on eBay and several are listed.

  12. Mareen

    Mary just love that there is someone peeking out of the cat tree in your photo of you couch quilt picture. Also the beautiful rooster picture. Stay warm.

  13. Diane In Colorado

    Mary, I absolutely love your baby quilt! Some small human is going to be beautifully blessed by that colorful fun!!

    The mini rancher is adorable!!

    My Grands stopped by for a little visit yesterday, so my heart got all filled up! I had put together the baby cradle my Dad had made for Jenica many years ago and I put it in the kids’ room. Laurel walked in and immediately knew that was “her” room and wondered if the cradle was for Graham to sleep in. I explained that no, it was for dolls. She immediately put the Llama (Llama, Llama Red Pajama Llama) in there and then turned to me and asked for a blanket for him. She chose one of the many quilts hanging in the closet and promptly tucked him in! Oh! And the cutest thing—as they got out of the car, it was clear there had been some conversation about me being Justin’s Mom. Apparently, Laurel wasn’t believing it, because you know, I’m Grandma, not Mom. Justin was encouraging her to ask me about it. She was being a bit hesitant, but as soon as she came around the back of the car and saw me, she ran into my arms and gave me a big hug. And then she looked at me and asked, “Grandma, Daddy says you are his Mom. Are you?” When I said yes, you could see the little gears grinding and then she figured it out and just smiled so big! So cute. ❤️ I love being present to some of their learning as they begin to figure out their worlds!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – oh my gosh, what a sweet story!!! Write it down and start a diary of sorts for her with little stories like that – or trust me, when you get older you’ll forget them!!! How fun for you to have them visit your new digs. Did you see the question about your rocker?

      1. Diane in Colorado

        Yes, I do keep track of “Laurelisms” and have started a scrapbook of out time together as a place to keep all of the stories. I want her to know how much I always treasured our time together and how much she is loved.

        I’ll answer the question about the chairs down where it is as asked 😁

  14. Kathy Hanson

    WOW! what a lot of beautiful things! Yes, cold weather surely does mean quilt all day if you can! You get so much done! I am working on a project that I will send a picture of when it is done! Had to take time out to make Taco Soup but beside taking care of Penny etc. I did do some piecing. We watch some of the games too but not all, and I had church last evening (I usually go to 5 15 mass at my church on Saturday evening ) so I will be back to working on the quilt today !

  15. Kathy in western NY

    Looking forward to the warmer temps in 30’s & 40’s here this week. My lists are getting longer of some errands to do!
    The baby quilt is so neat! What an original way to give bright colors and make do with what you have on hand. The embroidery samplers are what caught my eye. So exquisite.
    Welcome Home Diane in Colorado. It has to be relaxing now for you and have a clean slate to decorate. It’s very nice.
    Alway enjoy seeing Fluffy Bun safe and cozy. We have some large critter tracks in our snow this morning but deer can’t get in our fenced area for dogs so must be a fox? Hazel’s paws must be getting more sensitive to the cold so good thing you watch her carefully in cold weather.
    Onto church this morning and gosh thinking of all those brave Bills and KC fans braving the cold here today for their big match up. I’m sure people are wondering if Taylor will be flying in to support her man.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – I’ll be watching the game – I couldn’t sit there in that cold like those fans. I have no idea who’s favored but these playoff games are usually very good. Last night the Packers and 49ers game was very exciting.

      1. Launa Peters

        Mary, My husband is a 49er fan….me too, but I favor the Raiders.
        Hope I can send Lu a Valentine. Have one ready to mail to Esther n Fluffy in Feb!

    2. Diane in Colorado

      Thank you so much!! Yes, it’s wonderful to finally be able to truly settle in. Living in limbo for 7 months was a stretch for me! I’m looking forward to getting some things on the walls, but will take my time with that part.

  16. Joyce from NY

    Love your baby quilt Mary, your bitcoin, I’ll have to try one someday! It’s 15 degrees here this morning, snowing & blustery!!
    I want to thank all for commenting on my granddaughter’s accomplishment. It’s a good thing she broke the record last week because she tore her ACL in the 2nd quarter of this Friday night’s game. Thankfully I wasn’t there, I don’t go to the away games. Her dad called me after the game 😢 Charli is taking it better than the rest of us. She has to go for an MRI this week to see how much damage & go from there! They did win the game!

  17. Margie from northwest Ohio

    Great pics! Your quilt is very cute, but didn’t you freeze taking the picture? Currently I am working on a quilted project folder for cross stitch. One is for Christmas. If I don’t start early, I get so stressed when it gets close and I have nothing made. Have 3 drawstring bags finished for my knitters and crocheters except the drawstring. Heat wave here also, going to get to 22. We have so much sidewalk to clean, but can’t until warmer. The town plow shoved the snow from the street right up on the sidewalk and it is ice. Hopefully this week we might get it cleaned. Stay safe and warm.

    1. Barbara Yarnell

      I would love to see photos of your cross stitch folder and knitting project bags. Please share!

  18. Fran

    Great photos! Enjoyed seeing them all.

    I am leaving in the morning for a retreat for a week. Log Cabin in Elk Horn, IA, if anyone is curious. It’s about a hr from where I live. Hope the weather permits. We moved it up one day because of impending weather Tuesday. I have enough to keep me busy if we get snowed in longer.

    Fran SW Iowa

  19. Jill Klop

    Hi! I’ve been away visiting my parents. Why is it so hard to come home and get back into the swing of things? I love the baby quilt. I remember when you made the first Bitcoin. One of these days I might try that one!

  20. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Centrla Ohio

    To those of you who put your location on, thank you:) I like to know where the other COLD weather is!
    Love all of the neat combinations of embroidery, knick knacks, and beautiful collages. I look back at all of these often.
    I agree, your baby quilt is so colorful , Mary. And, all of the other quilts will be welcome additions to anyone’s home. I need to try a bitcoin and a postage stamp someday.
    Stay warm everyone. It is going tobe 24* here today–WOW!

  21. Linda in MI

    All of the pictures came through to the frozen north and they were fun to see. The colorful rooster reminds me of my sweet little Robbie, he was the most loveable rooster I have had. Fluffybun reminds me of Rita that I had for a couple of months until I found her a wonderful home and new mom. She had to be an only kitty because she is now flourishing in her new house, not hiding away from everyone like she did here with my cats and dogs.

    Stay warm. I think we are going to have a heat wave and a couple of rare days with sun. It’s supposed to get to the low 20s so kids will probably get out shorts.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda in MI – I so wish I could find Fluffybun a new home as an only cat. She loves me so much and I would rather sew and be in the house instead of the shop but I feel so bad for her. I walk out there many times a day in this cold plus I heat it for my comfort – yikes.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Arlene – Afraid? No, just mean! She was in the house awhile back and it was going ok but then I rescued the kitties and thought they could all keep each other company in the shop – but she attacked them and hurt Gracie to the tune of $176 vet bill. She just needs to be an only cat – she’s just as lovely as she can be when I’m in the shop with her. Maybe she’s just so insecure that she attacks other cats …. But I won’t risk it.

          1. Arlene

            For whatever reason, sometimes they attack another smaller or timid roommate. I had a friend who had adopted two cattle dogs at the same time, (both coming out of the same foster home.) They weren’t from the same litter, different ages too. The larger female started to go after a smaller female that Laura had in her home. It got pretty nasty and many vet bills later $$$$ she had to give “Sugar” to another family who had no other pets. She would go after Miss Ellie for no reason at all. Laura has had 4-5 cattle dogs most of the time in her “pack” and they have all lived together. She has fostered many dogs and brought them into her pack with no issues. It was just this pup who couldn’t be around other dogs. It was hard on Laura to give her up…..

          2. Mary Etherington Post author

            Arlene – this happened to me years ago when I rescued a golden doodle – she attacked Telly repeatedly and I didn’t think it was right to ask someone else to take an aggressive dog. I had to have her euthanized – one of the worst days of my life.

  22. Paula S.

    I love seeing all of the pictures, especially the sewing rooms! Mine doesn’t look good at all, so you won’t be seeing a picture of it. Ha!

  23. Marcia

    Love the baby quilt. The favorite spot pictures are so interesting to see. Sewed here yesterday to keep busy and warm.
    Going w/ my daughter and granddaughter today to the Columbus Metropolitan of Art exhibit of quilts. There is also a Legos exhibit.

  24. MaureenHP

    The baby quilt is great. I’m finding that I like making a quilt that isn’t “babyish” for newborns. It’s below zero most nights and some recent days we’ve hardly broken zero during the day. We joke about 15⁰ being a heat wave!

  25. Sharon Eshlaman

    Absolutely gorgeous and inspiring! You made my day once again with your blog about nothing❤️

  26. Barbara Yarnell

    Thanks for the update on FluffyBun, I’ve been wondering about her. The baby quilt would be a good way to use up some of those tiny squares I’ve been cutting off when I pair the Bitcoin strips. I’m just wondering how on earth I ended up with so many green strips? I’m going to have to put back some of these green strips and cut more blue, I think.

  27. San

    Soo many pretty pictures. Let’s start with the baby quilt! Love the simplicity, the bright colors, and the fact you were brave enough to go outside to take the picture. Our high was around 24 today. No way I was going out.

    All of the pretty framed themes were inspiring. Some folks have a great knack for collages of all types.

    The wee farmer, be still my heart. The saddled horses in the background complete the priceless picture.
    Oh, and I really , really like the bitcoin quilt. It’s a show stopper.

    Thanks for sharing Mary. Stay warm. San / Gypsy Quilter

  28. Sandy

    Hi Mary, the photos made it all the wag to new Zealand, love the 2nd rooster,he is so colorful! Fluffybuna looks settled in the quilt shop, is Greta in the house now? Diane’s new place looks lovely, and great collection photos too. Who are the little boy and his? Dad, looks like they are on a farm. A warm day fan going most of the day and maybe overnight. Your little 16 patch quilt looks perfect Mary! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  29. patti

    is cold for us here in florida, supposed to be low 30s before morning. but…in the 70-80s next weekend. talk about freaky weather. love all the pictures. got them all. glad fluffybun has found a spot for herself. the quilts are wonderful. i’m closing in on a finish of the ‘sew many squares top.’ should have a top by tomorrow sometime, only a few seams left. yeah! then to decide on borders or not. patti in florida – love diane’s new place. will try to take photo of my current sewing area but it is a ‘worked in’ place – not necessarily neat.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patti – I’ve shown you my sewing room and it’s not neat BUT I produce lots of quilts there – it’s not supposed to be neat.

    2. Diane in Colorado

      Thank you!! I have some further decorating to do—need to get something on the walls, but I want to take my time and do it right ❤️

  30. Jo in Wyoming

    I got all 22 wonderful pictures. Love everybody’s stuff.
    Diane, so glad you have a permanent home. It looks great

    I had 7 deer come by this morning. I watched Loretta and one become friends! She barked at them, then one came over to see what all the fuss was about. What a beautiful gift I had today.

    Big game tomorrow…”Go Pokes”

    1. Vicki Ibarra

      I agree, what a gift! Moments like this bring wonder and peace. Three years ago, a “herd” of 7 deer walked down our road in the dead of winter. Snow was piled high on the road edges, so that road offered easier walking for them. I had never seen 7 deer together at one time before that. Thanks for sharing. Loretta had a special moment, too.

    2. Diane In Colorado

      Thank you, Jo! It’s lovely to finally be getting settled in one place again.

      1. Arlene

        Where in Colorado have you moved to Diane? There are many quilt shops, groups, Featherweight fans etc…I live in Littleton. Hope you are getting settled. Where did you move from? Very hard to move in the winter but usually Colorado winters have nice sunny days!

  31. Dee from Shell Rock

    Pictures came thru to Shell Rock. Makes me feel good so many people love things that also make my heart sing. Yeah it’s cold here but better tomorrow. Even better on Monday, the contractor will be here to replace the back door that’s shuts but leaks real air. The start of some fun renovations happening in 2024 for my place. I’m ready! Take care,

  32. Nancy Schulz

    No issues with your 22 pictures…made it to CA. always happy to see your posts of everyone’s life & talents.

  33. Carolyn Boutilier

    No Pictures. cold here also 21 high and wind. tonight 8 degrees.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley va

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carolyn – what? No pictures? Don’t you usually get them? Would you send me an email so I’ll have yours in my system?

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