Colton Amid the Chaos


Yesterday when I had 8 dogs here, I tried to accomplish some small jobs that have been waiting like blocking this needlepoint dog pillow top that I purchased at a flea market years ago. Of course the photos tell the story, don’t they? Blocked so perfectly and who decides to take a nap on top? Colton, of course.
Susannah is the same but surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday. We are awaiting test results for Tammy – if she is feline leukemia positive, she will be have to be euthanized to save all the rest of my cats. I will hug her goodbye if that happens and be very sad but I know the outcome of feline leukemia and I will pray the others have not been in close contact with Tammy.
Seems quiet around here today without Biscuit, Sassy and Marty but I was very tired last night so this will be an easier day for me. I actually got lots of sewing done yesterday and will show you soon. I have my Pokeberry quilt together but I want to add some hand applique berries like Jan’s.
A big “HI” to shop employees at Touch of Amish in the Chicago area – Connie shopped there yesterday and I can’t wait to see what she bought. At this rate she’ll have to start shopping for me, too, since I can’t get away.
Have a great Friday everybody!!

10 thoughts on “Colton Amid the Chaos

  1. Holly

    So sad about Tammy. Have you had her long? I somehow got the impression you were caring for her for a friend, but that’s obviously not the case.

  2. VA Mann

    Colton is just a little cutie! Hope things turn out ok with Tammy but totally understand if she tests positive. Will be sad. So enjoy hearing your progress on your numerous projects!

  3. Penny C

    Colton was just helping with the blocking!!! Lol The feline Leukemia is a bad situation, hope it is not the case for Tammy. My Sister had a Ferrell cat with one kitten she was trying to help. Turned out the mother had to be put down because she had the Leukemia. There was several worrisome months but it turned out the kitten did not have it!!! He is a thriving fun happy cat today!!! I know you are concerned about Susannah but the surgery will go well and she can get out of being sick all the time and be her happy self again!!!

  4. Carole

    Colton is just showing you his version of the proper way to take care of dogs – tack them to a board and sit on them!

    Prayers for Susannah and Tammy … and you, too. Being a caregiver to anyone and anything is heart- wrenching at times and the most wonderful thing at other times.

  5. Sally Dunn

    No possibility of finding Tammy another home without other cats? Awwwww…….A Touch of Amish– love that place! Was just there when I visited my sister who lives in Chicago– I always make her take me! Sadly my sister just moved to Ohio so those days are over! Rats!

  6. Rose Mikulski

    Carole’s comment echoes mine exactly–Colton is letting you know how he feels about dogs and yes to big prayers for Susannah and Tammy and you. Happiness and heartbreaks are definitely two of life’s constants. I’ll be thinking of everyone. P.S. Can’t believe Connie was at Touch of Amish, I’m only 30 minutes away.

  7. Launa

    Hi Mary,
    Hoping you hear good Tammy cat news. Prayers for her and Susannah.
    The much needed rain is heading this way…first the wind has really picked up and that’s a positive sign. Hope we get more than the predicted 1/2″. Doesn’t sound like much, but we need MORE!!

    Snoopy me checked Touch of Amish shop online…….am hoping you will show what Connie brings you.

    Dog kisses and licks are arriving here about 4 PM as it’s mowing time before the rain. Have to keep the Grands in cash for their work. Youngest got an award for 7th grade honor roll last night.

    Colton looked cozy. I bet Marty had the time of his life with the other dogs yesterday!


    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Launa – I really enjoy hearing about your days with the grands and the dogs. Hope you get the rain you need!

  8. Beth L.

    I am so sorry to learn about Tammy. We lost two cats to that hideous disease and decided to not have any more cats until they had a shot for it. Thankfully my vet called the minute it because available and so we are now fully back into cats. Three at the moment. What a joy it was to know we didn’t have to worry about that any more.

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