Saturday Blabber

Here is my abbreviated Pokeberry Quilt – I am now going to add some berries. I love it – I wish I had completed all the blocks. Too late now.

Here are those blocks I found in a bag – this will make a nice tabletopper next Halloween.

This small quilt was made for a relative who wanted to preserve a grandmother’s comforter by reusing the black print fabric in the center.

Zippers have always intimidated me so I am determined to make these small zippered bags for gifts. I’ve been finding some great vintage color metal zippers for .25 each at the thrift store.

Remember the dog quilt I made using Jan’s layout? Here it is hanging in my porch.


Jo and Kelli’s book is now available — Country Girl Modern arrived in my mailbox last week and even though this is not Jo’s favorite quilt, I am going to make Puddle Duck first. I know she’ll be surprised when she reads that. Do you read her blog, Jo’s Country Junction? I know you’d enjoy it.
Marty has been nearly comatose since he spent the day here on Thursday. Of course, it took all 7 dogs to keep up with him, taking turns running and rolling so it’s not surprising that he’s been a little tired since he went home. Ann asked about being the new dog — Marty accepted the challenge with gusto. I supervise very closely so there are no “incidents” among the pack.
If a dog shows any sign of aggression, they stay in the kennel and probably would not be allowed to stay here again. I just can’t take the risk.
Here it is, Saturday night already – a night of college basketball coming up!

11 thoughts on “Saturday Blabber

  1. Paula S.

    I enjoy your blog and all of the great pictures. I’m glad you’re having fun experimenting with fabrics and zippers. Zippers just take some practice so hang in there. And I want to thank you for introducing me to Jo’s blog. It is fun to read and I will be ordering her book soon. Enjoy your Saturday!

  2. Sue Dietz

    Love your blabber! Yeah for ISU’s win today over Texas. (I’m an ISU alum.) Your productivity is just amazing. With all the dogs you still managed to sew so many pieces. You are an inspriation.

    Please keep telling us about your life on the farm. You will never know how much I love it.

    Sue Dietz
    East Tennessee

  3. Diane

    Your quilts are wonderful. Love how you use all different blocks that come out looking great. 48 degrees in central Ohio.

  4. Linda Zanatta

    I just watched a great tutorial on zippered pouches on YouTube by MSQC. I think it might take some of the challenge out of working with zippers. Good Luck and I enjoy your blog!

  5. Launa

    Evening Mary,
    I read Jo’s Country Junction among a few other blogs. Enjoyed seeing your “quilt show” and the small zippered purse photo. Jan has the Pokeberry book still available on her site.
    Had a hearty laugh about Marty and how exhausted he was from playing with his new dog friends. I thought he’d wear himself out playing like a new boy in day care.
    Did some sewing myself today as I finished the February Snowman Heart block from Anne Sutton’s Free BOM and got the 6 Hugs and 6 Kisses 2 1/2″ finished blocks pieced for Temecula’s free sew along and hemmed a pair of casual slacks for one of my “Grands”. Had a little cold dog nose on my ankles a few times when the Grand-dog came to the sewing room a few times to check on me. She’s had a busy day herself and will “conk out” about 8 PM.
    We’ve had a few light rain showers off and on today…need more for the drought.
    Love the 9 pinwheel blocks you have sewn together and plan to add a Halloween themed border to later. Reminded me I need to start sewing the orange and black narrow strips I’d cut for pineapple blocks from Betsy C’s new book. So many projects to do. Bernina has had a busy day for sure!

  6. Ann Barlament

    Sounds like Marty will look forward to staying with you again!!

    We had a Black Lab and took care of a Rottweiler German Shepard mix – when the RGS started growling I shouted – NO GROWLING ALLOWED!! The dogs & my boyfriend jumped!! LOL

    Love all your wonderful projects!! You give me inspiration to sew again…

  7. Nancy G.

    Hi Mary, I love reading your’Blabber’. You inspire me to keep plugging away at my UFO’s! I especially like the snowball table topper you showed a couple weeks ago. I purchased the red/cream one from your shop and actually finished it! One of my favorites!
    I also read Jo’ Country Junction. I really like her book recommendations and reviews. Where can we get their new book?
    I have question for you… I need to get ahold of Buggy Barn gals ( I know they retired as well). I have tried without success. If you have contact info, would you please email with it? I have copyright question/permission I need to speak with them about.
    Last time I was at your shop with friends, right before you closed, you were kind enough to give us a tour of your home. It was so much fun and great memories!
    Thank you so much!

  8. Carolyn

    Love seeing your finished quilts hung on your walls? How do you hang them, they are so smooth and flat to the wall. Hope you always keep posting, love the dog stories and the quilting motivation!

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