Tammy Is Home!

Tammy tested negative for feline leukemia and her fever is gone and she is eating again so she got to come home. I am so relieved and its a good thing I took her picture in the carrier because the minute I opened the door, she shot upstairs! One worry gone – now it’s just Susannah I’m so concerned about and I will keep you posted after the surgery on Wednesday. I told the office girls that I didn’t think I could sit in their waiting room during the surgery so I’ll drive home and then go back to see her. She is going to recuperate in the old notions room where it’s warm, clean and close to the house so I can check her often. It will also give me a chance to clean her pen in the barn.
I can hear Tammy upstairs walking around and sharpening her claws on the carpet – what a comforting sound!

26 thoughts on “Tammy Is Home!

  1. Penny C

    Yeah for Tammy!! So glad she tested negative and is happy to be home!!! Susannah will be in great hands with her Angel “Mary” taking care of her! xoxoxo

  2. Ann Barlament

    One problem solved…..I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for Wednesday’s upcoming surgery!

  3. Launa

    Such good news about Tammy! We have much to be thankful for with her health news. Poor Susannah has such a comfy spot to return to this week…….sending good thoughts and prayers for you both.

  4. Donna O

    Such good news for you and Tammy. Pray for the best for Susanna and a speedy recovery. Tammy looks to be telling you “I want out”!

  5. Julie

    That is wonderful news about Tammy! I’m sure she is so happy to be home! Now hoping that surgery goes well for Susannah so she can recover in comfort. Hoping all is well soon!

  6. Mary C.

    Congratulations, that has to be a big relief. I’ll be thinking of Susannah on Wed, hope things go well and she’s back home soon.

  7. Cathy

    So glad to hear about Tammy! That is an awful thing to have to do a ‘wait and see’ on. Will send good thoughts for Savannah & a prayer or too won’t hurt either.

  8. Dee W

    Good new today for sure. Maybe you need a nanny cam for Susannah so you can keep an eye on her from the house. You could just stream it on your computer. My sister had rotator cuff surgery and is at my niece’s guest house and they set up the nanny cam so they could check on her without waking her up. We will think good thoughts for her for sure. Hugs.

  9. Rose Mikulski

    Great news to start the week. Praying and wishing Susannah’s surgery to be successful and then all will be well. Hope you recover from the stress and worries with some good serious sewing/creating.

  10. Angie Rowland

    She looks TICKED. So good to hear that it was just the flu and nothing serious. It is just hard when they can’t tell you what is going on. I will keep you and Suzzanna in my thoughts and prayers on Wednesday and as she ad YOU recover.

  11. Marilyn Morley

    So, that’s how Tammy felt about it, huh!! My vet used to say for my kitty to take his attitude and go home! Tammy seems to have the same attitude. Enjoy the good news give Susannah an extra hug.

  12. Paula S.

    So glad to hear the good news about Tammy! Now to pray for Susannah’s surgery and recovery…

  13. Peggy

    Thank goodness for this great bit of news. Would have been a bad scene otherwise. Hoping for good news about Susannah too!!

  14. Diane

    Hurrah!! Cute face. Met a woman today with 4 rescue cats and 2 rescue dogs. Sounds like you, Mary.

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