Susannah’s Special Quilt

In 2006 a customer by the name of Luanne Lindeman asked my permission to use the signature photo of Susannah for her class with Ruth McDowell and of course, I said yes. In 2011 she gifted the pieced top to me and I have been waiting to start quilting it and today is the day. Thinking of Susannah’s surgery tomorrow has prompted me to work on this quilt and since I really can’t hand quilt well, I will machine quilt it and be able to hang it very soon. Ruth McDowell’s work is amazing – she turns photographs into quilts – as you can see here.



Connie returned home from Chicago via Spring Green and Country Sampler. Luckily enough they were having a Valentine’s class and Connie joined them. Shown here are some of her purchases and the projects from the class. Sure looked fun!



Tammy is adjusting to life at home again – and being greeted by Ernie Joe Mauer. I don’t always sleep so well but when I think back over the past week, I realize I didn’t hurt so bad when I got up in the morning. This morning I hurt like crazy – I think I’ve discovered what causes that – Tammy slept beside me all night and I’m stiff and achey this morning. Uh oh, now what?

Here are the 2 big goldens – Lexie and Gipper who are here for about 3 weeks while their mom and dad spend time in Florida. Two more dogs arrive tonight and 2 more arrive Thursday night. Take a deep breath, Mary!

14 thoughts on “Susannah’s Special Quilt

  1. Elizabeth McDonald (catskill quilter)

    I wanted to mention that reading your posts have become one of the highlights of my day! They are so entertaining that I frequently share them with my hubbie, who also sews.

  2. Launa

    Luanne certainly did a nice job on Susannah’s photo quilt. I read recently for ease in hand quilting a small top….use FLANNEL rather than batt as it needles easier. Those fabrics are absolutely wonderful and the hearts class must have been fun.
    Thinking of you and Susannah.

  3. Connie

    I think you’re going to have to convince Tammy she needs to find a new place to sleep so you can wake up not so achy! I think the Susannah quilt is just as sweet as can be…. Susannah will love seeing it too. And lastly, you make me tired Mary when I read about all that you do and have going on…. do you take a break and have a short nap during the day??? 🙂

  4. Melody Lenart

    My thoughts will be with both you and Susannah as she has her surgery. Hopes that all will go well.

  5. Marie

    I really enjoy your pictures and notes. Thinking of Susannah tomorrow, hope all goes well.
    Love the goat top!!! Cats are a favorite of mine also.

  6. Ginny Jackson

    I had a cat who sometimes slept between my legs and not wanting to disturb him or being barely aware of his position there were mornings I could hardly get up. I liked it much better when he slept on my pillow.

  7. Diane

    Yes, Mary, it is Tammy. Squeak sleeps on my back and in order not to wake her up, I sleep like a pretzel. We put her fleece lined, batted basket in the basement and we all sleep Better!

  8. Carol

    My kitty LuluBelle used to sleep on my hip and I could barely walk! These critters and what we put up with! We’d probably shoo our kids off us before we would our kitties! Now LuluBelle cuddles at the pillow…which doesn’t help the allergies, but again, what we put up with from our critters!

  9. Linda Hanley

    I hope all goes well with Susannah’s surgery tomorrow. Please keep us informed. Linda

  10. Sue Davis

    Sounds like all cat families wake up with aches and pains. It takes an hour in the morning to work out the kinks. But, we never disturb the poor kitty. Also you can’t make the bed until the little darling wakes

  11. Sue Davis

    Your precious baby has a world of prayers with her as she goes into surgery. These will bring her home safely and well to you.

  12. Carole

    Rudy (AKA “such a good boy”) sleeps at the bottom corner of the bed. If he comes up by the pillow for some middle of the night lovin’ from Mama, he will return to his corner. Such a good boy.

    Praying for good health and a successful operation for Susannah.

  13. Dixie

    Good morning Miss Mary, you are one amazing lady with all that you do. No time to be gloomy in your house. Good for you. I loved the quilt with your precious goat. Hope all goes well for her.

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