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Bentley and Telly are finally taking a short rest but only just long enough for one photo. I am still under the weather and had to miss an important vote at church this morning. My cough is much better but I’m laying low.
About the goat quilt – I will work on the borders next week. Then comes writing the pattern, quilting the top, binding, photography, printing and more before it’s available. Yes, it will be a pattern, yes, it will be a kit and I’ll post it on the blog as soon as it’s ready. I am glad you like it! Yes, we’ll also bring it to Columbus in September,
All goats are facing one direction because I see mine do that all the time. If one turns to look at something, they all follow and all I have to do is look in the same direction to see what caught their attention in the first place.
The blue feathered star quilt in the background is an antique – very worn and tattered in places but I admire the quilting so much and I treasure that woman’s workmanship. I have no pattern.
Back to the couch to watch the Olympics!

5 thoughts on “Comments on Your Comments

  1. donna j

    Thanks for telling me that goats face the same direction. Now I have learned something new today.
    Feel better fast!

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