Goat sampler

Still working and reworking the goat quilt-trying to decide about a border now-what do you think?
Don’t forget that 100 new bolts are on sale starting today, the 15th, for $7/yd.
Harvey kits will be ready to ship next week – we’re waiting on fabric coming from Moda.
Snowing here today and I think I’m getting a cold so it’s the couch for me while I listen with one ear to the Olympics. Bentley is visiting for the weekend and he loves to go in and out the dog door repeatedly – he’s keeping an eye on the weather conditions, I think.

40 thoughts on “Goat sampler

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nancy Boyer – yes, it’s $10.00 which includes postage. Please indicate what you’re ordering.

  1. Laurie Keehn

    Is the Goat Sampler pattern still available? … I see that the quilt shop closed in 2014.. but then I saw the comment dated Dec 2016. I am in British Columbia, Canada.

    thanks Laurie

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Laurie – no, I’m sorry. It would cost too much to copy those big pages and send them to Canada.

      1. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

        Keep an eye on etsy and ebay (you can set up a ‘want’): The Goat Sampler pattern shows up fairly often.

  2. Teresa Krieger

    I would also like to purchase the goat pattern picture at the top of this page. Can I send $10 to Mary and still receive the pattern? I love it!
    Thanks, Teresa

  3. Linda

    How do I get your patterns? I realy want the goat pattern and the pumpkin pattern with the crow sitting on a pumpkin stem>>>>>>>

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda – do you know the pattern numbers? Send $10 per pattern to Mary Etherington, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA 50438. I have the originals and will make you a copy of each if you’re interested.

    2. Diana Slifka

      I am curious about where to see the pumpkin pattern with crow. I’m so lucky and already have the goat pattern and it is made.


  4. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,

    Love the quilt! I too would give it two borders: a narrow red one and a wider charcoal grey one, solid, not pieced except maybe cornerstones or stars at the corners…. I love that the goats are all looking in the same direction: I remember that from my childhood on the farm: if there was anything even remotely interesting or different happening nearby the goats would all stare and attract attention to it!

  5. melinda

    small red inner border, with dark ….black charcoal…outer border being wider. love the pattern.

  6. donna j

    Love the colors. Love the quilt. Yes, 2 borders. I would do a light narrower border and then a darker wider border on outside. Maybe cornerstones in border of the other color, if you chose black as wide border then do a red or grey corner. The only other change I would make is to have one of the goats going the opposite direction. Goats have their own minds. Looking at the quilt again, I would make the center goat’s background the white one. The top goat the grey one. Then do the narrow border in the white. Aren’t you sorry you asked for my opinion?! Be well! Would love to see pix of Bentley.

  7. Ann Whitaker

    I love the goats. Please let me know when this becomes available as a kit! I’m interested!

  8. Andrea Mitchell

    I am so looking forward to the goat quilt. My grandmother is turning 97 in May. She loved goats so much, but was unable to have any. I’d love to give her a modified dream come true, your goat quilt. Will it be sold in a kit or just by pattern? Either way, put me down! I’ll buy one for sure!

    Thank you,
    Andrea Mitchell

    1. Andrea Mitchell

      I think a narrow first border then add a pieced border to complete the quilt top.


  9. Judy

    Love the new pattern. The colors are perfect for my Buckeyes! Did you plan this for the Country Living Fair in Columbus, OH?? It will be a sell out in those colors!

  10. Susie

    I would be tempted to do a small charcoal inner border,then a piano key of scraps to match. I love it,I hope there is a kit.

  11. Ann Barlament

    Definitely borders and agree with previous suggestions. Charcoal or black inner border and red outer border works for me (and I’m not a Buckeye)!! 🙂

  12. Diane

    I think two borders, too. I’d like a dark charcoal small inner border, then the red outer border, but hey, I’m a Buckeye:)

  13. Nikki Mahaffey

    Look to your barn..geese..border in flying geese..it’s a natural..and remember spring will come..it always does..winter will end

  14. Launa

    Terrific quilt. The Brushed Cotton (black with red stripe) F2618 as narrow sashing and Primitive Rustic Collection 702 in Diamond Textiles’ 7021 as red textured border would be my two choices.
    Got up early here on west coast in time to see the USA -Russia hockey shoot out!
    Rest up and fight that cold bug!

  15. Mary Evans

    Love the goat quilt! I think a solid border…..I would probably go with a narrow tan, then a slightly wider red.

  16. Pam

    Really cute. I vote for a black inner border and red outer border. Love the blue feather star in the background. Is it new or antique. Is there maybe a pattern?

  17. mary rhodes

    Yes it needs 2 borders! Red one be nice. Then a pieced or solid one outside! Got cold too went some bug everyone catching in eastside of Cincinnati Ohio! Can’t wait for spring! Love to read about the animals there besides things going on at the shop!

  18. Rose Mikulski

    I absolutely love this quilt, especially the color way. I think a dark homespun plaid or windowpane print will be my style. I just placed an order for the new aged muslin (gray and blue) you have now. I love working with the tan colors, they work so well with all types of prints; I rather use these than just solids. Hope you’re feeling better, I’m just getting over my cold, it’s the weather. We supposed to have 50 degree weather late next week. (P.S., third quilt is now machine quilted–straight line quilting is just like cruising on your sewing machine)

  19. Cynthia

    First, I enjoy “Chicken Scratch” immensely!
    Secondly, my vote is for a border. Will this become a new pattern for purchase–because if it is, I’ll be purchasing!

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