Congratulations to Baylor! 4-6-21

The Zags ran into a buzz saw last night – the Baylor Bears scored 9 points before I could even look away from the tv! Don’t we all wonder how the December game would have turned out if it hadn’t been cancelled due to Covid. The Bears were big, strong and could rebound under the basket! It was a sad end to the Zags spectacular year at 31 – 1 but I can’t help but think that Baylor as #2 all season had something to prove – and they did!

So now what can I get interested in? Golf maybe? I don’t have the patience nor the desire to golf – in fact I hate participating in games of any kind. Weird, right? Maybe I should finish all those quilts I have in progress. Just a bit of yard work today – I overdid it yesterday and my old body is screaming at me this morning.

Becky stopped to see Hazel yesterday – and she brought toys!

This is Hazel’s “kiss”!

She was a happy doggie!

This is what’s on my design wall waiting to be sewn together.

And just one Dirty Dozen.

Just hearing about the Olympics on the news – will they happen? We can only hope so!

21 thoughts on “Congratulations to Baylor! 4-6-21

  1. Angie from Baltimore

    It was a great game!!!! I am the most unathletetic person ever BUT I LOVE watching British Football (soccer) and the Olympics I watch from opening ceremony to closing ceremony so hope it goes this year.
    Love the quilt on the board as well.

  2. Nikki M in Tx

    While not a big fan of watching sports on TV did watch ( & enjoy)watching the Baylor game !! Still sewing on those little houses from the Village pattern… tip for those making this pattern, I found that a charm pack ( 5 inch squares) plus a matching mini charm pack ( 2.5 inch) work great together to make body of house.. then just add door fabric & roof fabric. I am making body of house in one fabric… my preference.. my quilt, doing it my way..
    Projected to be in low 90s today & windy!! What happened to spring?? Hope to get to nursery sometime this week & get some hanging plants for porch, & while have no plans for a real garden did get two small raised beds built & will put out a couple of tomato plants , & a jalapeño plant, plus some herbs. Thought my rosemary bush was a casualty of the deep freeze but it survived. Going to check on an alpaca this afternoon… said no more large pets but we will see ….

  3. Kathy in western NY

    Good morning sunshine! It’s abundant here thank God. Yesterday my husband mowed and I washed out pieces of fabric that I was afraid would run if I used them and sure enough they did so I think they were hand dyed. I bought these pieces together in a bag from a friend who did a lot of wall art type creating.
    This morning news said of a local youth hockey tournament that resulted in 27 cases of covid. It’s tough with contact sports and stopping the spread. I know sports are suppose to make you more “well rounded “but I hope I turned out ok being on the yearbook committee!! Ha! I am not a competitive person which makes me thrilled seeing all the beautiful creations your readers share.

  4. Connie R.

    I love your work in progress and, the Bullseye Quilt is beautiful. Just shows that, no matter what colors or block layout you choose, the Bullseye quilt always turns out great.

  5. Kathy Hanson

    Have to give it to Baylor, they were spectacular! Felt bad for the Zags but Baylor came to play and play they did!!!
    Fun to see Becky with Hazel, they obviously are great fans of each other! I love the quilt you are ready to sew together! Looks like rain coming, we need it!

  6. Lisa in eastern Washington state

    Yep, I was so sad that the Zags lost. I missed the game as I was at a meeting. I too hate to play games of any kind, I’d rather have a root canal than play cards or board games. Have fun quilting, that’s my plan for the day as my husband and a buddy took our boat out to do some fishing! Having leftovers for dinner so I don’t even have to cook. Woo Hoo!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lisa in eastern Washington State – oh thank God I’m not the only one who would rather take a beating than play a card game! I do play some with Owen who is 4 but he’s my limit! Thanks, Lisa!

  7. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    I was cheering for the Zags, too. They played so hard the other night that I think they were just worn out.
    I am wondering if not being as competitive comes as we get older? I used to “have” to win as a kid, but eased up later in life. I can play or not play games; either way is fine. OK–OCD here. I have already started my DD list for July and I have finished only about half of this one. Just kept thinking, “Oh, I should finish that and that and that” so started my list for 2021-2022!! LOL
    I love Hazel’s “kisses” and she loves Becky for sure:) Very pretty Bullseye.
    Going to be 77 here today in Central Ohio. My sister in FL says we are warmer than they are.

  8. Diane Bauer

    Love the quilt on your design wall, especially the little pop of red in the sashing—perfect!!

    We’ve had 80’s the last two days but are expecting some sort of a cool down today. Spring is a roller coaster in Colorado!!

    I’m embroidering again today after finishing my April DD on Saturday—doing a moose in the Northern Lights for a moose-living friend!!

  9. Launa

    No new snow up in my part of Idaho, but some areas weren’t as fortunate. Sunshine is nice in 36o a near 11am!
    Your quilt in progress is appealing to me! I have projects cut so need to get to sewing room today.
    Heard the EMT scanner go off twice during the night and the two younger retired kids left to help!
    Congrats to Baylor….from this ZAG fan.

  10. Jo in Wyoming

    Winter is returning to Wyoming too!
    I watched about 5 minutes of the game. If I had a tv in my sewing room, I’m sure I would have seen more. They reminded my of the Harlem Globetrotters. Lots of tricks and quick passes. Very entertaining.
    Our home improvement stores are starting to stock outside products. It’s a coming’.

  11. Julie D.

    Felt a bit bad for Gonzaga after not losing a game all season long, but the Baylor Bears were ready for them from the get-go and they attacked at both ends. It was a good game to watch and I kept hoping Gonzaga would catch up, but it wasn’t meant to be!

  12. Mary D

    Mary the masters golf is this Saturday and Sunday it’s worth watching just to see the azaleas and the golf course it’s beautiful I love all the quilt everyone has been working on Glad to see Siri back again and hoping we get rain everything is so dry southeast Iowa

  13. Betty Klosterman

    We had a beautiful Easter. Most of family couldn’t come, but we enjoyed it anyway.
    I was an only child and was never athletic. I tried, but that was all I can say. As for watching sports, my limit is the Iditatrod and ice skating. Personally I think games should have a time limit and that is the end. AND the loser deserves credit, too, because if it wasn’t for them, they couldn’t have a winner. I know……just my feelings.
    Couldn’t figure out how to print out the free Village pattern, so the store odered it for me. Thanks Nikki in Texas for the hints. I’m making notes.
    We are supposed to have a storm thru tomorrow, but it hasn’t started yet for us. We will be above freezing and the ground is warm. The report said if we get snow it will be very heavy slush, heart attack stuff. In the meantime I should be busy with laundry and cleaning……. I’ll have to get busy.
    Take care everybody. I’m very leary that this part of COVID might be worse than the first. I’m still wearing a mask and only going out when necessary. It will pass someday…..
    Oh, the local fires are all out but the fire danger is extreme. Everybody is praying for rain or snow. All moisture is welcome.
    Betty in Rapid City

  14. Charlotte Shira

    I love the bullseye quilt and your quilt too. I worked a little on my bullseye yesterday. I have 3 projects going on at once….maybe I should just stick to one at a time. Just started my DD last week. I should just work on that one because it’s an easy one. Hazel is so cute!!

  15. Beverly from Ohio

    I was rooting for Baylor and they charged onto the floor determined to win and win they did! Congratulations Bears! That was some game. Zags should be proud also that they came that far undefeated. Looking at the glass half full – they came in second place.

  16. Wanda in W. TX

    Being a Baylor grad I’m thrilled that the Bears won. It was a very exciting game, and I am not even a basketball fan.

  17. Sandy

    Hi Mary, love little hazel, my bella not too good, has pancreatitis and having a ultra sound scan today, l am praying for a good outcome! Repairing a cat quilt made in 1998 for a lady at the rest home this week in between painting window sills,fortunately we are having good wishes to all, sandy

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