Connie’s Gardens

It’s early in the gardening season but things are looking good in Connie’s gardens.  Remember they bought the lot next door and she has added hundreds of new shrubs, perennials and bulbs.  Here are some pictures that don’t do it justice but enjoy the garden tour.

Connie is a Master Gardener and it shows!  Hazel went with me on the garden tour and she and Hope greeted each other like old friends.

My young friend, Reed, got two chicks last weekend.  He loves animals and two chicks are the perfect start for him.  The next time I need a hand in the barn, I’m going to call Reed.

I’ve tried very hard to get a picture of my little chick but all shots turn out as action shots – and very blurry!  He’s a mover!

He’s a little black speck in front of his mom.  I will keep trying for a photo.

Mama Kitty is no friendlier and I think those kittens should be getting out of the box soon.  Taming these 6 will require help from God!

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  1. Polly Perkins

    Beautiful garden tour. Thanks. That is a lot of work! Hang in there with the kittens. It takes a lot of patience. I found that when they start getting hungry for solid food, chicken is what I used to get them to like me. It was slow going but eventually I could touch them when I offered chicken.

  2. Kate

    You need to invite some little girls over to your house and have them just sit and pet the kittens. That is how I tamed the wild barn cats when I was growing up. I would just sit for hours petting the cat until it was so relaxed it never wanted me to stop. You are far too busy to take so much time. Get some girls!

  3. Colleen

    Thank you for sharing so much with me and your other followers.

    I think you will do fine with the momma and her babies. Just look how far you have come
    you had a male cat in the barn then boom her changed to a her and boom babies yes GOD has been right with you and will continue to be

  4. Julie P

    You are killing me with the kittens! Our first cat was taken out of a barn. We picked her because she was the one my son caught. She tamed up wonderfully and lived a nice long life with us. Our cat right now is so territorial. Strangers are not welcome at all. People are okay, but animals send her over the edge. Good luck with the kittens. They are adorable!

  5. Jo

    That garden is beautiful! Reed is a good looking helper. Miss Hazel Jane is a cutie.

  6. Sue Davis

    Hi Mary,
    Our Lord is helping you, he led momma kitty into the pen for you!
    So many suggestions, so I will put in my two cents, try putting a kennel in the pen, with a blanket or something in there, hook a string to the door and when the kittens are whined she might go in the kennel by herself and you pull the string to close the kennel door. Get her to the vet (don’t forget to have all those sharp nails trimmed) and then you will have one on one time with those babies. Good luck!!!
    I’ll send pics of my surgery which is two weeks from tomorrow. I’m so nervous but glad I made the decision. Your pics helped me.

  7. Martha Engstler

    Last evening the young man I pay to weed for me finished and we even threw in a few seeds. It looks beautiful and we were going to finish putting out the seeds this evening, so now it has rained all day with the forecast of two more days of rain. I know about April showers but not May RAIN. There are golfers out there on the golf course playing anyway. Crazy. Good luck with the kittens, they are sooooo dear, especially the black one. I’m looking forward to seeing your garden too.

  8. Mary Says Sew!

    What glorious pictures of Connie’s yard! This time of year is perfect in this part of the world.

    Mary, try putting another box or two in Mama Barn Cat’s “kitten jail” pen. You might be able to catch her out of the box and get to handle some kittens.

    I have fed neighborhood cats and kittens in a crate for a while, and then been able to close the door and catch them after a while.

    I have also successfully nabbed two of our not-really-tame garage cats by getting them in a corner, narrowing their escape routes with pieces of plywood or large boxes, and dropping a pillowcase or large mesh laundry bag ($1.47 at Walmart) on them, and carefully working them fully in it. I did wear a heavy coat, work gloves and eye protection, but these guys didn’t try to bite me. But they’d known me for years, were neutered males and obviously didn’t have kittens to protect!

    You might also try separating Mama from a kitten or two with a large piece of cardboard, collapsed box, small board or even the door from a crate, or some other kind of screen or shield.

    Good luck and keep us posted!

  9. Claudia Voorhees

    Connie’s gardens are beautiful !! ………..those HOSTA !! wow !!… I remember touring her garden a few years ago… and it just gets more beautiful.
    I am thinking that mamma cat will soon see that you are trying to help her.. and I bet you can tame those babies very quick.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  10. Diane

    Beautiful gardens, adorable dogs, cute Reed with chicks–good idea to have him help, and yes, do be careful. Once Squeak realized I was the food source and helpful, she calmed down, but her mother wasn’t in the picture. Good luck:) We’re helping out with a garage sale here this weekend of my friend’s quilting stash. 🙁

  11. Dorothy

    There is a very small window of time for “taming” new born feral kittens. Good luck & be careful

  12. Diane M

    Connie has done a wonderful job with her garden. I am waiting for the rain to quit, and we had frost again last Friday. Hazel and Hope make a cute pair. I think Reed would love to help you on the farm. The fourth grade at the school I sub at has baby chicks hatching. They will be given to 4H kids to raise as projects. Have a good day!

  13. Sue

    Thank you for the garden tour. I love garden tours and Connie’s gardens are gorgeous. Her hostas are beautiful and add so much. Hope you will tell her for me.
    Loved the photos of the two dogs playing and of Rick and his baby chick. Spring is everywhere.

    Mom cat looks quite ferocious in her box. Please be careful, like Kathy Hanson said.

  14. Kathy Hanson

    Connie’s gardens are beautiful! She worked hard on them and it shows.
    Do be careful about trying to handle a feral cat. Cat bites, especially on the hand, are dangerous and I know someone that spent time in the hospital to try to clear it up and needed some surgery as well. Use leather gloves if you try to get near. Be safe!
    Love your pictures and your blog – I would miss a one!!

  15. Ginney Camden

    I wonder if Mama cat is going to let her babies be tamed. Be careful. My good friend was just bitten very badly on both hands by her family cat while they were at the vet. She got all kinds of infection around her knuckles that required a visit to the ER. The new flower garden is beautiful.

  16. Debi Gilpin

    Oh – and Connies gardens are out of this world!! If I could only have one plant it would be hostas- hers are fabulous!!

  17. ANITA Fetzer

    Nope she doesn’t look a bit friendly but what a beauty she and her babies are. Good luck

  18. Debi Gilpin

    Mama cat has the same look on her face in every picture you get of her – “Back off lady!!!”. Hope you can at least tame the babies, so cute!!

  19. Ann Barlament

    Connie’s Hostas are absolutely gorgeous and I’m intrigued by the wood or metal sculpture (by back door) that looks like a spider web!!

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