Puppy Playtime at Petco

I took Hazel to Puppy Playtime this afternoon at Petco but we were the only ones who came out on this nice day.  The trainer said we’d just have a one on one time so she started throwing a toy that Hazel retrieved ….. until she got wound up.  And then she got excited and started barking and jumping.

So here’s how it went……

She jumped up and ripped my pants with her teeth!   At that point the trainer said to me, “Have you considered obedience class?”  Ha!  What could I say except , “Sign us up!”

I needed to stop at Walmart for some floor cleaner but I was afraid someone would film me and I’d be in that video about outrageous outfits worn at Walmart.  So the little piranha and I came straight home.

55 thoughts on “Puppy Playtime at Petco

  1. Paula

    Mary, I would like to see an update on your former employees and what they are doing now. I would think everyone would enjoy it. Thanks Paula in KY

  2. Beverly

    Hope you had on your good underwear LOL!! Hazel is just too cute! Think you should start writing a children’s book about “adventures with Hazel!”

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Beverly – yes, I could write an entire series about Hazel’s adventures and I would love to – just need a publisher and an illustrator!

  3. Sara Reynolds

    Too funny, Mary! Hazel is so cute that it would be impossible to be cross at her.

  4. Carolyn

    This s story and comments are really hard on the makeup today. I always we don’t laugh enough, but think you and Sweet Hazel have fixed that. You should put Doggie patches on those pantis and wear them to Puppy Training or maybe to her Graduation. Just glad it wasn’t the seat of your pants….there is always a blessing to count.

  5. Karen

    My imagination ran with you having to mend, patch and/or replace the Petco trainer’s pants until I read what you had written underneath the photo. Perhaps this pair needs to be your puppy kindergarten pants until the “piranha” graduates. At least that way you won’t have other pairs of pants suffering the same fate.

  6. jane boyer

    They call the “terriers” for a reason. We have a Jack Russell mix and he has been a great gopher killer. Not to mention how he destroys stuffed animals.

  7. Ann Barlament

    I’m thinking, better to have the rip in front than to have one in back!! Hahaha

  8. Julie

    Loved the piranha experience–I think you have referred to Hazel as a piranha before, but now we truly know why! When our mastiff was a pup, we took Pet Smart obedience classes–what a blessing! Always enjoy your posts–thanks for sharing Hazel adventures as well as those of your other “critters”!

  9. Claudia Voorhees

    oh dear……….. but I admit I did chuckle….. those little dogs and their little baby teeth….. LOL…
    She is such a dear….. I bet you just kissed her anyway.
    Thanks for a good chuckle on a Monday morning.

  10. Linda L

    So much damage for a little dog! We have adopted a new terrier mix and he does like to chew on everything. Getting wound up seems to bring out the biting in him too. We’ve been going to training but I don’t think he’ll pass the test so we may need to repeat! Hazards young, so I think you’ll have better luck.

  11. Jane

    Hazel says, “Right, I’m going to training class. Who am I going to train??”

  12. Susan Sundermeyer

    You know Mary, I haven’t seen any good 😊 emails going around with Walmart pictures in a long, long time! 😜

  13. Jean Slater

    I love obedience class. So did my Molly but when we got home she forgets everything she leaned unless there is a treat in my hand.

  14. Noel.

    Oh dear, I’m laughing so hard. Thank you for sharing this. Kids and little animals,eh? Sorry about the trous. though.

  15. Rose Mikulski

    Today’s post and comments are too funny! Yeah, these are the ones we can always share with our hubbies.

  16. Martha Engstler

    Hope the piranha only tore your pants and didn’t get to your skin. Those bites aren’t fun at all. Wise move not to go to Walmart.

  17. Pam Marion

    So love Hazel’s antics. She reminds me of our Jack Russell, Eddie. We enrolled him in training at our local Pet Smart pet store. He required a lot of reminders of who was the pack leader. Smart as could be, and lots of cute tricks. I love reading about Hazel.

  18. Sue

    Whoa!!! I would like to have seen your face when the rip came. Oh, Hazel. Maybe you do need obedience training. I have heard that it is really a good thing for dogs. And, for dog owners.
    Still laughing….

  19. Janet wolf

    Ha ha ha. This made me laugh just thinking about it. Pupping training will be a good experience. And you will have to report how it goes. Maybe take a ohotograpger with you!!!

  20. Brenda archambault

    The good, the bad, and the ugly! Aspects of raising a high maintence, rather spoiled and adored puppy. But she’s worth every minute of it. Surly you have some doggy fabric to patch the tear.
    What adventures will we have tomorrow?🐢

  21. Krisma

    You just have to love a terrier. Hazel and my Emma (a Kerry Blue) have much in common. They just make you happy. .

  22. Carolyn W.

    Oops! I am still laughing and the tears are rolling down my face. Other always said wear clean underwear and make sure they are also pretty. I am 64 and finally understand why….thanks Hazel for helping me finally learn why.πŸ˜‚ The Obediance instructor might also need to be forwarned of Hazel’s quick actions. Bless her little heart!….and yours too. I need a hanky to dry my eyes.

  23. ANITA Fetzer

    OMG that was o funny. Yes I can see you now in the Walmart video.

  24. Anne

    Ha ha.. you made me laugh out loud… I love it. You bring smiles to so many people πŸ’•

  25. mary margaret

    Omg! It’s funny yet Hazel gave you look that precious too! I hope u asked for tape(duct) to hold together till get home! Obedience classes for sure! She is a puppy that’s get too involved in play!

  26. Diane

    My husband and I are truly laughing out loud!!! Those pants appear to be shredded by the little piranha!! As a retired teacher, I’m glad she’s going to obedience classes–so funny. She’ll be the A plus student, I’m sure:)

  27. Carla

    What an experience – love hearing the adventures of Hazel. Did you know there is a dog training class in Britt it is listed in the continuing ed catalog from NIACC? Wonderful program calmed my lab down tremendously. Held outside and so close-just an option.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carla – who teaches this class and do I get info from NIACC office?

      1. Carla

        Her name is Linda F – she is/was the librarian in Britt. I think her husband is the vet in Britt. I signed up a few years back by calling NIACC continuing ed section.

  28. Marcella

    Oh Mary! I hope you had your good underwear on. I bet Rick looked a little puzzled when you got home. Your adventures amaze me! I did have to laugh at this one. You know this blog does keep us in stitches everyday. Stay safe and be careful of that cute piranha!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Marcella – when I got home and Rick asked me how it went, I just pulled up my shirt and showed him what was left of my pants! Yes, he laughed, too!

  29. Janie Lang

    Hazel is so cute…even when naughty! Of course, that’s easy for me to say! I can also relate to your guest with her kittens. Son found a mama with 4 babies tucked back in garage. Mama’s been hanging out in my yard for a long time. Must like it here!

  30. Nancy bryan

    I so enjoy reading your blog. What an adorable dog hazel is. I read this one to Bart cause it was funny. I love to laugh and this one made me laugh. Keep on blogging and I will keep on reading. Nancy

  31. Donna

    Oh my….that Hazel is a “piranha” Obedience may h what she needs. Glad you opted to skip Walmart…don’t want to see you on Walmart video. πŸ˜‰

  32. Angie Rowland

    You may have to change her name. Wise move to come home instead of walmart, you never know who is snapping pictures.
    She still is a cutie with VERY sharp teeth.

  33. Cynthia

    As terrible as this sounds, I can’t stop laughing! You are a gem, and always make my day! BTW, Little Hazel is such a pistol, God love her!

  34. Paula

    One of our quilters to her dog to obedience class for the week while she was in Paducah at the show. She said it was wonderful the change in just one week. Good idea. Paula in KY

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