This blog site crashed while I was posting – here’s the picture of the pumpkins for sale.


9 thoughts on “Crash!

  1. Diane

    Wow–Lots of pumpkins. Any idea what the “warty” ones are called? A guy in Michigan told me he “invented” them. I know, a sucker born every minute!! I bought one anyway and my son in law used the seeds for his pumpkins this year. He didn’t get many. He found that if he throws the pumpkins on his compost pile, they take root and grow much better than in the garden!!

  2. Carolyn Boutilier

    Sure wish I was there. Love the yellow pumpkins. hope to see pictures of the quilts for sale.
    Your pumpkin sale should be a great success.

  3. helen

    My husband kept bees while we lived in WV. We had about 5 hives in our yard. The garden was kind of small but we had upwards of 150+ sugar pumpkins. I gave most away to members of our church. I guess they shared them with friends/relatives. The following year I had people I didn’t know stopping by asking if I could sell them a couple of sugar pumpkins. (I guess word gets around).

  4. Launa

    Those look so wonderful and some would bake up yummy with a meat mixture inside. Wish I could come buy a few.
    Good to know about the moisture meters for succulents. Thanks for sharing about those.
    It’s a wonderful cooler morning here. Just a couple days and we’ll be heating back up a little bit, but no triple digits.

  5. Carolyn Barnett

    wow what a picture!! Still so hot in southern california, wish for a lovely cool night and day to remind me that autumn is coming. thanks for the blog and fun pictures, it made my day! carolyn barnett

  6. Cynthia

    Your pumpkins look great! Love the white pumpkins. I never see them around here for sale. Wish I lived closer! I would be there for Pumpkin Day! 🙂

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