Pumpkins In the House

   Love decorating with pumpkins!
Here are the pumpkins that will be for sale this Saturday, September 19-Pumpkin Day at Country Threads.

I picked up all the green pieces to put in storage for the winter and they looked beautiful grouped together in this plant stand.

Succulent Information

This is the key to growing nice succulents – a moisture meter.  The one on the right was given to me by my 

mom about 45 years ago – it’s taped together.  The one on the left,was purchased this year at Menard’s.

The top soil might feel dry but the bottom of the plant might show WET on the meter – no guessing. 

My succulents live outside in the summer on the south side of the house under two shade trees.  They like bright indirect light, not hot direct sun.  The cacti live on the southwest side of the house in direct sun which they like.

I did lose a 20 year old sea onion plant this summer due to heavy rain – my fault for not moving it but the rest of the succulents have been outside in the rain all summer.  When I move the plants into the house in a few weeks, I will treat them for bugs.

For more specific succulent questions, email me at marye@ncn.net

6 thoughts on “Pumpkins In the House

  1. Rose Mikulski

    Great info on the pumpkins and succulents but you know me, where there’s a quilt and kitties, that’s what gets my attention. What pattern is the quilt with the PB&J fabric, and Kitties, I may have some fabric leftover after GW. Is that Jackie on the right. P.S. We’re back and it’s good to be home.

  2. Julie Burkhardt

    This is the second year I have tried succulents .. I do not have any trouble keeping them alive…the squirrels enjoy them too much. Climb right up on the fireplace and munch away..they have stripped them clean.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Julie – I had no idea squirrels would eat succulents! You need a dog to keep the squirrels back!

      1. Julie Burkhardt

        We used to have dogs, but none now. We have tried everything to keep them under control with no luck. Besides the squirrel, the rabbits ate all the flowers on my geraniums. I had nothing but stems. We babysat with our daughter’s dog for 10 days. He got 5 rabbits while he was here..good hunter. My geraniums are now beautiful.

  3. Jane dumler

    What are you treating your plants with for bugs when you bring them in. I have a poinsettia that has been out all,summer and thriving and needs to come in. Thanks

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