Not once but twice – I just can’t face typing it all again tonight. Heater quit in barn – everything froze up, one dead hen. It’s just all getting to be too much to deal with. Sorry, Gals. I’ll try tomorrow.

40 thoughts on “Crashed!

  1. Donna O

    Mary I feel so bad you’re having these problems and to lose a hen. This winter has been brutal on your farm animals. My heart goes out to you Mary.

  2. Angie

    Hang in there we are all rooting for you. We will wait to hear from you but I can certainly understand your frustration.

  3. Louise K.

    I’m relieved! I read the title and thought, with all the bad weather you have, that it was a car crash! Take a blog break if you need it. We’ll wait.

  4. Ellie

    Oh Mary! I’m so sorry ! Wish I were close enough to lend a hand! This winter can’t end soon enough!

  5. Sharon Ernst

    Take a deep breath, Mary! We all have bad days & hard weeks! Yours has been especially hard. We’re all here for you! ♥️♥️

  6. Joyce

    So sorry Mary! Sometimes it seems so overwhelming.. Our neighbors st the lake heat their cabin. There’s a thermostat that alerts your phone when it gets below a certain temperature. Maybe this may work in your barn… either way… a big hug to you 💗

  7. Jeanie from sw Illinois

    So sorry you are having such a bad day, Mary. Winter is so hard on everything, but especially when you have farm animals. I hope things get better soon. Take Care.

  8. Susan Seiboth

    Oh Mary, so sorry you lost one of your well loved animals. You deal with such extreme weather, and provide a wonderful clean and cozy barn for all your farm pets. You work so hard to keep them healthy and happy. How frustrating when something that is supposed to keep them safe, fails. A situation out of your control. Will be praying for you!

  9. Dee T

    Mary — you work so hard , maybe too hard, for all this to happen to you. Take a break and say a prayer. I will say one for you also. Have two beers. This vortex has been terrible this year. I don’t remember it has been this bad and I have been around for many years.

  10. Pat Smith

    I’m heart sick you are having such a hard winter and such a hard time keeping all the animals safe. I often wonder how you manage it all. You are a tough one and I admire you and that toughness every day. I’m saying a prayer for a better day tomorrow. Feb. is half over— the only good news…

  11. Caryn Goulden

    Oh Mary, sending you big hugs. So sorry you’re having to deal with so many difficulties. It’s been a hard winter. Spring needs to hurry! ❤️🌷☀️🍺

  12. Diana

    Oh no! Sending prayers you are able to get things up and running and all is fine very soon. Thinking of you – it must be stressful.

  13. Karen Gaither

    Mary, I am so sorry that you are having to deal with such a bad winter. I can’t even imagine dealing with the temperatures y’all have had. We are total wimps in Texas and could not handle a winter like y’all have had in 2019!

  14. Rita Mulvey in CT

    Have a good cry take care of what you need to and don’t worry about the blog we all understand. We will be here when you get back, know that we are thinking of you and feel your pain. There will be many voices in prayer for you.

  15. Helen Jane (Texas)

    Hi Mary…I don’t know what to say as the winter and happenings are wearing on you. I’m not experiencing what you have been thru but I do care. We are all concerned. Please take a needed rest after the animals are seen to. Thanks for all your helpful ways…

  16. Chris Harrington

    I’m so sorry, Mary. It seems it never rains, that it pours. It’s sad about your poor chicken. Your winters seem brutal and having your heater go out was tragic. May tomorrow be a much brighter day. Wish there was something I could do to help. It’s like you’ve become my neighbor. Hugs~

  17. Diane Bauer

    Sending you prayers as you navigate this latest challenge. The weather has been so difficult and harsh. I’m so sorry you’ve lost a hen now on top of the geese you lost earlier.
    Prayers for relief—in gentler weather and less loss all around.

  18. Tammy Guerrero

    We have a barn with livestock, believe me sometimes in the winter when chores are sometimes unbearable I wonder why! But we love all those animals that need our care and love. Our barn does not have a heater, neither our chicken coop. The only heater is in the tack room where we lock our cats up at night. They have beds in there. Keep your head up, spring is on its way

  19. Arrowhead Gramma

    Sending prayers that tomorrow will be a better day. So sorry to hear of the passing of one of your dear hens. Stay strong and praying for better weather.

  20. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, so sad to hear about your hen. I know that you love your nd you take such good care of them, but there are times when we can’t help it if things go wrong. Sending you a big hug and hoping for better days for you and the animals.

  21. Jo in Wyoming

    Oh! Mary, I could say something about life and lemons…but not today.
    After all you went thru today, then to have your computer crash. What next?
    You need beer and popcorn. Enjoy a few minutes.

  22. Sandi Globus

    We are not your first priority. Your home and family are so important. We will still be here whenever you are able to return. Take care and remember, we love you!

  23. Nancy Wines

    Sounds like an awful crummy day. Sorry about your hen. Never easy to lose a pet. Hope tomorrow is better.

  24. Sue in Oregon

    So very sorry, Mary, about everything that is happening at your farm. Just terrible! As the others are saying, we will wait and be praying for you.

  25. Jean

    Mary, you are in my prayers. I know it has been a particularly tough time this winter…in many ways. Look to your blessings to help you persevere. We love you.
    -Jean <3

  26. Kathy in western NY

    We all wish we could be there Mary, that’s how much we love you and respect your hard work for your pets. I am so sorry you lost a hen. Years back I always wanted a horse when I came home from forming a 4-H horse club meeting and I think now at my age, I can barely manage getting two dogs outside in this harse winter weather. 31 days till spring !!!

  27. VA

    Mary, So very sorry for the loss of your chicken. It’s never easy losing a precious animal especially after the week you had of attending funerals. You are one of the strongest person I know. (We live vicariously on the farm thro you…don’t know if I could do what you do)… several have said after taking care of business have a good cry and sit down down with a beer or two. Hugs, love and prayers sent your way.

  28. VA Mann

    Mary, So very sorry for the loss of your chicken. It’s never easy losing a precious animal especially after the week you had of attending funerals. You are one of the strongest person I know. (We live vicariously on the farm thro you…don’t know if I could do what you do)… several have said after taking care of business have a good cry and sit down down with a beer or two. Hugs, love and prayers sent your way.

  29. Diane in Maryland

    Mary, life has been rough for you lately. Isn’t it just the final straw to have your blog crash not once but twice! Days, weeks, like you’ve had is when we all scream ‘give me a break’! Cold and snow is cruel for animals and those taking care of them. It’s not all sitting by the fire drinking hot chocolate for those of you with animals. I grew up in the south and seeing snow is just glorious to me… but I also look out at a big snow storm and think of farmers who are trying to keep farm lanes open so the milk truck can get in to get the milk. Years ago there were no cabs on tractors , many still don’t, and whomever got stuck with that job would have snow frozen on their face and spend hours fighting the weather. My husband grew up on a farm, was the youngest of 4 boys, so you know who got that job. There were times they had to dump all the milk on the ground because the milk truck couldn’t get to them. I’m sure many in your area have had to do this. But it will end soon! On February 2 I saw a daffodil blooming in Chestertown that was in a protected spot close to a building! Chestertown is our home town, very close to where we live. Day at a time. Hang in there. We hope it helps to know that we all wish we could help you!

  30. Launa

    ((((((((((((((((((((BIG HUG))))))))))))))))
    Sad to lose your hen n have such problems with winter! Too much snow here and minus degrees coming. Praying for a thaw!

  31. Anita Fetzer

    I’m sorry about your hen and the winter we are having, prayers for strength and an early Spring. GOD Bless

  32. Kris in Naperville

    Oh Mary… so sorry for all your difficulties…. do what you need to do and relax… we aren’t going anywhere and will be right here when you return… we will miss you, of course, but you know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder…. take good care of yourself and hopefully that barn heater will stop being a problem….

  33. Diane in Central Ohio

    We’re all concerned for you, Rick, your pets, and farm. Everybody has said it so well, so I’ll say, have a beer, put your feet up, read a book, watch some basketball, and tomorrow will be a better day. Hang in there; we are all rooting for you.

  34. Cheryl

    3 more books for February
    The Perfume Garden by K Lord Brown
    The Winter Guest by P Jenoff
    The Orphan Keeper by C Wright (a true story)

    Born in Albert Lea and still have family throughout Minn and Iowa so I keep up with the winter weather. This has to be the coldest in a very long time. I remember the blizzards. My mom and her 8 siblings and parents lived in a 2 story farmhouse. No heat. Draft coming through the outside walls. Outhouse of course.
    Take care. In love with Hazel!

  35. Becky from TX

    Oh no Mary…..that horrible!!!! You worked so hard you just want to throw everything out the window!!!

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