December 15?

Can it really be 10 days before Christmas? It’s 50 degrees and raining!

11 thoughts on “December 15?

  1. Launa

    Nearing noon here Mary,
    Our temperatures are a tad higher than yours and it should be raining a bit by evening here; suppose to be gentle showers that will soak into the soil. A good time to do some hand stitching and think about which UFO is next. Will have houseguests for a few days; both small grand-dogs while their owners are at Disneyland.
    Anyone else plan to watch the White House Christmas Tour this evening on HGTV channel? It’s also Monday night football.

  2. Diane

    Hi Mary–It’s 53 degrees here in central Ohio. I just took Squeak to the vet and it’s gorgeous out. This will warm your heart. Our vet has a cage in his office where there are often kitties ready for adoption–three of ours have come from him over the years. There is one there now that he saved from being euthanized because she needs to be in a single kitty home. I’ll bet if no one takes her, he will. He’s a sucker for kitties:)

  3. judy

    I am glad it is rain and not snow. I pray it stays this way until everyone traveling gets home safe and sound. Have a Happy and Merry Christmas. j

  4. Candee

    Same here in Chicago area. First time I took my Christmas packages to the post office with no coat. Thanks to Launa I’m recording White House Christmas tonight.

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