December Number,12-1-20

Here is your Dirty Dozen Number for December:

4. Four.

And here is our list up to date:

You have 31 days to complete your #4 and then send me a picture! Good Luck, Everybody!

7 thoughts on “December Number,12-1-20

  1. deborah Grisanti

    I love viewing all the dirty dozen, they are fabulous!! Is this open to anyone?? Thanks

  2. Jo in Wyoming

    Oh no! This is a reminder of what I haven’t gotten done this year!
    Mary, your so clever posting the months and numbers drawn.

    Yesterday, at the store, there was huge poinsettia plants. I got one for me and 4 of my neighbors. I delivered them and was shock at how far down hill 3 had gone. This year has really taken a toll on them. But, on the bright side, they all were happy and grateful to have some color to add to their homes. Early holidays cheer.
    We won’t be able to get together, but we will have some cheer.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – how sweet of you to buy and deliver poinsettias to your neighbors! We do need each other, don’t we? Maybe no one has checked on them much – if they’ve gone downhill I’m assuming they are elderly. They must have loved to see you coming!!

  3. Carla

    Arghhh….I ran out of the thread I needed for #1, so it will be late, but, #4 is a nearly done ufo so that’s good! This really has been motivating to me. Thanks so much!

  4. Kay

    Thanks, Mary! We just arrived in Tucson and I have made a new list of UFOs here. I haven’t seen some of these in 10 years or more and it was fun to pull them out. Excited to get started on them.

  5. Kathy in western NY

    Love how you made our ongoing list out. Clever girl. How nice Jo did brightening the days of her neighbors with poinsettias. It’s nice to actually see a person when we are all trying our best to be safe from others.
    Thank you again Mary for all the pictures you post of your readers who make time to complete their projects. It’s been our virtual quilt show from around the world on your blog. You put so much time and effort into bringing this blog to us to take our minds off all the crap we don’t like to think is going on, but is.

  6. Joy

    The November quilts are all beautiful! I am so happy you are gaining with Jo! Love this Iowa weather! The ten day forecast is looking great! Take care!

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