Devil’s Claw


And here is my finished Devil’s Claw quilt of only 16 blocks.  I couldn’t get 30 blocks (like the cover quilt) sewn before Connie left on the Civil War cruise this Saturday because this little quilt is “cruising”, too.  I hope all of you going on the cruise will have a super fun time in Connie’s class.  I know she is looking forward to it.

Here is a closeup and also a picture of my pots of grass — they are really growing. 


Whoops, I got an extra picture in there.

And here are all those little snippets left from trimming the connector squares.  Think I could make something with them? 

 And remember that beautiful cactus bloom from yesterday?  Here it is today – done!  I keep the pots of cactus plants in the southwest windows of the piano room and fertilize gently with a cactus fertilizer.  I’m not sure how to make them bloom – they just do now and then and it’s always exciting to me.  I wish I had a better answer for those of you who asked about them but I don’t.  The one with the pink bloom I bought a year ago at a garage sale for $1.00.  And the white bloom is on the  

 plant I called “cheerleader cactus” last summer if anyone remembers that double bloom.

Nice day here — finally—and NO WIND!!  Hallelujah!

19 thoughts on “Devil’s Claw

  1. Gail

    Mary, How wide apart are your quilting lines? I’d like to try that way of quilting some time. Love all the quilts you’ve been making since you retired and especially enjoyed your photos of the Civil War quilts all around your house. Very, very windy here the last 3 days, but today it’s sunny and no wind. Still chilly – 50˚. None of us are going to Paducah this year, but we went to Rosemont. Sure missed all of you!! It just wasn’t the same. And we didn’t think it was as crowded as usual. Lots of our other favorite vendors were missing, including Prize Possessions (the button bracelet booth). We really enjoyed the Red/white quilt display.


  2. Louise

    What a great little quilt. Mary please tell me is that a statue of a dog or the real thing?

  3. VA Mann

    Love your quilts. I too will also have to try your type of quilting…looks easy peasy that even I could do it! Lol. I find that I am cutting down the size of quilts I do for easier quilting. So enjoy all of your plant pics. I do believe I could even grow a bumper crop of grass ( not the smokin on) too! Lol

  4. Crystal Daniels

    Oh it turned out gorgeous….I love scrap quilts!!!! It’s so bright, colorful and cheery!!!

  5. MartyCae

    The devil’s claw is just darling! I can see it on your porch resting on a chair.

  6. Launa

    Mary, Are you calling this scrappy one “SAIL AWAY”? Enjoyed seeing it in different locations. Great to see Devil’s Claw in different style of fabrics. As for the little snips you could make small half square triangles or …..I placed some smaller snips between two sheets of SOLVY and just sewed and stitched them all over til all were secured to each other before setting the piece in water to dissolve the Solvy. Press dry and you have designed a collage piece of fabric that could be sewn into a matching toss pillow to go with the quilt.
    Enjoyed seeing your blooms……

  7. Holly

    Your quilt is stunning–very cheerful. It makes me smile just looking at it. I’m sure it will be a big inspiration to the quilters on the cruise. What a difference a day makes with your cactus bloom. The blooms were amazing. It’s no wonder you enjoy them so much.

  8. Michele

    Your quilting is wonderful. You could be sitting atop a walking horse and not see a mistake.

  9. Carole

    What a cheery Devil’s Claw! I save all the little scraps of fabric and batting (and thread too) to use for stuffing pet beds for the shelter (of course Rudy got the first one!). I use leftover quilt blocks or patchwork and then quilt the top for practice and to keep the snippets from getting lumpy. It works great and fluffs up just like an old feather pillow. Maybe some of your gang might like them too. It’s a nice way to add more quilts around the house.

  10. Ellie

    Your Devils Claw is beautiful! Have to add this to the bucket list! I love the quilts you’ve been making since you retired. The tour of your home with the quilts from your book was wonderful. Missed you and Connie at Rosemont this year. It’s just not the sme without you.

  11. Gwen Herbert

    I’d love to know what you do with those little snippets! I have plenty ; I start to throw them away but then change my mind so they are still on the shelf!
    Having just returned home to SW Iowa after wintering in southern Texas, I LOVE seeing your blooming cactus!I don’t have too many but plan on getting more.
    thanks for sharing all that you do….. Gwen

  12. Tammy Guerrero

    How do I find the Devils claw pattern? Which book is it in. I love hoe corfu your quilt I don’t. I’m a beginner quilter. What an inspiration!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      The Devils claw pattern can be found in the book Civil War Remembered by Connie Tesene and Mary Etherington. I would not consider this a beginner block however.

  13. brenda A in sunny AZ

    Why not send the snippets to the local pre-school, grammar school or retirement/care home with some glue sticks and let them create collages on copy paper. We don’t have to personally use each snippet as long as it goes some where (preferably out of sight!) and makes someone else happy.

    It’s cactus blooming time here in the desert. And predicted to be 100°F next week!

  14. Rose Mikulski

    Love this quilt! Straight line quilting is the best. Devil’s Claw such a great pattern to use with the bright prints and the civil war prints. The little snippets would work great with the gray squares to make more snowball blocks. These are great snippets!

  15. sandra

    I am working as fast as I can to finish my current project,so I can start a devil claw quilt.I really like the scrappy fabric used in your quilt.Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  16. Julie

    I love, love, love that quilt!!! What a great splash of color! I also can’t wait to see what you do with the little triangle pieces. I save all of mine as well, so I look forward to see what you create!!

  17. Andrea Mitchell

    I love the colors of fabric used in the quilt. I am probably one of the biggest fans of Civil War reproductions. I have so much that my husband told me not to buy anymore until I use some of
    what I already have. We know ways to get around that! HaHa!

    I am looking forward to the sale you are having in June. I am disabled and cannot drive, so I am homebound on the days that my husband works. (He does 6 am to 6 pm shifts). He finally put in for
    vacation so that we could come.

    I love your beautiful flowers. I am running out of windows for mine, so we puchased a small greenhouse that will fit on our deck. Once it is put together, I’ll have plenty of space for my orchids and African violets. Might even try some vegetables.

    Just a side note: I purchased a barn block from you more than five years ago. It still looks like it did the day I unpacked it.

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