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More practice but this time I’m practicing on the quilting machine.  This little quilt was a reject for the Pinterest Club.  I made it again in gray and yellow and if you were a member of the Pinterest Club you probably recall getting that packet in the mail.  Most of the practice involves putting the quilt on the frame which I have decided I hate but obviously it’s a necessary evil.  I don’t hate the actual stitching part.

This afternoon it is raining steadily, so it’s either read a book or load another quilt on the machine and since I don’t need practice reading, I am going to load a quilt that I made entirely out of shirts, even the back.  The pattern is a Bonnie Hunter pattern from her book Leaders and Enders.  Wish me luck!

11 thoughts on “More Practice

  1. Susan

    I didn’t like pinning, either. My husband always did it. Next time I get a longarm, I won’t have him around to take care of it, so I’ve investigated two other possiblilities: Red Snapper YouTube, available many places, and Leader Grips, much the same idea. There was another one which I saw at an AQS show last year and when I go back to Chattanooga this year, I’m going to investigate it further. I can’t find a website because I don’t have the name. The Red Snappers and Leader Grips are used by a lot of quilters and eliminate the pins, plus shorten the time to attach the quilts!

  2. Ann Barlament

    Someone used zippers to load quilts…..

    I would love to have a long arm…then maybe I would like that part of quilting.

  3. Maryann

    I don’t have a long arm but have watched people load them and I always thought there should be an easier way to load quilt tops. A friend of mine purchased an Innova long arm and she bought ‘Red Snappers’ to eliminate pinning or sewing the top to the leaders They work with any long arm I believe and she has a Youtube video to show how they work. This is the web site
    Hope it works for you The tedious part for me is the binding. I guess we all have our favorite parts.

  4. Susan

    I LOVE the colors in your quilt! And the straight line stitching really adds some punch!

  5. Mary C.

    It doesn’t look like a reject to me…I love the colors! Your quilting looks great too.

  6. Karen

    It is a “Happy” quilt, Mary!
    The Bonnie Hunter quilt of shirts from Leaders and Enders — which pattern? I was at my LQS today and actually picked up the book and thought about buying it but got sidetracked by a different “shiny new thing” and walked out without it! Bah! Will be several weeks before I can get back there —
    did manage to flip through it before I got distracted to see if I would actually make more than 1 or 2 quilts from it but then my brain flew … I should just break down and order the several books of hers I do not have — DO have her first one but haven’t made from it yet — busy trying to get my smaller versions of a couple of her mysteries done and sent out to be quilted … sure wish I had a longarm machine (and the space to set it up in!)

  7. Patrisha

    Love the quilt. The colors are great. Do you use spray or pins to baste your quilts before quilting?
    Thanks, Patrisha B

  8. Betty Klosterman

    Why is it we don’t “like” to do what we aren’t very good at? Practice, Practice, Practice. There is so much to do like getting the quilt straight, etc. on the longarms. I’ve been tying quilts for Project Warmth charity and they have to on the table straight, too. It looks like rain in Rapid City so we can hope as it is so very dry. We quilters always love ‘show and tell’ and we just never know when we will see something that will be just the answer for what we want to do. Keep the pictures and notes coming. Happy quilting everybody.

  9. Penny C

    I don’t think you need luck, because you did a great job on this beautiful quilt….but I wish you luck anyways!!! I need to get busy and complete a lot of my almost done quilts and you always inspire me. It is going to be a cool and rainy weekend here in the Northern Neck of VA!!! Will get some sewing done, hopefully!

  10. brenda A in sunny AZ

    And why was the quilt a reject? If it was the colors, I LOVE THEM!!!
    We are actually having a little rain and thunder here in the valley of the sun today. What a change from the usual sunshine, but we do need the moisture.

  11. Cathy

    I agree Mary! I have had a longarm machine for several years & that is still the worst part. Especially when I’m not paying attention, get it all on, then discover I have something, usually the backing, over the wrong bar! Grrrrrr!

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