End of the Season

Iowa State was defeated by Uconn tonight and so ends our exciting season of basketball. I have loved every minute of it!

6 thoughts on “End of the Season

  1. Julie Burkhardt

    Tough game for the Clones..but am so proud of their sportsmanship and cool, calm coach.

  2. Susan

    They never gave up-we watched here in Omaha and our son that graduated from ISU watched in CA-it was a good year for them and Creighton and Nebraska-

  3. Carolyn

    Congratulations for a great season, you have a lot to look forward to next season!

  4. Connie Olson

    So glad to see how well your Iowa State did! I am a basketball junkie and will just HATE it when the season is all over for another year. It’s been SO much fun!!

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