The Blue and the Gray — Fabric, that is!




Yes, we also have a book titled The Blue and The Gray but this fat quarter pack of aged muslins is what I’m referring to now. Seeing the blocks scattered on the table with a few white accessories is enough to set my vision in motion. I need lots more blocks but I don’t have time to make them all right now. The fat quarter pack sells for $20. The fabric is also online and sells for $6.49 and $6.98 per yard. It is such crisp fabric to work with and it presses beautifully. If you’re working with blues or grays, consider adding a couple of aged muslins.

2 thoughts on “The Blue and the Gray — Fabric, that is!

  1. Carrolyn Vidal

    How can I order a FQ pack of the muslins? Can’t find it on your website.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Go to fabric in shopping cart, click on aged muslins, top row about half way across.

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