Everyone Has Arrived!

First the 3 golden doodles arrived.  Elmer,  the old man of the 3, is the first dog I ever boarded for anyone several years ago and I fell in love with golden doodles.  His parents then got Ruby, a black doodle who had a litter of puppies and they kept the apricot colored puppy who is Lucy.  The 2 girls are inseparable and Elmer now takes life at a slower pace.  


Next the kids arrived – you met Jax when he visited one Monday morning a couple weeks ago and he brought his little pal Snickers.  I wish you could visit these guys in person!  Their little voices and their little jumps off the chair are too precious for words – maybe I could get a video?

Look at the dogs making their acquaintance!  As if to say, these are strange puppies!

And I have finished my low volume scrap vortex.  I learned this technique from Crazy Mom Quilts and there really is no pattern. It’s just a matter of sewing scraps together, straightening the edge and combining larger sections to the desired size.  Here are a few photos of an antique quilt top I purchased many years ago of an ultimate scrap vortex quilt.  Those ladies didn’t waste a piece of fabric, no matter how small.

Here is the antique quilt top that truly is a one of a kind “use it up” masterpiece!

Check out Crazy Mom’s online tutorial for making a scrap vortex quilt.

16 thoughts on “Everyone Has Arrived!

  1. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, I love those little kids, they are sweet. That plant is huge. I have a few geraniums blooming and that brightens my days.

    Have a nice week end, Felicia

  2. Connie

    After the first Scrap Vortex you made, I checked out the website! I can’t wait for time to start finding my scraps!! A fun and no pressure to “get it right”, quilt!!! So glad you showed us!!

  3. Rebecca H

    love seeing all the “kids” thanks for cute pictures of them. Your quilt looks great, love it too. Ok stay warm!

  4. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,

    Love your low volume scrap vortex- it looks amazing! And the antique top: as they say, there is nothing new under the sun! Enjoy the doodles and your other guests,

    Kind regards Fiona.

  5. Launa

    Afternoon Mary, Never a dull moment there with all the active “guests” you are entertaining; AM WISHING I WAS THERE, TOO!! The little kids, Jax and Snickers, are so precious.
    Thanks for the previous site for Scrap Vortex; yours is lovely.
    Is that a flowering Christmas cactus in the picture behind Ruby, the TABLE DANCER?

    1. Mary Etherington

      Launa – actually it’s a kalanchoe that’s growing in an old school desk. I can’t believe it’s going to bloom. Yes, Ruby – I turned my back and she was on the cutting table – ha!

  6. Michele

    Looks like all you need now is a ‘full’ Golden to go with all those Doodles!!! 🙂

  7. Carol

    Oh, nothing cuter than a little kid! Their eyes are soulful! The pups are pretty cute, too.

    Thanks for the scrap vortex info….seems like fun to sew with limited directions, just find what speaks to you and sew, sew, sew! I organized my scraps into three containers -light, medium, dark- last year, and am using them now in my “free quilt” pattern I bought from you last year.

    My husband and I switched up our diet two years ago March 1st…we are paleo (no alcohol, no dairy, no grains, no legumes, no sugar) … He lost over 20 pounds and I gained all his jeans! Such fun, that quilt, to make with scraps and denim! (I lost about 20 and hit a wall…and after a year the doctor figured it out…Hashimoto’s disease ….under active thyroid….) so now I go to this incredibly intensive daily High Intensity Interval Training gym, and lost about 33 more. So far. The doctors can’t treat this yet as my numbers for thyroid are so unstable….so I am healing myself! Or at least losing the excess baggage!

    Anyway, I guess you are feeling well and done with all those antibiotics. Or you are taking some other wonder drug that gives you more energy than I could hope to have!

  8. Diane

    All of those babies are so cute!! Is Ruby going to help you rotary cut? The goat babies are adorable. My favorite Nana quilt, other than my Grandmother’s Flower Garden she made, is a quilt within a quilt. The first one became worn so she put another one right on top. It’s so much fun that you share your boarders, your quilts, and your experiences with us, Mary.

  9. Marilyn Morley

    What darling company!!! I’m sure it is lots of work but looks like lots of fun from here!

  10. Pat Pratt

    AMAZING!!!! The animals and the quilts……. My granddaughters are getting two pigmey goats in the spring, can’t wait!!

  11. artie mack

    These days we think we are so smart and artsy with our improv quilts when our grandmothers who didn’t run to the nearest quilt store for the latest fabrics were making quilts that would rival anything being made today.

  12. Angie Rowland

    I love the quilt. It reminds me that they didn’t waste ANYTHING and yet they made beauty with it. My mother would use ANYTHING for batting and I mean anything. She would use an old quilt that had seen better days but the best was curtains from an old theater that she got at the Salvation Army. I can not even imagine how she was able to handle the bulk of the fabric but if it was free it was a GEM. The only problem was that to turnover you had to lift the quilt and turn over and then drop the quilt. No one went cold but you didn’t toss and turn when you had the quilt on you.

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