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It is very cold in North Iowa – as it probably is where you live as well.  Wind chill around 20 below on the first day of spring – very discouraging.

Another thing that’s discouraging is having carpenters and electricians still under foot.  The final coat of sealer is going on the concrete floor this morning and the last can lights are being installed.  You are undoubtedly sick and tired of me talking about this remodeling project but not as sick and tired as I am of living with it.  I have not quite 2 weeks before Rick has knee surgery to get the guest room emptied for him to use it.  This is so stressful, my sleep and aches and pains are affected.

Britney Brooks is helping me dust – Telly wants to help Britney – ha!  There is dirt everywhere in this house – every plate, picture, piece of clothing, rug, jewelry, chair and incidental! 

Here is the size of one bloom on the night blooming cereus plant – it’s getting close to opening, I think, and I will be there with my camera to document the event!

Lucky the duck came to live in the barn with the chickens last week.  His 2 companions were killed in a friend’s backyard and it would have been his turn next so he came here to live where it’s safe.  When the weather is better, he’ll get to go outside with the other birds that live here.

As I’m cleaning this filthy house, I’m sorting things out for the rummage sale next summer.  These old wool quilts are not good for much except the fabric in the top so I started to take one of them apart.  Inside is another quilt that is almost completely worn out but I’m determined to look at the old fabrics.  What a sweet surprise! 

Connie, Nina and Ben visited last Saturday and Ben was a happy baby that was not afraid of me.  I love babies that let me hold them!  Here he is with Grandma Connie.  Isn’t he cute?

Connie’s mother-in-law passed away this week at the age of 88 – she was a sweet lady who met Roy’s dad during the war and was married for over 60 years.  My sympathies to the Tesene family.

Time to go to work!

Mary E.

4 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Connie Blyler

    Oh Mary…. I can relate to all your comments about the dirt and the dust from remodeling… AND to the fact that you are SO ready to take your house back from the ‘remodelers’!!! Been there/done that. During a remodeling/adding on to our house in CA we had our hardwood floors refinished. They sealed off the areas not involved….. I would have hated to see what we would have found had they not done that. I ended up completely emptying, cleaning, painting(while the opportunity was there) every closet and room in the house whether it was involved in the actual remodel or not…. there was sawdust everywhere! Here’s to everything all finishing/coming together this week so you have a week’s breather before Rick’s surgery. Good Luck…

  2. Charlotte Barnard

    My prayers go out to Connie and Roy and their kids. I know they will miss this lovely lady very much. Baby Ben is a handsome boy and has Connie’s eyes!

  3. Nancy

    Just think…it’s almost over! Lucky the duck is certainly that! Good luck to your husband with his surgery. Hope the dust settles by then.

  4. Lael Koster

    no, i enjoy hearing about your remodeling, it’ll all be worth it when it’s all said and done. i’m hoping to see it this summer. connie’s ” little guy” sure is cute. can’t wait to see your flower when it opens. i have an old quilt too,not sure how old it is, i made the mistake of washing it but i’m hoping to repair it, anyway, it has some stains on it (from being on wood? or something) anyway my sister saw it, asked if it was a “period” stain so now the quilt is known as the “period quilt”. a cold start to spring, hopefully it won’t be long and it warms up a tad bit anyway. paul is getting antsy to get back to work (his part-time job)

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