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Here is the Telly story that exemplifies Farm News at its best!

Last Friday night after my bathroom floor installer left at 9pm (!) I was pretty “wound up” and knew I couldn’t go to sleep.  Rick was in the hospital in Rochester so it was just me and the dogs at home.  Finally about midnight I showered and got ready for bed, turned out all the lights downstairs and started counting dogs – yup, 2 missing and that would be Telly and Izzy.  I paced the floor and waited impatiently until Izzy finally came in.  No Telly!  I sat down in the porch area to wait, thinking she was possibly outside the fence again.  About 1 am Telly rounded the corner by the porch and came in the dog door which I immediately closed and headed up to bed.  I slept great that night, not even getting up to go to the bathroom – in fact, I didn’t wake up until almost 9 am Saturday morning.   Realizing how late it was, I jumped out of bed and walked around the corner and laying on the floor in the hallway was a gift from Telly – a dead RAT!!  Evidently she had it in her mouth the night before when she came in so late and the house was dark.  I didn’t see it in her mouth, nor did I think to even look.  What if I had stepped on it with my bare feet in the night?  Oh, I shudder to think!  I have not seen a rat on this property for over 20 years but Telly’s feet were very muddy telling me she dug that rat out of wherever he was hiding.  Oh, my heart nearly stopped when I saw it!  Telly is my only explanation – I do not think she found it in the house nor do I think the cats killed it.  I think Telly brought it in and I did not see it.  I called Rick in the hospital right away and he couldn’t believe it either.  Like I said, Farm News at its best!  Ha!

Thanks for all the get well wishes for Rick – he’s doing much better after a scare of infection in his knee incision.  The swelling has gone down and we are being extra diligent about keeping his leg elevated at all times.  I’m getting the hang of this nursing stuff.  My friend, Kathy, brought us a pizza last night which was the highlight of our day.  Today I’m going to get some work done – tomorrow is our Urban Farmhouse event and I want to be there to help – around my nursing duties, of course.


12 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Lani

    Hi Mary…had both knees replaced in the last two years…it hurts and it’s a pain to go thru, but well worth it in the long run. I’m sure your nursing skills are wonderful. Hang in there. Lani from Ventura CA not Ventura IA

  2. Amy

    Even the picture creeps me out! I would have probably screamed so loud they would have heard me in town. But I think the biggest news is you sleeping until 9am-didn’t think that was possible for you! Glad to hear Rick is doing well and good luck with the event this weekend-wish I could be there!

  3. Michele Greiman

    Yikes!!! If Bentley had delivered a “R” to me (with or without my knowledge), I’m pretty sure I would go into cardiac arrest.

  4. helen freese

    Many years ago we had this Siamese cat which we took camping with our 3 boys in our 15′ trailer. The cat was not happy being stuck in the trailer at nite so we tied him on a 50′ clothesline outside. In the morning he was all tangled up with the wheels, etc. but had placed a dozen mice he captured during his escapades the night before on our trailer steps. Best wishes to your hubby, who missed all the fun.

  5. Jean Elliott

    Ewwwww! When we used to live on a farm (my prior life with hubby #1) our cat brought us a similar gift (a mouse though) and left it on the step by our back door. My sister was visiting and when she walked out -barefoot of course- she stepped on it — needless to say she had to wash her legs off!!

    Glad Rick is doing well – I bet it’s hard for him to sit still. Maybe he could take up stitching!!

  6. Ann Barlament

    A similar thing happened to my girl-friend, only the object in her cats mouth was ALIVE! Now they “frisk” the cat before it comes into the house!! lol

    Maybe Rick can take up the position of “King of fat-quarter folding”?

  7. Vickie Ezell

    Many years ago we lived in Alabama in a rural neighborhood bordered by farmland. On my next door neighbor’s birthday my cat left her a snake on her front porch doormat — no head, no tail — just the middle. I love your stories and pictures of the farm!

  8. Charlotte

    Mary: I LOVE your Farm News stories! I caught two rats (on separate occasions) in glue traps in my city apartment, so I recognize this photo very well! And I share your shudder! Dear Telly: Must have been so proud to present this trophy to you! Glad to know Rick is on the mend, and thanks to your fine nursing. Wishing you both all the best.

  9. Lael Koster

    that rat is really gross but he’s not very big (which is a good thing, esp. if it’s the house- dead or not!!!!) we had a rat when we lived out in the country years ago, our house dog smelled it or heard it in the basement, think we trapped it, no problem after that. gee, we just saw in the osage paper that some place here in town, there’s rats in some house or garage (they never did give an address) bet your glad your hubby is home, take care of him, some day (if need be) he’ll take care of you. we had a lot of hail tues. night, lost our power for over 2 hrs. we’re still waiting for spring, looks like it’s farther away than they thought but guess you never know this time of year, huh???? we plan to go to clear lake sat. to the quilt show (it’s always a nice show, i like the bed turning) plus it’s my birthday so we’ll eat out somewhere special. good luck with rick’s recovery………..and getting settled in your new digs.

  10. Linda Lutz

    Hi Mary! I’m so glad to hear that Rick is home and recovering! Give him our best! A gift from Telly, how nice! Another thing I’m glad didn’t happen on MY watch! I miss you all! Was hoping to be there tomorrow but, alas, I have to work at the shop. Have fun! I sure hope to see you soon!

  11. Lynn Willis

    Country living is never dull. I had one of my springers that had such a good nose, when she wasn’t hunting in competition she would find anything she could to hunt, dig moles up out of the ground, she found mice that even my cats didn’t smell. And you can’t scold them, it’s what they’re bred for

  12. Moe Baly

    I have a rat story too! A city rat looking for a comfy place to sleep found it at the office where I work. He made his way into our conference room, slept in our sofa bed used for employees to lay down if necessary. We were due to have a big meeting so I went in the conference room to straighten. Noticed a quilt I keep on the couch was wadded into a ball so in the semi dark room I shook the quilt and placed it on the back of the couch, thinking an employee must have wadded up the quilt. When the meeting began and lights were on, someone noticed pellets on the floor, in the spot where I shook the quilt. Rat turds! Later we emptied the entire room looking for that rat who had wadded up the quilt, didn’t find him there but did find him in a bucket of water in the warehouse! Dead! Had to throw out the couch, no one would lay down on it, actually don’t think anyone has gone in the conference room to rest since that rat visited!

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