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It’s very warm today but I know the chilly temps are coming which means bringing in all my house plants.  Each one has to be cleaned and de-bugged before it comes in which means this is a huge job.  I loaded up the golf cart so I didn’t have to lug them all – Faye helped.  So did B.C. and Jackie supervised from above.  My elephant ear plant is just huge and I would like to bring it in as well but I don’t think it will thrive in the house.  I should just dig the bulb and keep it until next spring when I plant it again.



September weather brings pampas grass in bloom as well as this hydrangea shrub which lost several branches last May when we got that 12 inches of wet, heavy snow.  It doesn’t look like it harmed the shrub much, does it?  I like to cut some of these and dry them to put in my Christmas tree.


Rick’s tomatoes are covered with green fruit but today I found a ripe one – guess what I’m having for lunch?


Our UPS man brought us some exciting boxes today – red and white bolts from Minnick and Simpson’s Midwinter Reds collection and a collection from Heather Bailey with several Kaffe Fasset pieces thrown in.  No, this doesn’t look like us but isn’t it just beautiful?  Can’t wait to start sewing with this line.


Back to cleaning my plants!  Thanks for all your emails, comments, questions and condolences.  I sometimes forget how many people are reading my “blabber” – ha!


P.S.  We are giving away a charm pack and the Back to Charm Schoolbook from Country Threads on Facebook.  To register to win you need to share the post with your friends.  When we hit 2,000 likes we will pick a winner.

Edna Steiff’s Salad – ( I dare you to try this – I’m afraid to)

1-2-3 Salad

1 onion

2 dill pickles

3 apples


This ancient old recipe card was in my aunt’s collection of recipes – I cannot imagine what the story is behind this salad.


Just a Joke…

Q:   Did you hear about the cat that swallowed yarn?

A:   She had mittens!

11 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. marie

    It is amazing how many businesses think that everyone is on Facebook–you are now included in that list.

  2. Mary Evans

    Presumably you chop up those 3 ingredients pretty small….wow, you could make a sandwich. Actually, it sounds interesting!

  3. Michele Greiman

    Funny joke! Now if we can find one that starts like this:

    Q: Did you hear about the dog that swallowed socks?
    A: ????


    can you tell me how you planted your indoor plants outdoors? i sure would like to try that! and i love! love! love! the 2 new lines.. really want some of the new pastels!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Hi, Elaine! I just move all the indoor pots to a protected area during the summer months. I do not transfer the plants to the ground.

  5. Cathy Platzer

    I am so ready to come and see all the changes down there. I love your chicken scratch! Can’t wait till Tue.

  6. Linda

    Kaffe Fasett @ Country Threads??? This just proves you are never too old to change/think outside the box! Good for you!
    Can’t wait to see what you do with his fabric.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Yes, I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks! Am anxious to work with this fabric and give it our scrappy look. Dark fabrics are scarce and getting scarcer according to our fabric reps so we have to “adjust” our thinking. More on this later.

  7. LMK

    love the red/white fabric. also like the pampas frasss, i hope to plant some next year. we’ve had ripe tomatoes for a couple of weeks but they were slow too to ripen, we’ve made 2 batches of salsa, more will be ripe when paul gets back from fishing (over west) maybe cut them up and freeze them for chili, etc. this winter. also have a lot of yellow bell peppers to do something with. some pretty warm/humid days, then it cools off, i shut all the windows, no furnace yet (,oct. maybe but not sept.) pretty kitty and the carved goat is a real thoughtful gift. sorry to hear about miss sally.

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