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Here it is Thursday already again – how does that happen?  Weather report for North Iowa – just beautiful weather, warm temps for this time of year and sunny days with the disturbing forecast of NO rain.  I hate to mow the grass if it isn’t going to rain soon.

This is camp week – just 4 quilters so we’re meeting in the classroom which is very fun for Connie and me.  We love to watch our campers crank out the quilts!  From left to right:  Pat, Jennifer, Mary Beth and Cathy.

I’m still cleaning up houseplants and trying to do a couple every day.  I have so many that I’ve started over the summer that need the grow light in the basement, so I may put some down there until they are established.

Before I left for Columbus, Pam (white calico cat) had an abscess on her cheek which finally began draining right before I left.  When I came home the abscess had moved down her neck and drained again.  I tried to get her to the vet for a shot of antibiotics but I couldn’t get her in a carrier.  They gave me pills to give her which I can’t begin to get into her mouth!  Then I thought it was over – last night she came in and her whole face is so swollen on the left side, it’s almost closing her eye.  Now what to do?  I would make a poor veterinarian – I can’t even get a pill down this cat.


And here is what you do NOT want to find in your closet, sleeping on your clothes!  Tammy Wammy has made herself right at home on top of my sweaters.  And because I didn’t shoo her off, either I’m crazy or I love her or both – ha!

Its $5 quilt day this Saturday so we hope to see all of you who are participating.  And don’t forget Connie’s UFO game!  It’s Number 12 this month and mine was punchneedle which I finished before we went to Columbus.  The only one I have not finished is the stair treads for the playhouse – but I’m not giving up yet.  I have only 2 more to make.

And then there’s the Geek Squad who was here to hook up our new TV.  After two visits and much trouble from Direct TV, the “agent” was pressed for time to get to his next appointment.  I asked for some instruction on the Smart TV and after about 2 questions, he said to me “Why did you even want a Smart TV is it’s going to be too much for you?”  I wrote it down word for word and said I had to go back to work.  I’m sure I’ll get an opinion survey and I believe I will include his remark.

Mark October 12 on your calendar for Trick or Treat Day at the farm – 20% off and the start of a new rewards program.  See you at the farm.



Just for Laughs

Three old guys are out walking. 

First one says, ‘Windy, isn’t it?’

Second one says, ‘No it’s Thursday!’

Third one says, ‘So am I.  Let’s go get a beer…’

17 thoughts on “Farm News

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I am clearing out all the debris in the pot and leaves, etc that are stuck on the plant. Then I wash off the leaves individually to clean off all the cobwebs. Then I spray the plant and dirt with an insecticide spray to kill all spiders, mites and other bugs. Into the house it goes!

  1. Jackie Baumhauer

    I try to wash a couple of plants a day and bring them inside. I do a better job that way. I’m a little behind. Tough job!

  2. Betty Klosterman

    Cats like to be close to their humans and/or their things. I grew up on a farm but we had no house pets except for a baby calf or a sheep that needed a bit of extra care. I was married and a kitten adopted us. It discovered it could climb up the back of a bureau just behind the drawers and loved the towel drawer. Finally the towels were all hairy and I had to fill the spaces with wadded paper. That was when she began sleeping with us — for 14 1/2 years.

  3. retired RN

    Re: TV installer Earlier this week a young man rear-ended my car while I was stopped for a school bus. I think he was texting. The insurance guy I spoke to on the phone was arrogant and told me I would have to deposit $50 for a rental car even though it was his customer’s fault. The rental car rep who met me at the repair shop was nasty and told me I was lucky to get a car because I didn’t call him as instructed. I told him his company called me about 12:30 and set it up. He did not even apologize. Is this the result of the Self-Esteem movement? My favorite study showed the people with the highest self-esteem were PRISONERS. Today’s young men are a sorry lot.

  4. LMK

    looks like you guys are having a lot of fun with your quilt making. good luck with all your plants, i only have a couple that i take for the winter, your elephant ear sure looks nice. like the joke too.

  5. Susan K

    We got a pill popper from our vet. If the cat holds still it works great and saves your fingers. It’s a long tube that holds the pill and goes down their throat before they know it

  6. Debbie

    Wondering about the quilt hanging on the left behind the campers photo – is that pattern for sale in your shop?

    Many thanks!

  7. Diane

    HI Mary–Poor Pam must feel awful. I’m guessing it’s a tooth, too. We give Spike his pill by crushing it between two spoons and putting it on his canned food–we use the shredded kind because it has lots of gravy. Spike loves to eat so he eats it right up even with his liquid Vitamins on it. We have to feed him away from Squeak, but it works.

    We have also put vaseline on the eraser end of a pencil and one of us holds the cat while the other one flicks the pill in the mouth. I’m quick and can do it pretty well. I’ll be right out–from Ohio–ha!! Good luck:) Diane

    1. Jenifer Fairchild

      Worked for me too. Greenies for dogs have a product, “Pill Pockets”. I’ve just started seeing Greenie products for cats.

      Liverwurst is far less expensive — besides, I like it too.

      The UFO game has inspired me to complete a five-year-in-the-making memory quilt. T H A N K Y O U !

  8. Lyn

    Last week I had trouble getting my 10 year old (and large) Maine Coon into her carrier for her annual checkup…as soon as she saw it (the night before the visit) she bolted under the bed. I knew I would never get her into it the next morning. So, I grabbed a plastic tub…the kind with a locking lid, and some bungee cords. Drilled some holes in the tub for airholes. Put a snuggly towel on the bottom, put her in it with two treats and popped the lid on it before she knew what was happening. Bungeed it closed with two bungee cords to be safe. Much easier than wrapping her in a towel and stuffing her into a carrier! Just make sure there are enough airholes for breathing and the lid is very secure if you try it. I’ll be using this from here on out, I think.

  9. Patricia Thompson

    Our daughter is on low-fat diet , the cranberry muffins were great. I really enjoy your daily bogs. Thànks, Pat

  10. Marian

    Hi Mary,
    I’ve never had a cat and you have probably thought of this, when our dogs won’t take pills we put them in a big gob of peanut butter. Would you bury them in a piece of fish for a cat? I so hope she gets better! You’ve had enough heartaches this summer.

  11. Debbie Rogowski

    if it helps at all, we had a cat once that when the vet asked if I knew how to give it a pill I said NO. Thinking he was gonna give me an alternate way of dosing my baby (Zeus). My hubby said, I’ll do it. so when we get home he SHOWS the pill to Zeus and he takes it and swallows it. So you might just give it a try, you never know, I sure as heck wouldn’t have expected him to take it.
    As far as the Geek squad, we do in home repairs with appliances, they should KNOW better. And give me a break when was the last time any of us was on time for the next one. (I’m getting better at scheduling lol)

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