Farm News Again – Pam Update

Thank you for all the suggestions regarding Pam’s treatment.  Today at noon I found her above the garage with her face so swollen up she was having trouble breathing.  I decided to give the pill another try – and 7 times I tried and 7 times she spit it out.  Yes, I know I’m supposed to hold her mouth shut until she swallows but she was having such a hard time breathing, I was afraid.  So then I decided to soak it again with hot water and peroxide which she didn’t like either but I managed.  When I went back to look at her again, the abscess had burst and I called the vet to see if I could get her in this afternoon – and that is of course, IF I could get her in a carrier.  Well, thankfully I did and the vet flushed the wound and gave her a 2 week antibiotic shot.  It looked pretty bad in the office but I know how much better she feels now.  The pressure has been relieved and she can breathe again without pain.  OH MY but I am also relieved!  When one of my animals is hurt or sick, I don’t feel well either!  I’m looking forward to sewing in the barn tonight.  Thanks, Everybody, for your concern.


16 thoughts on “Farm News Again – Pam Update

  1. Judy Rounds

    I’m so glad that she is better. I feel exactly the way you do when my dear sweet dog isn’t feeling well.

  2. Karla T

    oh Mary! I am so glad you could get her to the vet… poor baby…. I know just what you mean when your babies don’t feel makes you feel sick too….

    I hope she mends fast… Finnegan (my kitty, hopes she gets better fast too…) karla

  3. Barbara Corbitt

    Thanks for the update on sweet kitty. I am so glad she will be ok. It is very frustrating when you try to do something to help your pet, ie get in the pet carrier, and they will not cooperate. Blessings Barbara

  4. maryjane

    we have tried to wrap them in a towel, no legs or claws…I ask the Vets does it, the meds, come in liquid form?? we too with pills, up they come..poor kitty..better now, on the mend..

  5. Donna Petersen

    Rolling a cat up in a towel so they can’t scratch can help when needing to give them a pill…it worked well for me & old Tiger Cat…I am glad your kitty is feeling better

  6. Mary Says Sew!

    Look for a product called Pill Pockets, available at vets’ offices and some pet supply places. The larger ones for dogs work, too. They’re like sticky cookie dough, with a molasses smell. I break them up and use just enough to cover the pill. Two of our cats like them as treats, and beg for them when I get them out to hide a pill for another cat.

    For one cat, I hide the Pill Pocket pill in Fancy Feast. The salmon is most successful.

    We’ve had good luck with the two-week antibiotic injections, too. I find the liquid antibiotics are harder to administer, especially to cats who aren’t used to being handled much. When you get a pill in, you know; when you don’t get the liquid in, you have a mess.

    I’m relieved to hear Moda is on the mend. Abscesses from bite wounds are really hard to drain, especially on their heads.

  7. Mary Says Sew!

    A laundry basket with a secure top bungee’d on works well for an alternative or emergency pet carrier. A piece of Masonite or pressed board works well. Might be a way to transport small pets if you have to evacuate your home in a hurry because of a weather emergency.

  8. LeAnn

    I can empathize. We had to get drops on Mitten’s eyes for a week and it was a two-person job. She was mad at me for a week after that. Too bad vets don’t make house calls for cats.

  9. Bonnie McKee

    So glad she’s feeling better and glad you aren’t so stressed about her, Mary! Hugs to you both!

  10. LMK

    so glad your kitty is okay and hopefully on the mend. good luck with her, and enjoy your sewing. another warm but nice day. we plan to go to and get some goodies from the amish tomorrow or friday, see what’s new in their stores. good luck with kitty (tammy).

  11. Lynai

    So glad Pam is doing well now. And that you are too. When our pets are ill, we get ill too.

    I’m sure you’ve seen the joke about giving a cat a pill. This results in getting new furniture that gets torn up, new curtains, etc. Owner’s injuries taken care of.

    Then to give a dog a pill, you wrap it in bacon and toss it in the air. Done.

  12. Ginny Jackson

    I am so glad she is on the mend! Everyone of us who have shared our hearts with animals of all kinds understands what you are/were going through! Hang in there!

  13. Jeanie

    You are such a good mom to your pets; they are so lucky to have you. Hopefully, Pammy is on the mend now.
    I love your blog.

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