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As I started to write this I had to stop and think what I’ve done in the past week.  Nothing came to mind – ha!  Last Friday Rick was home so I went shopping in Des Moines, 2 hours south of us.  I still had not bought any new furniture for the east porch and I just haven’t had a chance to look around.  I went to Homemakers and left with 2 red recliners in the back of my van.  It was an impulse buy and I’m having buyers’ remorse about one of them.  I have 10 days to return it but I will probably keep it because it wasn’t very expensive and I guess it will probably be OK.  I hung the saw blade quilt above the chairs to see how it’d look and also to show it to any of you who are thinking of coming to camp in the fall.  This is one our projects.  The red and white fabric is included in your camp fee – all details on our website under Useful Information.

Sawblade Quilt

Had fun with the goats over the weekend.  It was such a nice day on Saturday that after 5 pm I let Susannah, Emma and Baby Moo out into the yard.  Emma is very curious and found the rock pile as well as the steps going up to the haymow.  When she got there she decided it was a fun spot to sit a spell.  Susannah likes to come up by the house and visit with me.  I have to get the vet here soon to get her on some arthritis meds.  She has a very lame leg.  On my trip to Des Moines, I also stopped at a thrift store and purchased another goat chair. Someone suggested I remove the legs because I’m not sure Susannah can climb into a chair anymore.  We’re going to work on that.

Emma on Rock Pile Emma on Steps Emma sitting on landing Emma Susannah up by house Susannah

New Chairs New Chairs 2

Saturday the weather was about 75 degrees – just great for working in the yard which I did for many hours.  I think I went over my 3 hour limit and I could tell I had overworked my old body come Sunday morning.  I was thankful that it was a cold, rainy Sunday so I didn’t have to think about more yard work.

We are celebrating Ina’s 85th birthday this week in the shop and many of you have sent cards to her for which we all thank you.


My little buddy, Deano, is never very far away.  He and BC are the best of friends – I call them the Black Brothers.  I will never be able to tell them apart when Deano gets big.


Happy Easter!  He Is Risen!  He Is Lord!



Another great find at the thrift store–a very old needlepoint picture  of a farm scene for $3.00!

Thrift Store Fine

3 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. mary jane

    Mary, I want to go thrift shopping with you…when I see what you have bought and brought home …I want that !!

    I was going to ask about the shy little black cat who hid behind the freezer (was it) and here he is right at home with everybody else..(I take it is Deano..)

    We are still waiting here in WI, near the MN border, to get out and clean up the gardens, been muddy and windy. I am also eager to head south to Iowa to visit your shop and area but will wait til your flowers are in bloom …

    Thank you for the news and have a wonderful and blessed Easter week end..

  2. Dianne H.

    Hi Mary, I always enjoy reading your posts. What a great find at the thrift store. Perfect for you. Whenever I find a needlecraft item that I like in a thrift store or at a rummage sale, I “rescue” it and take it home with me. I know how much work went into making the item, so if I can enjoy it in my home so much the better. The saw blade quilt is beautiful. What method do you use for hanging your quilts? I can’t tell in the picture. Wishing you a Happy Easter. Dianne

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