New Red Chairs

I finally had time to unwrap the chairs and get them sprayed with Scotchgard. Now where’s my book and cup of coffee?

32 thoughts on “New Red Chairs

  1. Diana

    The chairs are perfect with the quilt. Red is my favorite color!
    It looks so cozy I’d like to sit there.

  2. Chris H.

    Very nice! I like the chairs with the quilt. You will have to have quilts with red to go with your chairs.

  3. Diane

    LOVE them. The red is beautiful and looks great with the gorgeous quilt:) Enjoy them:)

  4. Lauren

    I think the chairs look wonderful, and the quilt just makes them even better. Great choice!

  5. Connie

    Great choice I think Mary! The color of red is very ‘rich’ looking! Hurry and find your book and coffee and sit and enjoy!! :*)

  6. Gail

    I love RED!! The chairs look great under the quilt. I’m up North in Michigan right now. Lake ice is finally breaking up. 55˚ and sunny today, 60’s by the weekend.I think Spring may actually be here. Winnie, Geri, Kathy and I are going to Paducah!! Haven’t been there in 9 years. Moe can’t go this time :-(. Could be 80˚ by the time we get there – April 24-27.

  7. anita fetzer

    Beautiful and look comfy. Keep them and enjoy…No goats tho.Love with that wonderful quilt. ANITA FETZER

  8. Linda

    Mary – I really like the new chairs with the quilt behind…. Nice decorating!

  9. Dee W

    I think they look wonderful. Lots of decorating possibilities with that beautiful color. Looks rich, it’ll look even better with a dog or cat in it. Good catch on the Scotchgard!

  10. Beryl

    Those look very nice, especially with the quilt! Think of all the different quilts you can put with them…great for all seasons! They look pretty comfy too!
    I think you chose well.

  11. Amy

    That looks like a magazine decorating picture! Definitely keep the chairs. They are a great color.

  12. Pat

    Love the chairs! A great place to have that cup of coffee and read a good book. Can I join you???
    Great choice.

  13. carole

    I love the rich red of the chairs next to the stone wall! What a great combination of color. The quilt is the absolute perfect accent and focus at the same time. You can decorate for me anytime!

  14. Heather K

    The chairs and quilt are beautiful! how long before the dogs claim them ? 🙂

  15. Pam

    Been looking for new chairs forever – nothing but brown leather in my stores. Lucky you – a store that likes color! Red is the perfect neutral in my opinion! Goes perfectly for every season/holiday – except maybe Easter – how about a bright red bow tie on Harvey!

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