Good Friday




Remember how great those red chairs looked yesterday? This is the reality of today – chairs covered up and cats sleeping in both. Thanks for all your comments about the chairs – I like them better each day.
Some dogs are just lucky, aren’t they? Mine included. This came to mind as I fed them this morning. Telly’s food bowl is built into the island so it is raised for her and it keeps bowls off the floor and in the way of traffic. The minute she stepped away, Deano had to investigate. Last Monday I got a transport request for Easter Sunday which involved getting a dog to Hinckley, MN. The dog belonged to a serviceman stationed in Texas. When he left for Afghanistan, the young Husky stayed with a friend in the area. Some time later the dog was stolen and just recently was found in Louisiana in a rural shelter. Because the dog was microchipped, the shelter was able to locate the owner. This weekend the dog is being transported to the serviceman’s family in Minnesota where she will live until her owner returns. I volunteered immediately for this transport only to find that my leg had already been filled. Transports like this are the really fun trips because the outcome is so happy unlike transporting dozens of dogs who are still yearning for their forever home. I’m sad that I don’t get to drive this one but I’m really happy for that young Husky.
I was asked how I hang quilts – I staple them to the wood wall.

13 thoughts on “Good Friday

  1. MartyCae

    Nothing feels like home to me more then when I see a dog or a cat napping in a chair. Instantly brings a smile to my face!

  2. Claudia Voorhees

    I am so happy that that dog will be returned to her owner.. I love a happy pet return story. Happy Easter.

  3. Diane

    Love the cat in the chair:) I always said I would get a navy blue cat the next time since I wear a lot of navy blue. Maybe you should get a red cat:) Great story about the serviceman’s dog.

  4. anita fetzer

    You staple them to he all…that sent some shivers thru me but I’m sure you know hat your doing….MIGHT try It sometime. Your animals certainly own a lovely home and a quilt shop to boot. Ours have always had the same accommodations tho 🙂 Anita FETZER

  5. PJ

    I love your new red chairs with the red n white quilt a very striking arrangement!!!! Also we so enjoy all the animal photos, my hubby got a kick out of the chairs for the goats!!! Love it!!! N Happy Easter to all….

  6. carole

    How about a red sheet (yes, I had one for exactly this purpose) so that you can sort of remember how beautiful the chairs looked without having to resort to a photo? I have 2 wing chairs in the LR that are a satin-look tone on tone stripe…in navy blue. Navy blue towels to the rescue. Sara, our late tabby, loved them so much we called the chairs her “Bluedoir”. Towels are off now – Rudy has other favorite spots – namely MY chair! Good thing he’s cute and sweet. …And “no” Mary, you can’t have him. LOL

  7. Velda LaCoste

    Sometime can you explain about the dog transport program? Is this will a specific organization? Are they in need of more volunteers? What kind of commitment does it require?

  8. Pat

    Mary, I had to laugh about covering the red chairs. Sounds like my house. If there is anything new the cats have to try it out. I guess they think it is all for them……

  9. Ann Barlament

    How ingenious to have a built-in dog bowl just the right height, within the island! I love built-ins, my house is loaded with them and I will be sad to bid them ado (when I sell it-soon).

    How wonderful that the Husky is finding it’s way homeward!

  10. Linda Love

    When I first saw the third picture, I thought both dogs were in trouble and were hiding their heads.

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